Guza’s Wonderland (warning: some GH spoilers included)

Evil Sonny in Wonderland/Jason the Great, Mighty Warrior

Sonny fans all over are in Wonderland these days….wondering what horrible thing Guza can come up with next for Sonny.   First wonder  would be why Sonny is stuck dealing with that wimpy dishrag of a daughter, Kristina who is really even more of an enemy than her new counterpart in crime,  smug as a bug but dumb as a rock sneering Johnny.    They will team up to make Sonny think he needs to fight dumbness with dumbness and apparently he  will try to car bomb the obnoxious boy mobster for hanging around with his moping, sulking daughter.

Second wonder is why Sonny will go off to visit the therapist with Little Miss  Sunshine, in her present “I hate dad” state of mind.  Sonny will literally “go off” during therapy and shorten the session.  Another thing written in an attempt to assure Sonny at least a tie for the “bad judgment an oh oh “ Award next week.  This will quickly prompt Krissie to sign on Olivia’s sneering boy toy for some mischievous fun and nastiness that will expose daddy as the horrible abuser she is convinced he is.  Blame it all on daddy and no responsibility need be assumed by sourpuss.  John Boy is thrilled to use a minor to further his vendetta against Sonny and when you have someone equally as dumb as you are, it elevates the excitement of matching a bland, colorless sneerer with a moping, whining sulker to create maximum excitement  for those who remain awake and choose to do daily penance watching these two .

Third wonder, how many times will Alexis tell Sonny to stay away from his daughter.  Sonny needs to  take that seriously because it would mean not having to share scenes with Little Miss Sunshine anymore.  BUT alas we hear he blows everything literally, sending both Michael and Sourpuss in a snit not to mention Alexis, Carly and anyone else who can shout and yell at him.  Guza seems to have a special soft spot for Sonny…gives him all this good stuff that his fans can hate and complain about for weeks.  What has Sonny learned from all this?  Nothing…he wants another round of fun at the therapist’s office.

Meanwhile Mighty Jason, known also as the Annointed One, St. Jason, the Great and Mighty Mouse to the cartoon crowd., will supposedly  kick into action figure mode if spoilers can be believed.    Mighty Jase will  find out from Michael that Carter has been a very naughty boy so St. Jason, patron saint of Hit Men will knife him in the stomach.  This no doubt will be followed by a prayer service  and confession explaining that Jason is a good mobster and this was really a good deed.    Kristina will probably applaud this violence since it was not Kiefer so killing this guy is in no way evil like her violent dad who wanted to go after the guy who beat up his daughter.  This was Michael getting a beat down or whatever and Jason  defending him by  stabbing the guy.  Totally acceptable no doubt.

So evil Sonny and heroic almighty one Jason will have lots of fun stuff coming up for those who look forward to the usual writing for Sason….garbage goes to Sonny, ice cream and cake for “the Saint.”

Can’t wait.

Stay Fabulous!

One Response to “Guza’s Wonderland (warning: some GH spoilers included)”

  1. GREAT STUFF! It’s just disgusting how Guza favors Jason and trashes sonny at every turn.

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