Why Bob Why? (warning spoilers) Moxie and Kumar’s eye on soaps, observations and thoughts

The month of July will be a difficult one for Sonny fans.  Kristina will barely dodge bodily harm when the car bomb meant for Johnny goes off.  Not to worry though, Johnny bravo will save her!  Jason, Spin and Dante will be off playing hero, hunting down Franco and saving their damsels in distress.  What will Sonny fans get? After Sonny’s bomb plot goes awry he lies about it to Alexis and law enforcement.  Michael will over hear him and be brought into Sonny’s conspiracy. And of course there’s the inevitable Jason tie in: if  the police find out that Sonny was behind the car bomb Jason could be hauled back to jail! All this and at some point Warren Bauer goes on a rampage with a gun and Liz’s baby is kidnapped and  the hospital goes on lock down.

Dear Bob, please do Sonny and his fans a favor and have Warren shoot him and put him into a coma. At least until mid August. Please spare us the agony of watching Sonny get blamed, be the foil, get trashed and drink more of the Guza stupid juice.    Please leave us some semblance of the character we love.

Bob, you have stated that, “We need to get Sonny down as low as we can in order to pick  him back up and Brenda will be the vehicle to do that”.  To which Sonny fans can only ask, “Why Bob Why?”.  Why is it necessary to turn Sonny into a bumbling, fumbling bad mobster whose kids hate him and whose friendships have dwindled down to zip? We can assure you that many Sonny fans would have welcomed a redux of S&B  without having to watch him being chewed up and spit out by every other character on the show,  made the foil in every situation and pimp the “good” mobster (Jason) and the “victim” mobster (Johnny).

In spite of  running Sonny through the ringer, Bob, many viewers still love the character.  All of the crap you have heaped upon him in the last six months has not diminished his popularity.  THAT you owe to the charisma, talent and good looks of Maurice Benard.  Any other character with this much “ish” thrown at him would have been long gone.  However, Maurice manages to salvage Sonny by infusing him with vulnerability and pathos that sees Sonny through every crisis. But, Bob,  you have stolen Sonny’s narrative and drawn and quartered it and given it to Jason, Johnny, Jax and to some extent Dante.  In short, Bob, you use Sonny to give every other character a storyline but HIM. Your one-dimensional, plot driven writing for Sonny hinders Maurice from interjecting humor, romance,  and flexibility that may layer the character and give us the Sonny back we know and love.

Bob, you say you are doing this to support your Sonny and Brenda story. What about fans who may not want “this” Sonny and Brenda? You have written Sonny in such a negative light and totally isolated him from friends, family that he has no point of view of his own.  You leave nothing else for fans who may not want Sonny with Brenda.  This was the same problem with Sonny and Carly ( in the beginning and then with Jarly it got worse), and Sonny and Kate.  You left Sonny with nothing else.  This is getting old and Sonny fans are beyond sick of it.  When, if ever, will we see a layered, balanced, and “in charge” Sonny again? We miss him.

But Bob, here is the big question.  Why does the Sonny we love have to totally be destroyed and reconstructed to re-introduce Brenda into his life?  Do you do this because you know whatever you throw at Sonny his fans will continue to watch? Or do you do this to punish us for not swallowing your crap.

Have a day!

Moxie and Kumar

13 Responses to “Why Bob Why? (warning spoilers) Moxie and Kumar’s eye on soaps, observations and thoughts”

  1. mobtastic chick Says:

    I adore Sonny and I hate how he is being written now. Thanks for this. It had to be said

  2. Oh where oh where can my Sonny be? Guza took him away from me!

  3. great article. PLEASE send it to Guza by snail mail and cc frans , jill and Anne sweeney ..there is no sane reason for this idea of deconstructing in order to reconstruct a character. we don’t want Sonny to be destroyed or reconstructed . We WANT the same Sonny that we have loved all thses years.

  4. I don’t know who you people are but bless you! After seeing all the negative stuff about Sonny online and in the soap blogs you are a breath or fresh air! Thank you and please keep on blogging!

  5. Thank you from a Sonny/Maurice fan who sees things the way you 2 do. And I happen to be a SKate fan who doesn’t know Brenda or really care about her. I am disgusted with the writing for Sonny now and have been really since the Claudia debacle, with really nothing to look forward to as far as storyline.

  6. abcsoapfan Says:

    Your blog is spot on about Sonny! I am a very frustrated GH viewer and a very frustrated Sonny fan! The writers weird need to write Sonny as if he needs a helmet and some Velcro shoes is not working for this viewer.

