GH Fun Guza Style (some spoilers included)

There is nobody having less fun than Sonny these days (except perhaps for viewers).  It is a requirement in PC that all residents recognize that ALL things wrong in PC are Sonny’s fault.   Have the guy shoot his son, almost kill the wrong guy because his daughter lied.,  have everyone in PC believe that their part in Micheal’s jailing is really all Sonny’s fault, tell him so whenever possible,  have Mr. Dimples go to therapy with his sulking whiny daughter and lose it, while a faceless, voiceless therapist listens to  whiney, play offense and daddy play defense, neither with any noticeable success.  Also remind the dark evil one that along with all his other crimes, mistakes, misdeeds and poor decisions, he is an abuser.

All this seems to be leading up to Sonny recognizing that he is in denial about residual anger issues dating back to the abuse he and his mother suffered  years ago.,  Now granted, Sonny is the complex dark bad guy on the show who is always the designated hitter when bad mistakes are to be made, but Guza is on massive overkill right now and needs to start spreading the “always wrong” wealth around more.

Guza is not done with Sonny yet, he is pouring another glass of “dumb juice” designed to make Sonny try yet another caper of horror, planting a car bomb.  Why?  Because self centered whiney moper is hooking up with even more self centered dim bulb mobster sneering Johnny Bravo (otherwise known as the “victim  mobster”  badly misunderstood and mistreated ) .  Johnny sees a way to use Prissie Krissie to his advantage thus getting revenge for her while hurting her dad emotionally as well as professionally.  These two crazy kids are just so darn exciting  or so thinks Guza but will it almost backfire and send eager Ethan to the rescue just in time?   Will anyone really care?

Big news on the female front…Brenda returns and will she be for Sonny?  Will they create a quad with Carly, Jax, Sonny and Brenda that can send herds of viewers seeking “viewer therapy”.  Will Brenda still be married to Stone Cold and have to bump currently crazed Spinelli out of the pink room?  Is Carly capable of being any more of a lunatic than she is being right now when she gets a gander at Brenda back in PC?  Will Jax divorce Carly, propose to Brenda again, see her kissing Sonny and dump her again?  Can any of this be written NEW and INTERESTING this time around?

Can’t wait!

Stay Fabulous!

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