Soap Pund-Idiots

Holla peeps its me Ca’Shay. This is my first blog so go easy on girl friend.   I hope ya’ll had a happy holiday. I sure did. My New Year’s resolution? Keeping it real. Here goes:

1. Did you ever notice that soap bloggers and even some Soap magazines print letters and editorials that match exactly with what their reps tweet on twitter? Makes you go hmmmm doesn’t it?

2. What do soap pundits know more than you do? NOTHING. The stuff they push is their opinions which they flap around like some men do with a certain part of their anatomy. Don’t put too much on it.  You can be a soap pund-idiot too. Just start a blog. It’s not an exclusive club.

3. Soap Pund-idiots make grandiose claims like they speak for viewers.  When they say a soap is out of touch with viewers they mean THEM.  They can’t speak for all viewers. They certainly don’t speak for me! And I’m a viewer.

4. Best and worst lists.  What is the criteria for making a pund-idiots best and worst list (which are all over the place now as the year draws to a close?)  It’s not rocket science.  It’s what they like.  And what does that mean? Umm NOTHING.

That’s enough reality for today peeps. Talk to you soon.

One Response to “Soap Pund-Idiots”

  1. LMAO I flove it… So true….

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