Time for change BEFORE Brenda arrives (warning spoilers)

For three months Sonny was written in the worst possible light.   One by one he was alienated from all his children or removed at  best from their lives voluntarily or through court order.  Having Sonny be held responsible for Michael killing Claudia and going to jail,  giving Morgan up to Jax for adoption, and shooting a son he didn’t know was not enough for Guza.  He had to pile on the most ridiculous story line for Sonny in ages, a car bomb that almost killed his daughter.  That was STILL explainable to a point through the mob retaliation angle but then Guza had Sonny lie to those he loves.  He lied to his daughter and that is NOT in character for the Sonny we all know and love.  Maurice saw it immediately,  Sonny fans, appalled by the horrid plot point writing at Sonny’s expense, bailed for the first time in ages and refused to support such ridiculous writing.

Guza temporarily allowed some softer scenes with Sonny, Alexis and Kristina and fans were lulled into a false security thinking just maybe he would end the nonsense and allow some healing.  Now we hear that suddenly all that is gone, Kristina hates her dad more than ever and Sonny feels he must kick back and break from his kids since according to Guza, Sonny has done them all TERRIBLE HARM.  Of course he has, Guza has written him  not to be mobster of the year but monster of the year.

Recently,  Johnny whined to Brook Lynn about bad bad evil Sonny and conveniently left out the fact that Sonny saved Claudia’s life TWICE, saved his (Johnny’s) ass from jail and was the only person who stuck up for Johnny’s sainted sis when he, Johnny, threatened to kill her over his precious “Liv”. Realistically,why should Sonny LIKE Johnny? The Zacharras have been nothing but thorns in Sonny’s side since they came to town.  Anthony Z did shoot Kate on Skate’s wedding day, Claudia and Johnny are responsible for Michael being shot, and all that was before Sonny married Claudia.

Now we hear that someone from Brenda’s past is hired as her bodyguard? Wanna make a bet that her new bodyguard is Jason? Possibly with an assist from Dante? This will just be an extension of the Franco storyline to keep Jase out of prison and front and center on our screens. Not a promising start at all to Brenda’s return IMHO!

Brenda coming back and this nightmare writing was in some way supposed to prepare the Sonny character for her arrival.  The destruction of a character over months is not going to suddenly be cured and forgiven when Brenda arrives.  Guza had better have some decent solid redemption for the Sonny character  so many of us want to see in a positive, LAYERED and most of all FAIR scenario.  Maurice has recognized the danger signals as have his fans.  Now it is Guza’s turn to realize that Maurice is right now  the ONLY reason Sonny fans are hanging in there.

At least the scenes with Claire are finally allowing Maurice to bring a lighter more likable side back to Sonny and it is Maurice, not Guza, who is drawing fans back to watching but if he insists on continuing to push character and fans to the limit, it will backfire big time.  By thinking that Sonny fans and fans in general will swallow any tripe and disgusting character assault because all will disappear when Brenda arrives, Guza could be in for a big surprise.  Maurice deserves better and let’s hope Sonny comes back to us soon the way we are used to seeing him.

Some consistency,  character growth and layering are in order and some respect for a character many of us love and want to see back on our screens…what is being written for him now is NOT even close.

Stay Fabulous!

2 Responses to “Time for change BEFORE Brenda arrives (warning spoilers)”

  1. You are so right but as long as Guza is head writer and co producer I don’t see any change unless Maurice threatens to quit! I have personally written to Maurice and even copied some of the of the more sensible posts by his fans voicing their discomtent with how Sonny is being written.Could be this is why Maurice had a talk with the Guz? what ever it takes is my moto and I will continue to write to him about how disillusioned HIS fans are with the way his character is written. Integrity is lost . We ,Sonny’s fans have suffered years of discontent because of the loss of integrity. I believe that Guza would rather have Sonny as a villan than a romantic lead but a weak villan so that Jason can always be a hero..


  2. I would totally be ok with Sonny being the villain if he were a *good* villain. It seems like he’s never in control of his own life, makes poorer and poorer personal and business decisions and is laughingly un-intimidating. He hasn’t been believable as a Mobster for years.

    This character needs a MAJOR overhaul. I applaud Maurice for his professionalism and commitment to stick with and trying to save a character that’s turned so pathetic.

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