Days of Labine and Roses

Sonny is going to have Brenda back in his life sometime in August. Will she recognize him? Will she remember that this is the guy who flashed those dimples across the room and then slammed her up against the wall in a fantastically sexy kiss, was allowed to do adventure stuff including jumping off buildings on to boats and treated us to a great beach scene. Will she remember this is the Sonny who mesmerized her and us in the Amazing Grace scene. Will she remember this is the Sonny who lovingly nursed Stone through his last days, comforted Robin and was a fun guy on a number of escapades with Luke? Some of us remember a Sonny who had more Maurice in him, more flexibility and a lot more layering back in the good old days.

Will she, like many of us, remember an impish Sonny teasing Brenda, charming Lila, actually being involved in the world of music and business, mixing with a number of characters and having realistic body guards and convincing enemies?

Or will she step back into a world where Sonny is isolated from everyone, an enemy to his friends and his kids because he is a dangerous BAD thug unlike his sometime hit man, Jason, who is a GOOD thug and hero. Will she notice that all the life, charm and happiness has been sucked out of Sonny and instead we now have a powerless mob boss who must remove himself from all his kids, is a pariah to the entire community and all women warn all other women about horrible Sonny. Will she notice that his enemy is now the same age as his kids and about as scary as Wily Coyote. Will she wonder why so many other mobsters have happy families in spite of their profession if they don’t live in Port Charles?

Will Sonny fans still be around in August if Guza continues to present one sided outright lies about a character such as the “torture of Claudia by Sonny” as presented by the lying Johnny, the unfaithful discarding of women as spouted by Carly ….fine to put this out there if a balanced counter argument is made but this stuff is not only far fetched it is outright lying. Sonny fans are looking at each other wondering how to make it until August because their guy is stuck in a story line with dumb and dumber and a ditzy annoying air headed daughter. He has as confidants his own version of dumb and dumber, Milo and Max to discuss business with and a lawyer who rarely has one good word to say about him or TO him.

Welcome back to Sonny’s world, Brenda. With Guza writing, will you be able to bring back the Sonny we all knew and loved, get him a life and some friends?

If not you, and the rest of us, are going to continue to be frustrated, bored and disinterested like we are now longing for those Days of Labine and Roses instead of nothing but Guza thorns over and over and over.

Usually this is a column laced with satire and humor but there is nothing even remotely funny, interesting or entertaining about the writing for Sonny at the moment and it looks to get much worse before it gets better. For that matter, almost every character could have a column like this dedicated to them….the world of Guza is not being kind to many of the characters on the show.

Stay fabulous!

Remember these days?

One Response to “Days of Labine and Roses”

  1. I too remember those magical Sonny and Brenda days , stories and love songs.
    I wonder if Guza will even allow their piano music to play in their scenes? I doubt it because I don’t think he has a romantic bone in his body. I am hoping that he doesn’t completely destroy those beautiful memories when so many fell in love with them!

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