Six degrees of GH Separation

When perusing GH or soap blogs you will notice a common theme: GH isn’t making use of their veteran characters or worse writing them off all together.   There are many reasons for this “concern” :

  • Blogger is “stuck in the 80” s and won’t accept any other characters or story lines out of the action/adventure genre
  • blogger blames the mob as reason for GH vets being written off or “back burnered”
  • blogger hates Sonny Corinthos for moving GH out of the “James Bond” era into “mob era”
  • blogger hates Sonny Corinthos for eclipsing their favorite “vet”

GH “vets” are those characters  that were prominent during the GH “hay days” of the 80s. They are:

  • Luke Spencer (still on the show)
  • Laura Spencer (on recurrent basis)
  • Bobbie Spencer (on recurrent basis)
  • Robert Scorpio (on recurrent basis)
  • Robin Scorpio (still on the show)
  • Anna Devane Scorpio (on recurrent basis)
  • Holly Sutton
  • Alan Quatermaine (dead)
  • Monica Quartermaine (still on show)
  • Tracy Quartermaine Spencer (still on show)
  • Edward Quartermaine (still on show)
  • Helena Cassadine (on recurrent basis)
  • Mikkos Cassadine (dead)
  • Frisco Jones
  • Tony Jones (dead)
  • Felicia Jones
  • Jeff Weber
  • Leslie Webber (on recurrent basis)
  • Rick Webber (dead)
  • Scotty Baldwin
  • Heather Webber
  • Joe Kelly
  • Rose Kelly
  • Noah Drake (on recurrent basis)
  • Some GH characters from 60s and 70s that were still around in the 80s like Jessie Brewer, Audrey Hardy, Steve Hardy

The mob and the characters associated with the mob are looked upon as interlopers who “crashed the party”.

Take heart though, there are ways you can “side step” the GH “canonization” process and receive “vet status” : be related to or associated with a GH “vet”.  As long as these characters are on the canvas there is hope a favorite GH vet will kept or brought back to the show. These characters include:

  • Jason Morgan
    • Son of Alan Quatermaine, adopted by Monica Quartermaine
  • Lucky Spencer
  • Nik Cassadine (grandson of Helena and Mikkos)
  • Lulu Spencer
  • Ethan Lovett
  • Spencer Cassadine
    • children or grandchildren of Luke and/or  Laura Spencer
  • Liz Webber
    • granddaughter of Steve Hardy, daughter of Jeff Weber, engaged or  married to Lucky Spencer, sired child by Jason Morgan
  • Steven Lars Webber
    • grandson of Steve Hardy, son of Jeff Weber
  • Maxie Jones
    • daughter of Frisco and Felicia
  • Carly Jacks
  • Michael Corinthos III (adopted by Sonny,  biological son of A.J. Quartermaine which gives him TRIPLE points)
  • Morgan Corinthos
  • Josslyn Jacks
    • children or grand children of Bobbie Spencer
  • Mac Scorpio
    • brother of Robert Scorpio, Uncle to Robin Scorpio, Stepfather of Maxie Jones
  • Patrick Drake
    • married to Robin Scorpio, son of Noah Drake

Another way of becoming a beloved character ( not quite “Vet” status but still good) is if you challenge Sonny Corinthos’ supremacy on the show.  If a character is a challenger of Sonny Corinthos there is hope that he (Sonny) Corinthos) will be toppled and GH will see the error of their ways and bring back the Vets and the action/adventure genre.  Some of these are mob characters who are tolerated and/or looked upon as being redeemable. These characters include:

  • Roy Delucca
  • Jasper Jacks
  • Ric Lansing (brother of Sonny but adversarial towards him)
  • Lorenzo Alcazar
  • John Durant
  • Johnny Zacharra

Sonny Corinthos, although on the GH canvas for 18 years, will NEVER be a GH vet.  He’s not directly related to a GH vet and his stewardship of the of the mob era disqualifies him because he does not represent proper GH  “family values”.

Maneuvering through the GH landscape is tricky but hopeful this guide ,  Six Degrees of GH Separation, will help you navigate.

TTFN peeps!

Stay Fabulous!

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