Sonny and Brenda: is the third time the charm? and some other stuff (spoilers)

First let’s look at the “UN” writing for Sonny.  Uneven, unbelievable at times and definitely uninteresting at others.  This would pertain to the “ugly”  category, the continued insertion of Johnny Bravo, self-proclaimed champion of poor misunderstood Claudia, but really also a thrill seeking blowhard with a death wish.  This guy as obviously seen on camera, continues to antagonize Sonny, using whomever he can such as annoying characters like Kristina and Carly to further his goal…originally to destroy Sonny and soon to try to kill him.

Watching John Boy constantly bragging about  destroying Sonny, taking an annoying offensive action against him, only to whine like a six-year-old to all in listening distance when  the mob boss retaliates, is  unbelievably annoying and tedious.  Guza’s heavy handed attempt to portray Johnny as a victim insults intelligent viewers who see a green kid playing mobster constantly on offense yet Guza continues to TRY and convince viewers that Sonny is the bad  guy because he is doing what any mob boss would and should do, he is  retaliating.  This needs to end soon.   Guza needs to find a way to reel Johnny in, put him with his own age group, and get Sonny a real enemy….or get him out of the mob.

Secondly, we come to  “the bad” writing.  Maurice and Dahlia have a wonderful give and take easy  chemistry and they have a knack for pulling off straight-faced one line deliveries that entertain.  However, the writing  is awful.   The “playing each other” is fun only because the actors make it so but it is a real stretch  regarding the prosecutor wanting the mob boss’s child for many obvious reasons.  Claire, if written more realistically, could be good angst as a third part in the on coming Sonny and Brenda relationship.  Guza needs to decide where Sonny and Claire are really going and end the cat and mouse/baby nonsense.  Make them a possible believable pairing or end them.

Saving the best for last, we look at “the good” and for many that is the return of Brenda into Sonny’s life.  We need only to view clips of  Sonny and Brenda from the past to see that they had a sizzling on-screen presence filled with passion, romance and humor.  Of course much  of their success can be credited to good writers who allowed this couple to connect so completely, but Maurice and Vanessa not only  have great physical chemistry , they turned Sonny and Brenda into a totally  “root for” couple as they skillfully allowed them to grow and nurture complimenting each other beautifully.

Many fans seem very excited at the thought of reuniting Sonny and Brenda.  Maurice and Vanessa are accomplished actors who should  have no trouble recreating the magic . The frightening very real challenge is whether Guza will allow the kind of writing these two have gotten in the past and need in the present to reconnect the way audiences want them to connect. Time will tell, but Sonny and Brenda  have always been about  their deep love for each other.  “Deep love” and Guza do not mix.  He destroys couples and tarnishes love and romance for everyone.  Can he master that flaw and bring some romance and love back on the show WITHOUT taking a hatchet to it immediately?

S&Believers have been waiting THIRTEEN years for their couple.  They are a  focused, determined, resilient and long lasting bunch (just the possibility of their couple reuniting has brought them flocking back to GH).   They’ve had to live through TWO J&B stints where S&B were trashed and Sonny’s love interests (some of whom have been  haled as Sonny’s greatest love and/or Sonny’s first love thus shunting Brenda aside as the holder of these titles).  Now Sonny is technically free.  He’s not married or in a serious relationship.  Jax rejected Brenda at the altar eight years ago because he realized Brenda would always love Sonny more. He’s also still married to Carly and they have a daughter.   Brenda’s return this time yields the best opportunity so far for S&B to reunite as a couple. Spoilers have hinted that both Sonny and Brenda are  finally acknowledging their importance to one another.  The S&B fans finally have reason to hope. Isn’t it time to give them their couple?

Time will tell but for now, can Sonny fans finally hope for something positive in this man’s life that Guza will NOT destroy?  One can only hope!

Stay Fabulous!

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