Pay No Attention to the Man Behind the Curtain (warning spoilers)

Bob Guza leaves nothing to chance. Not content to leave his heavy handed biased writing work on it’s OWN “merit”, he gives interviews basically laying out what we are to THINK and what CONCLUSIONS we should make.  Here’s an excerpt from his latest interview about the return of the character of Brenda:

on Sonny: The timing is perfect. Even though there is an attraction that’s going to build as Sonny tries to manipulate Claire [Dahlia Salem], he is not in a really strong romance right now. He’s in a vulnerable and emotional place where he’s caused horrible damage to those he loves and he could very much use someone who will remind him of his glory days

On Jax: Jax has never rebounded from a romance with anyone — so this may be a first for him. He loves Carly dearly but Brenda needs him.

On Jason: Brenda and Jason were married in one of the funniest, least romantic weddings ever. They do not love each other. They do not much like each other. But he is a protector and he’ll respond

Read entire interview here: The Scoop on Vanessa Marcil’s Return to General Hospital

Got that? Jax and Jason are swell guys but Sonny is evil!

When Guza speaks we listen. And then we wonder if it will turn out to be true, somewhat true, “stretched” truth or like many times, not even close to the truth. We have watched the “summer of Sonny reconnecting with his children.” If almost killing several, giving one up for adoption and losing one to the penal justice code, is reconnecting with his kids, this is some sick humor on Guza’s part or his usual misleading double talk . Guza always takes the easy road but because there are so many more avenues of communication for soap viewers, he is no longer able to simply “convince” viewers of how we should see his characters. Through character dialogue and interviews, he still tries to convince viewers who we are to perceive as BAD, who is GOOD, and who is MISUNDERSTOOD.  It is not working any more. No matter how many PC residents Guza parades on screen per week each rattling off all of Sonny’s sins over and over, we form our own judgments. No matter how many times Sam, Molly, Kristina, Carly and Spinelli tell each other how wonderful and caring Jason is , we still know what we have watched and make our own decisions. There is no longer a character or Guza recitation that fools us, convinces us or LIES to us. We see through all of it and when history is totally changed or misrepresented…..we tune out. Times have changed. But Guza through his dialogue and his magazine interviews flat out wants us to see Sonny as always the heavy who women try to save, Jason the level headed but brain damaged heroic hit man and Johnny now as the misunderstood victimized reluctant mobster. Stop the stereotyping and start layering these people, Bob, so they are more enjoyable not predictable and one dimensional all the time, turn off the preachy dialog and let us form our own judgments. Now we are faced with the return of Brenda. We are hearing all kinds of scenarios from Guza about her return. The question is, how much of this hype, how many of these promises, and how many Guza misrepresentations will surface once she is back. Sonny and Brenda fans are thrilled and excited hoping to finally reunite their couple. Will Brenda be greeted with the usual procession of Sonny haters led by Jax, or will Guza actually start writing with some originality and fairness to all. Will she have to be helped by Jax, rescued by Jason and then led to soul searching Sonny for whatever comes next? Sonny and Brenda have an opportunity to reignite something special. The problem is that this time around they have to depend on Guza to be the ignitor. That is frighting risky business. Hopefully this time around Guza may be telling the truth because the consequences are going to take their toll if he is misleading a lot of anxious viewers.

Guza TELLS us what he wants us to see. But I’m going to pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.   Even the scarecrow without a brain knows he’s just a humbug!

Stay Fabulous!

2 Responses to “Pay No Attention to the Man Behind the Curtain (warning spoilers)”

  1. Fabulous! So true. We already know what is going to happen and it’s just as you predicted. SNBlovers will be lucky to see our couple actually connect in any romantic way because she will be too entangled with Jax and Jason. No doubt Franco will be added to the mixture leaving little time for any Sonny and Brenda romance. Call me bitter cause that’s what I am at this point in time. Hopefully Guza will prove me wrong!

  2. Well he can say in one of his “Oh golly gee I love GH but I’m still destroying it”

    interviews whatever he wants but I know that he has hacked right through the “history” of this show and its a mere shell of his former self…he can pimp his pets until the cows come home because that’s all this is…glorifying “his major characters” as he calls them. I am very skeptical after he thoroughly hacked Luke and Laura, anything is possible. So I wouldn’t hold my breath to believe all of a sudden he won’t reel me in for his classic bait n switch for me to witness another hatchet job.

    Brenda will serve mostly propping duty to prop his pets, instead of history we’ll get the newbies and his imports from other shows all lined up in Brenda’s storyline…She’s already serving propping duty bringing in a new character and I bet she’ll barely get an eppy in before Suzanne is brought to PC …

    There you have it…business as usual…This interview means less than zero I would advise to wait until it hits the screen.

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