Sonny Corinthos: Life often presents us with a choice of evils, rather than of good. Warning: Spoilers

Remember the old Jetsons cartoon series? George Jetson takes his dog Astro out for a walk on a conveyor belt type walkway.   Astro sees a cat and chases it and in so doing he accidently turns the speed of the conveyor belt up to high and poor George Jetson is taken for the walk of his life.  As George Jetson tries to hang on he cries out to his wife , “Jane, get me off of this crazy thing!”.  That’s how I feel about watching GH lately. What is on GH now that any Sonny fan would enjoy? Besides the handsome and talented Maurice Benard ? NOTHING!

What is particularly irksome is everyone on GH calling Sonny crazy. A mob boss trying to protect his territory is NOT crazy.  A mob boss trying to protect his family is NOT crazy.  Jason wants to kill Dante-is he crazy? Johnny wants to kill Sonny-is he crazy? Carly wants revenge on Dante and Lulu-is She crazy? Kristina is playing a very dangerous game to make he dad angry-is she crazy? You can’t have it both ways. Either all mobsters (or characters) who want to kill or seek revenge are crazy or they’re not. It’s that simple.  In addition, Sonny is a character who suffers from bipolar disorder. He is taking meds for the illness and considering everything Sonny has been through (albeit some of it is of his own making) in the past few months he’s actually handling it all pretty well.  If I was a viewer and I had bipolar disorder I would NOT be happy with the word crazy being thrown around so often!

Having Sonny being talked about as a womanizer is also irksome.  The only time he could really be described as cheating is when he left Lily to go back to Brenda.  And he fought that hard! Anytime he was with someone else during his time with Carly was when she was unfaithful or had committed a betrayal. In Sonny’s mind they were over.  He spent a whole year being celibate when he and Carly broke up after she tried to turn him into the feds.  That’s when he had his tryst with Alexis. He had just found Carly and Lorenzo together when he and Sam got together.  Carly was married to Lorenzo when Sonny and Reese got together and after Reese he became involved with Emily.  He and Claudia had their hotel romp after Kate turned down his marriage proposal.  For the most part Sonny is faithful.

What IS crazy is how Sonny is supposedly a powerful mobster and how he is depicted.  Powerful mobster don’t get their power unless they are smart and cunning and posses gravitas.  We saw how Sonny consolidated power in his early days on the show.  He was methodical, deliberate and knew when to make his move.   People may not have liked him but they respected him.  Compare that to the way Sonny is written now.  He has two jokers as body guards (Max and Milo) who let ANYONE walk into Sonny’s living room to give him a tongue lashing.   He walks around PC with a bulls eye on his back that says “tell me off when ever you see me”.  Carly got him to sign over the rights to his kids and now Jax is adopting Morgan.  Who writes this nonsense?  A real mobster would have killed Johnny and Jerx off ages ago. A real mobster would keep his kids.  A real mobster would have more than one “hit man”.   A real mobster would have a lawyer and  partners that respected him. A real mobster’s family would not be in constant jeopardy.  As for this Sonny’s enemies in jail crap trying to get Michael?  That would never happen because a real mobster would have tentacles that reached into  prison.

Another joke is how Jason and Johnny are depicted as different kinds of mobsters. Jason is the hero mobster. Johnny is the victim mobster.  But let’s get this straight, Jason and Johnny still are criminals and  kill people.  So it makes no sense that everybody seems to be ok with Jason having a relationship with Sam.   Molly and Kristina fall all over themselves to worship Jason as the perfect boyfriend.  Olivia, who at 15, would not tell Sonny(age 16) that she was pregnant with his son (which, if she had, might have actually given Sonny a reason not to join the mob) because he was a runner for Joe Scully (small peanuts in the mob world).  But she has this “WONDERFUL” relationship with Johnny–a mobster.  Because you see, apparently NOBODY has to take responsibility for their choices except for Sonny.  It is presumed that Jason was a brain damaged young malcontent when Sonny turned him into a mobster, never mind that Sonny tried to fire Jason more than once for his own good.   Poor widdle Johnny was born into the business and doesn’t know any better.  Meanwhile Sonny was a homeless 16 yr old out on the streets trying to keep a roof over his head and food on the table.  Both Jason and Johnny have well to do families to fall back on (even though the Q’s and the Z’s REALLY are crazy), Sonny had no fall back plan.   So who actually had choices?

Carly now states that having Sonny as a parent to her oldest two children was a mistake. Long time viewers may remember that Sonny was reluctant to marry her and have more children because of his dangerous life style.  But she and Jason tag teamed Sonny into going along with her wishes.   Now Sonny has no relationship with any of his children but what has Carly had to pay for her mistakes?  Sonny was painted as having too much pride and that he had to learn to forgive.  What wouldn’t I give to have that Sonny back now!

