The Court Jesters

There they were last Friday (4/7/10) assembled on their own side  – Jax the Ripper, Johnny the Joke, Olivia the Hun, and the noble Lulu supporting her knight in armor, Dante the Daring.

Jax the Ripper is sweating it out now because while the evil court attendees on the bad guys side, Jason the killer, Sonny the root of all evils, and Carly the shreiker,  were exposed as liars and perjurers in an effort to protect Michael,  Jax in his usual sneaky manner kept a low profile hoping he could keep secret the fact that his part in the cover up was to prove an innocent man guilty  not to protect Michael.    Meanwhile Johnny the Joke, preferred to label Evil Sonny as a bad father and hurtful husband, while ignoring the fact that the father he  sought out to work for again tried unsuccessfully to kill saintly Sister Claudia TWICE and was thwarted each time by evil Sonny.  While Sonny tries to save his kids, Papa Anthony tries to kill his or put them in jail.  That’s the kind of guy a dumb cluck like Johnny thinks is a better role model to hook up with when seeking revenge for his sister’s death.   It also slipped his mind  that Johnny attempted to choke his sister  because she was blackmailing his beloved Olivia the Hun about the Dante secret but daring Dante stopped him.  Liar Johnny also skated around his lie  about knowing all along that Michael had killed Claudia which earned him praise from the judge for his resourceful play on words.

Olivia the Hun looked on with motherly pride as her lover and boy toy lied about  terrible Sonny’s “mistreatment” of victim Claudia.   Olivia loves a good lie having perfected that art over 25 years by keeping Dante the Daring a secret from  evil Sonny.  She also knew Claudia AND Johnny were responsible for Michael’s shooting, long before Claudia was killed.  So indeed did Jax the Ripper  know about Claudia and Dante, but he  conspired with the Hun to keep a lid on the truth.

Meanwhile Dante was promising everyone  within earshot that a simple slap on the hands and some counseling would be Michael’s punishment and he would be saved from any further damage evil Sonny could do to him.  WRONG!   Judge Colonel Sanders slapped five years on Michael  starting immediately.  Daring Dante pleaded for leniency and another way to separate son from evil father,  then the root of all evils, Sonny gave an impassioned plea, blaming himself for everything and anything Michael connected and wanted to take his place.  No deal and it ended with a crowd angrier than losing baseball fans.

Smug Jax the Ripper saw his marriage go up in smoke, Dante is low man on the popularity poll,  the shrieker found comfort in the staring hit man’s arms, while Johnny the Joke just wore that same expressionless blank look he always has and Olivia the Hun knew it would take more than  her cooking to put a smile on that face.

As if  all that is not bad enough,  GH’s version of  The Little Rascals,  Molly, Kristina and nuMorgan, were waiting to throw a party for Michael but a lynching party for Dante seems more of a possibility.

All in all a fun day on GH whereby a kid gets sent off to jail without a trial, with no legal representation for a term of  five years while his father, evil Sonny will once again escape jail but will be paying soon by forfeiting a kid as punishment instead.   St. Hit Man will be kicking into Multiman , a miraculous combination of hero and killer and he will no doubt be making deals,  placing himself in danger and being all things to all people in an effort to keep Michael safe.

Can’t wait.

Stay Fabulous!

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