Moxie and Kumar’s eye on soaps, observations, and thoughts

How sad is it that ABC is squandering James Franco’s guest stint on GH by having him obsessed with a MOBSTER Jason Morgan who works for that COLD BLOODED KILLER Mob capo Sonny Corinthos?  Everyone knows that Sonny is a MYSOGYNIST who hates women. He does stuff like being all sexy and attractive with the dimples. SO manipulative .

Even though he was totally unworthy of Carly he SHOULD not have ABUSED her by trying to save her from a life tied to the mob when he called off their wedding in Martinique.  However, after putting Carly through all that abusive abuse Carly was able to convince him to marry her and that she could handle the life. Then he CRUELLY didn’t want to have any more children because he CRUELLY didn’t think the mob life was safe for children. Thankfully Carly and Jason prevailed and convinced him it was safe to have Morgan.  Then that COLD BLOODED KILLER put Carly and her boys in danger because of his DANGEROUS AND VIOLENT lifestyle.  He’s a misogynistic SELFISH BASTARD. We’re so glad that Carly got away from that monster Sonny after she forced Sonny to chase her to Martinique and convinced  him to marry her.

What we miss on soaps is the romance.  Like the beautiful love story of Luke and Laura which began with a 30-ish Luke Spencer  coveting a 17-year-old Laura Baldwin and then raping her.  Sigh! So beautiful. Now that is romance.  Fortunately Luke was able to convince Laura that he didn’t rape her it was a seduction. Silly Laura!  Oh how we miss those beautiful romances.

One thing we did like about GH today was Fraxie–Franco and Maxie. How romantic was it that Franco forced Maxie against her better judgement to get in his car ALONE  even though he was a relative stranger to her. They had an Instant Connection! Then he blindfolded her–yes BLINDFOLDED her. SWOON.  He took her back to his creepy studio and while she was still blindfolded (blindfold was red–nice touch! Maxie works at Crimson-get it? SO CLEVER! ) he photographed her resembling a homicide victim in a chalk drawing.  Why don’t men like that exist in real life? Oh wait–they do. They’re called serial killers.  Then after Franco debased her by taking those misogynist photographs he seduced her. SIGH! WEEK KNEES ALERT!

See GH this is we want. Serial killers not MOBSTERS!

Here is the scene of Luke’s “seduction” of Laura

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