The Dimples Code

After weeks of doom and gloom,  Guza taking Sonny down, down, down and Sonny’s spirits lower, lower lower along with his fans….it happened.  The warm infectious smile returned.  The dimples flashed and Sonny was BACK for a few moments.

No matter that a worried, anxious, angry Sonny had just almost blown his insipid whining daughter to bits along with her sneering  smirking buddy, Johnny Bravo,  our guy was allowed to SMILE.  Of course in the next scene we were back to being downtrodden, haunted and discussing nightmares about almost blowing up Kristina.  His nightmares were about what he COULD have done to her.  For many Sonny fans , our nightmares would be due to the fact that he FAILED!!!

Sonny, being a mobster, was forced to lie about being behind the car bomb.  Oh the horror!  A mob boss who lies to cover a crime that could get him arrested, killed or bring retaliation on his family.  The deed is done.  For once Sonny gets to be SMART!  Will it come back and bite him?  Of course.  This is Sonny and Guza will throw it back in his face at the worst possible time.

Claire and Sonny are playing games.  Who is fooling who?  If it brings out the dimples, sexy side of Sonny and some smiles, do we really care?  Sonny fans have patiently waded through knee deep puddles of grief, horror, shame, guilt, angst, heart break just to see a glimmer of  happiness sneak through and bring out the magic of that wonderful dimpled smile.  No doubt it will all backfire on Sonny, bringing him a notch closer to that bottomless pit he needs to reach for Guza in order to be uplifted when Brenda returns.

Ah Brenda!  Many Sonny and Brenda fans are so happy to have them on screen together again they are willing to hope and pray that Guza has done his homework and  will not drag them to the depths of hell mired in grief and constant angst.  Also can Carly please stick to her two favorite guys and butt out?  Again, miracles are not what Guza is known for unless he is writing about Jason, the heroic one , but one can hope.

In summary,  Sonny fans know they root for a guy who does bad things and Guza always makes them worse than all the other characters who do bad things, but Maurice continues to bring Sonny through the darkest of tunnels, fans beside him, making the best of the worst and the most of the good stuff…in other words Sonny is a survivor, a fan favorite regardless of writing and just maybe there is a rainbow waiting at the end of all this stormy writing and darkness Sonny has going for him right now.

The wait seems endless at times, but again, when an ageless Maurice has Sonny flash that fantastic smile, gaze at a woman with those dark eyes and the dimples break loose, all is forgotten!!!!  It has been weeks since we could put anything upbeat out there about Sonny.  Thank you Claire and stick around a bit because we get sexy, smiling Sonny breaking through those dark angst clouds every now and then.  At least until Brenda comes back!

Stay Fabulous!

One Response to “The Dimples Code”

  1. i loved sonny’s scenes.sonny/claire were hot.i loved how sonny was charming claire.claire is already falling for sonny.i like sonny/claire and brenda is also will be very interesting.

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