Moxie and Kumar’s eye on soaps, observations, and thoughts

Snark. Oho! Find hole in GH plotpoint. We rule! Point out the obvious-something a cat could pick up when watching GH, like they dress like its summer even though its freezing cold in upstate NY this time of year. Snark, complain, bitch, moan, snark again, hate Sonny. Bitch. Be a tad critical of a character. Checkmate! Violence is bad and we hate it. Hate the mob.  Bitch. Moan. Hate character X for taking Sonny’s side. Snark. Moan some more. Sonny is a cold blooded killer. moan, complain, bitch. Snark. Hate Sonny angnst (ed note: M&K–a character that has angst can’t be cold blooded. Someone cold blooded doesn’t ever doubt themselves or their actions).  Sonny ruined Jason. Bitch, moan, snark.  Liking Sonny is tantamount to killing puppies and eating them.  Bitch, moan, snark complain.  No romance on this show. Snark.

2 Responses to “Moxie and Kumar’s eye on soaps, observations, and thoughts”

  1. thekingsonny Says:

    ITA…. so much bitching around here, they should just tune out…

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