GH Blowhard Gazette: Best and Worst List for 2009

We couldn’t let a year go by without weighing in on the Best and Worst of 2009!  Winners were chosen using a top secret, scientific tabulation and then given to us in sealed envelopes by Deloitte & Touche.

Best character without a penis
Tie!  Jax and Brunette Jax

Best Actor who puts up with the most ish storylines and still puts in a brilliant performance
Maurice Benard

Best Actress who puts up with the most ish storylines and still puts in a brilliant performance
Sarah Joy Brown

Port Charles’ biggest punching bag
Sonny Corinthos

Port Charles’  biggest lurker
Helena Cassadine

Port Charles’  biggest stalker

Port Charles’ biggest whiner
Maxie Jones

Port Charles’ biggest slut
Liz Weber

Best unrequited love:
Tie! Jax for Sonny, Franco for Jason

Best facial mole placement of all time
Brenda Barrett

Biggest soap blogger whiner
Tie!  Tristan Rogers and SOS_Ryan

Best Soap Blogger
Tie! WubsNet and GHOFC

Soap Bloggers most fixated on the mob s/l
Soap Opera Source

Best Actor
Maurice Benard

Best Actress
Tie! Sarah Joy Brown, Nancy Lee Grahn

Best Style
Maurice Benard–no one can wear a suit like him

Worst Style
Sam McCall: enough with the off the shoulder stuff already!

Best Storyline
Tie! The Carnival, Claudia’s exit

Best Looks
Maurice Benard: 16 years in and the guy is still hot

Best Line
Michael Corinthos: “there’s no one better than you Dad”

Best Couple
Tie: Scrubs, DanteLu

Worst Couple
Tie! Spixie, Mac & Alexis

Character we’re most sick of
Tie! Jason Morgan,  Spinelli

Blogger themes we’re most sick of
Tie! Soaps are dead, mob violence is bad for children and other living things

Best Moment
Tie! Dunk a hunk, Sonny’s speech at Claudia’s birthday party

Best scene watched through tears
Michael wakes up

Best Newcomer
Three way tie: Drew Garret, Lexi Ainesworth, Dominic Zamprogna

Best Roger Corman inspired moment
Claudia enters cabin in flash of lightning and covered in blood

Best Martin Scorsese inspired moment
Sonny to Jason: “You bury Claudia good and deep, as close to hell as you can, this has to end tonight”

Best Francis Ford Coppola inspired moment
Michael kills Claudia

Best John Waters inspired moment
Nik’s tear down his cheek when blubbering to Liz about his love, see Crybaby

Worst place for private conversations
the docks

Biggest Mouth
Tie: Maxie, Jason

Most idiotic mobster confidante

Banter we miss the most

Worst segue
Olivia’s months long love for Johnny then wham! declaring her feelings for Sonny-gave us whiplash!

2 Responses to “GH Blowhard Gazette: Best and Worst List for 2009”

  1. Hey! I’m a blogger too! LOL 😉 I think that a Sonny FAN did this, am I right?????? happy 2010

  2. LOL great list… best one I have seen so far.. Sonny fan or not.. at least she/he is not a hypocrite like the other bloggers trying to push their agenda saying that´s the way all GH fans feel and what we want to see when is just themselves…

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