    Thanks for recognizing that not all Sonny fans desire to see Sonny with Brenda. As a Sonny and Kate fan, I miss the balanced, romantic Sonny who was a man with layers, not just a one-dimensional “cartoon” version of a mobster.

  7. S&B4ever Says:

    I am a Sonny and Brenda fan that is BEYOND thrilled that Brenda is returning! You raise many good points in your blog. Sonny shouldn’t have to be ruined in order to get Brenda. S&B were always beautiful, WITHOUT Guza’s help.

  8. Luvmesomesonnyc Says:

    Bless you for this blog 🙂 I am SO sick of the Sonny haters out there spewing their garbage. Guza needs to be called out for his bull. Like everyone else, I fail to see the point in annhilating a character to “build them back up”. Sonny has been written like s**t ever since they broke up my favorite couple, Sonny and Kate. The balance he had during the SKate storyline was amazing. I hate that Guza plays “keep away” with Sonny and Kate. I liked Sonny and Brenda back in the day. Even after the re-writes and plot point writing, Kate still tells Sonny she thinks he’s a good person, no one else in PC seems to feel that way or tell him that 😦

  9. Every time someone walks into a room with Sonny, I have to brace myself for the lecture Sonny is about to get or just mute the sound. Basically, the only scenes Sonny has at this point is having a person attack him, accuse him, demean him, lecture him, and tell him how horrible of a person he is. Everyday. Every scene. Week in and week out.

    Guza has made Sonny bashing an art on this show. And I doubt this has anything to do with Brenda coming back. And I doubt much will change with Brenda coming back. Guza has decided to make Sonny the villian on GH. And like you said, that way Johnny, Jason, and Dante can be the heroes. But these people just aren’t “heroes.” Guza has to make sure we understand that they are heroes at Sonny’s expense. So, Sonny gets to be wrong all the time. Sonny gets to do horrible things. Sonny gets to be a bad influence on his kids. Sonny gets to be told over and over that he is a horrible father.

    Sonny gets isolated. Sonny gets no friends and when he does see his friends they have to remind him that everyone would be better off without him. People get to lie about Sonny so consistently that it just becomes fact (the abuse storyline).

    Guza isn’t just bringing Sonny down. He’s using revisionist history and changing a characters core traits just so he can prop up other characters. Because that is what this is about. It has nothing to do with Brenda. Sonny’s not going to get friends because Brenda is in town. Sonny’s not going to get to see his kids because Brenda is in town. I think it’s a cop out to say this is all being done for Brenda.

    No, this is being done because Guza doesn’t seem to have the slightest problem ruining the character of Sonny, simply because he can. And because he doesn’t give a sh*t about a rich character that can be written for a lot better than what we are getting. The writing is lazy. The writing is cruel. And I really don’t see it changing anytime soon. Sad.

  10. I agree 100% with everything you said on the blog. This is where the writers are wrong and once again are making mistake by bringing back another character from the past hoping their stories are going to sell or it would attract viewers and help with rating. Didn’t they learn a lesson from recasting SJB as Claudia??

    There is no doubt about Maurice’s talent and that he could take Sonny up and down and anywhere the writers want him to. He would give the best performance no matter what the material is. But enough is enough. All these humiliation,disrespect and blames are destroying and weakening the “ real “Sonny. It’s heartbreaking to watch him being under attack from every corner by everyone. Sonny doesn’t need to go down any deeper. If I remember correctly, Brenda was one of the women who caused Sonny to break down and go to his dark side and isolated himself more than once.

    Today, Sonny needs someone who understands him and believes in him. A woman he could have interesting conversation, disagree or argue and yet compromise without fights or yelling and breaking things. A woman who is strong and willing to accept him the way he is, because she sees good in him. I am a SKATE fan 

    Sonny is more mature than when he was with Brenda. He is a father now. He is less ambitious and maybe even not as jealous anymore. He should focus on finding a way to connect with his children and his friends and to go after the “girl” he loves since BH !! Sonny’s character should grow not going backward.

    Sonny Corinthos is a bad guy but he is unique and I love his dimples 

    • To be fair, so was Kate, when she turned down his proposal. I do agree about the dimples! 😛

      • Maybe Kate made him mad and angry but he didn’t go nuts !

      • I honestly don’t remember anyone making Sonny go nuts. He had bipolar manic and depressive episodes over Lily, Brenda, Juan, Carly, and Emily. But he was diagnosed and is taking meds. His episodes were caused by a disease not over any one woman.

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