Latest Adventures of “General Chaos”

This week we saw a little bit of everything that  one could NEVER imagine happening in the crime world or in the police world  either.

What a wondrous world of miracles GH pulled off this past week.  Scorecards couldn’t really define the good guys from the bad guys,  Take good guys, straight arrow cops, Lucky and Dante.  Both are now feeling responsible for Michael being carted off for five years.  Dante knows that even though Jason is Dr, Jekyll at the moment, savior of the world out to protect Michael by martyring himself publicly , evil Dr. Hyde is in their still wanting to kill Dante .  Having Jason in jail is a pretty good thing for Dante right now and  Mighty Jase can offer wisdom and muscle to gentle giant  Michael.  The cops, meanwhile are working on a new wonderfully ethical plan, get the goods on the judge and blackmail him.  It worked on the mayor, so why not the judge!

Jason can well identify with the brain damage handle Michael carries but a demonstration always works best.  Therefore,  without telling his boss first, Jason makes a deal with devil Anthony who never keeps truces or promises to protect Michael.  Having thought that over he sees his mistake and decides to make a deal with the ferocious fed who immediately whips up a way to plop Dr., Jekyll  right in the very same cell as the mob boss’s kid, so it is easier for someone to spring them both out or for them to bond some more,  which of course is exactly what the angry judge said would be eliminated by jailing Michael.  Good thinking all around by the cops, the feds,  Dr. Jekyll….like this could EVER happen.

Meanwhile  loose lipped lioness Carly is out convincing strong minded individual thinkers like Spin, who is overcome with grief at losing the great stonefaced one,  that a ridiculous breakup of Dante and Lulu will somehow be good payback for Michael being in jail.  Also  at least five people a day have lines that begin with “if Sonny had  …” and end with “it’s all Sonny’s fault.”  Sonny for some reason meanwhile is still trying to get Dante to accept him as his father and tries to pry Olivia away from boyfriend/mobster and  innocent  committer of crimes, Johnny Boy  for a minute  to ask her to intercede.  Dante catches them together and once again reminds momma that everything is Sonny‘s fault.

The show ends  with yet another smug faced wise mouthed kid attack from Johnny to Sonny leaving many wondering if trading two kid mobsters in could buy the show one real soprano type instead.  Next week promises to be another cliff hanger.  Jason can coach Michael on self defense in prison, maybe bring in Morgan for some karate lessons,  Johnny after more momma bear sex can practice revving up the facial snear/wise acre dialog, Sonny can be given some more of the dumb writing while Jason shines up his halo and loads up the box of pain, .  Should keep us all on the edge of our seats.  Oh and something is up with Claire and  Sonny…something about everyone double crossing everyone else.  If it brings out five minutes of dimples and one line of light dialog, it will shine like a beacon on this show.  Then everyone crawls back into the dark tunnel of Guza to pull off yet more of the impossible and improbable.

The moral of this story is that it is best to watch any soap with a sense of humor and a lot of other outside interests as well.

Stay Fabulous!

One Response to “Latest Adventures of “General Chaos””

  1. I really enjoy your comments about the mob story on GH. I don’t understand why or What Guza is trying to do. The story gets crazier and crazier!
    We have Jason is apparently the ONLY gangster on Sonny’s payroll yet Sonny is the biggest, baddest mobster on the Eastern coast? And Everything that goes wrong is always Sonnys fault because Guza must have promised Steve that he will always be a hero no matter how many people he kills. I just love it when others see how dreadfully stupid unreasonable and ridiculous this type of writing is! It makes the story look bad, the show look bad and doesn’t do a thing for Maurice for who I give my sincerest sympathy for sticking around for all the bull shyt that is constantly being thrown at him. And as his fan I only watch for Sonny!

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