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Tragedy at CBS…AGAIN

By now the blogosphere is all a twitter over the horrid earth-shaking eye gouging news that CBS has canceled its long running soap As the World Turns.  This is a tragedy of BIBLICAL Proportions. I’m talking Old Testament here. Today is the Pearl Harbor Day of Soaps!  This is an event from which the soap genre will NEVER recover. I know I’LL never be the same again!  This is certainly a bad omen for all soaps but specifically GH .  Since they replaced their tried and true formula for soap success (secret ingredients: rape/seduction of a minor with a dash of James Bond, promiscuity, adultery, crimes of passion, vigilantism, murder unrelated to the mob,etc) with the GLORIFICATION of  an abusively abusive mobster who is abusive and a KILLER the clock is certainly running down on its shelf life.  Neilson ratings are WAY DOWN, SIX FEET UNDER down, and I offer that as proof of my theory.  I don’t care that the ratings for ALL soaps are down and that even OPRAH is loosing viewers. I don’t care that cable tv, cable on demand and Netflix are giving viewers more choices than they ever had before.  I don’t care that the ratings system is out-dated and that viewers now watch soaps on a variety of platforms unrelated to television: YouTube, Hulu, Soapnet (streaming video on site), ABC Daytime (streaming video on site) and in some cases on podcasts). I don ‘t care that a number of soaps that conformed to my notion of what makes a good soap, have been cancelled over the years (such as  The Doctors, Santa Barbara, Edge of Night, Ryan’s Hope, Loving, Port Charles). I THINK Mob stories  are KILLING SOAPS soaps and I have a BLOG!

Do not ask for whom the bell tolls GH, it tolls for THEE!

Until next time my lovelies.


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