Lost in Translation: Guza’s Version of The Godfather

Lost in Translation: Guza’s Version of The Godfather

Sonny to Guza is The Godfather.  Dissect that word and God is Jason and father soon will be Jax.  Godfather.  Yeah, right!

Sonny is supposedly the most powerful crime figure on the eastern coast.  Upon closer look, one can see why that doesn’t   compute as written.   Sonny’s visual organization is made up of a hit man who does exactly as he pleases and lectures his boss when he dislikes what he doesn’t want to do and so he ignores it and works out his own plan WITHOUT telling his boss first.  His guards, Max and Milo, are jokesters who wouldn’t even make the Three Stooges cast because they are too dumb.  His lawyer fights for him but reserves the right to bad mouth him whenever possible.  Bernie comes off as a guy who keeps the books but would sell Sonny out to the highest bidder, who occasionally is Sonny’s buddy and hit man, Jason.

Throw into that mix,  public enemy number one, crazy Anthony and his doofus dumb son,  jumpy Johnny who twists whatever truth there is to fit his vengeance agenda.   A smart street kid with a slingshot could take this guy down.  Just using his brains.   Jumpy Johnny wants to actually team up with crazy dad, who twice tried to kill his sister, to take down the same guy who saved her life twice when daddy tried to kill her.

Jumpy sleeps with Olivia, momma of Sonny’s illegitimate secret son who happens to be a cop.  Lightbulb moment for Guza….have Sonny shoot his own son, make him a cop, and bingo, Sonny becomes the baddest mobster in PC for doing what Jason does routinely without breaking his stare.

Most godfathers have large LOYAL families while running their businesses as usual.  Those in need come seeking favors, knowing and respecting the power of a godfather.  Sonny need not worry about favors for friends.  This godfather not only has NO friends, but he has no right to even have a family.  Bad boy Sonny was shamed into giving  up legal rights to one kid because his enemy shot another one.  Most godfathers would have not only cleansed the earth of all involved in moving on any family member,  they would also let momma know who would be “written” out of his life and it would NEVER be one of their kids.  Not this guy, not only should he be banished from fatherhood, all around should lecture him on selfishness for wanting to keep his kid.

Guza needs to research real godfathers if he wants to keep Sonny in the mob.  Most viewers understand what mobsters are like in real life.  Sonny is not a real godfather, he is a prisoner of Guza’s attempts to keep him in the mob, make him forever dark, troubled and vulnerable, alone and miserable while everyone else hates him.   Sonny needs to invite some real mobsters in, if Guza will  not let him act like one, and have them blow half of the hypocritical “friends, co-workers and ex-wives” right off the planet.

That would be worth watching because Guza’s version of Sonny is to tie his hands whenever possible, take away most of his power and give it to Jason, and allow him to be stripped one by one of his kids.  Sonny needs to find a strong woman who is not crazy like Claudia and team up with her, become the kind of godfather who takes NO prisoners and give all the finger pointing hypocrites a real reason to hate him…or get out of the mob, take your chances on being killed, and run restaurant or gym.

In other words Sonny needs a life and some decent believable writing for a change.

Stay Fabulous!

One Response to “Lost in Translation: Guza’s Version of The Godfather”

  1. Leigh Carroll Says:

    Thank YOu ! so many only want to take pot shots at Sonny when the real culprits are the writers. They do nothing to make Sonny the kind of dynamic , intriguiong yet vulnerable man he was in the nineties. They threw his integrity out the window after 1998. BUT ,No one fears Sonny. the people of PC can walk right up to him and all but spit in his face and Sonny’s hands are tied so that all he can do is stand there and look at them! I get so tired of listening to the hypocrites bad mouth Sonny especially Carly and Jax! Listening to Carly call Sonny selfish makes me sick! It was Sonny who confessed to killing Michael knowing that he would go to prison but no one gave him kudo’s . But when Jason goes to Pentonvile Carly jumps all over Sonny. I’m really tired of Jax, Carly, Olivia, Johnny, Anthony and Ronnie talking about Sonny as though he were
    satan himself.

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