This Sonny is abusive stuff is rediculous.   One incident of Sonny calling Claudia out in front of a crowd does not make him an abuser.  For the most part Sonny treated Claudia well and often was the person who took her side when her wonderful brother threatened to kill her if she harmed Olivia.  Yes–Johnny Bravo did threaten to kill his sister. Claudia was also a very dangerous person who skulked around Greystone sleeping with Ric, putting holes in rubbers,was forever taking out hits on people and even had Michael and Kristina kidnapped. Sonny and Carly were toxic together I’ll grant you that but she gave as good as she got. She knew how to push Sonny’s buttons and boy did she push them. Sonny has bipolar disorder–what’s Carly’s excuse? With Alexis, Em, Reese and Kate he was thoughtful, sweet and loving.

Kristina is now playing a very dangerous game with Johnny against her dad. However, she’s 17 and Johnny is like 30.  Instead of Johnny. who knows the implications of this dangerous game, coming clean with Olivia, he pouts about Olivia taking Sonny’s side over his to Ethan. Who’s the crazy one?   Ethan should at least tell Luke or somebody that Kristina isn’t seeing Johnny.  Alexis  is a lawyer. She could put a restraining order out on Johnny and the next time Kristina and Johnny are seen together Johnny would be arrested–problem solved.  OR she could ground Kristina.  What about Kristina? She blamed Ethan for beating her up because she was afraid her dad would kill Keifer ( her mother did accidentally kill him by running him over and not stopping for help but everyone is fine with that)  but now she seems clueless about the consequences of her actions? And wtf is she so angry about anyway? If she hates her dad so much then let her leave him alone instead of being constantly in his face torturing him.

But we all know what’s going to happen. Sonny will plant a bomb in Johnny’s car that puts Kristina in danger and he will get the blame for everything because you see ONLY SONNY IS RESPONSIBLE FOR HIS CHOICES.

Tptb know Sonny fans will stick around out of loyalty to Maurice/Sonny. Shouldn’t they be rewarded for that loyalty? And shouldn’t they deserve more?

Have a happy!

Caroline Blazen

11 Responses to “Sonny Corinthos: Life often presents us with a choice of evils, rather than of good. Warning: Spoilers”

  1. Lloyd Ferrigon Says:

    I love your blog and it is good. I liked Sonny in the beginning but my opinion of him changed after he laid claim to AJ Quartermaine’s son and later on hung AJ on a meat hook to force him give up his claim to his own child. After that, I considered Sonny to be an animal who needs to be locked up.

  2. heather Says:

    These are pretty much the same thoughts that I have. Frons and the writers need to see this! Thank you so much for writing it.

  3. I love this blog so much… Such great posts all the time!

  4. abcsoapfan Says:

    I totally agree with you! Now they treat Sonny like a mobster to be fitted for Velcro shoes! They are changing the very essence of his character!

    BTW, my vote on the poll would be Sonny and Kate. I wish they were on the poll.

  5. Luvmesomesonnyc Says:

    It’s nice to read a blog from someone who understands Sonny and feels how I do. Hope to see more from you 🙂

    I also would vote for Sonny and Kate. Wish they were on there as an option 🙂

  6. HoosierGirl Says:

    Great stuff. I agree with EVERY word and you are right…they know us Sonny/MB fans will stick around because we love him so they really don’t have anything to lose 😦 It’s very hard to watch right now as a Sonny fan. ugh.

  7. I am so glad to see a blog in favor to Sonny, well said. The current storyline for Sonny being attacked by everyone is just too much and I really feel for him.

    I am a Skate fan and I wish Sonny and Kate were on the list to vote for.

  8. Great blog, but the choice should include Sonny and Kate. That is where my vote would go.

  9. LOVE your blog! Even as a “newer” Sonny/Maurice fan…I’ve only been watching since early 2008…I can see how stupid the writing is for Sonny, both directly and indirectly (thru other characters).

    And my favcouple: Sonny and Kate.

  10. i love this blog.i agree with you.fav couple will be sonny/brenda and sonny/kate.

  11. Great blog about Sonny. Have to agree with everything you stated. Really pissed that Carly had the audacity to claim Sonny was emotionally abusive to her. Absolutely hate Olivia. The only reason she didn’t tell Sonny about the child was because she wanted to punish him for wanting to run away with Connie/Kate. And Johnny and Anthony were the only people abusing Claudia.

    Lastly, the way the Jason and Sonny relationship has been destroyed just irks me too. I love both of them and their friendship was one of the reasons I fell in love with GH. I don’t like them seemingly at odds all the time now.

    And Sonny would never have just let Michael and Jason sit in Pentonville without planning to break them out. Made no sense to me that he was doing nothing but saying thank you to Jason.

    Can’t wait for Brenda’s return. I am so hoping that she is the one who is on his side and remembers all the good that is Sonny. I would really like to watch Carly and Olivia watch Sonny happy with the love of his life. And maybe Kristina could see her father in a new light.

    Thanks again for the great blog!

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