Please Mr. Guza (spoiler warning)

Anyone who  has watched General Hospital over a period of years has to fear for the survivors because they not only have their history changed regularly, they are victims of  Bob Guza’s  current and ever changing whims and they are  always subject to sudden and unexpected disaster.

Right now  though,  some are  already complaining about the attention Sonny and Brenda are getting in the media, on line and soon to be, on screen.  Such complaints, however, fall on deaf ears to the many Sonny and Brenda fans who have waited l3 years or so for THEIR couple to re-emerge.  Cycles come and go and it has been a long drought so it is now a perfect time to reunite this popular couple and for their fans to bask in the sunshine, before the sudden and disastrous Guza storm rolls in and blows them to pieces like usual.  Will it happen?  At least temporarily down the line. it is what habitual betters would classify as a “sure bet.”

Some suggestions for Mr. Guza.  If he has watched the Sunday Sonny and Brenda Marathon, what would jump out at him immediately is the charismatic chemistry, natural and appealing, of both performers.  Please,  Mr. Guza, can you take note of the charming, personal charisma that Maurice Benard possesses and write it back into the Sonny character.  Old flashbacks show a Sonny who was far more layered and entertaining because he was in a business that allowed him to branch out and be a whole person not a dour, heavily dark one dimensional criminal 99% of the time.  The Stone story allowed Sonny to be not only a very humane character but one capable of great love for the dying Aids victim.  His love for Brenda allowed him to shake the isolation he is now written in and give of himself in ways he has not been written to do  since their breakup.

Sonny and Carly marked the beginning of a far more isolated self involved Sonny, dealing with a dysfunctional co-dependent meddler whose worship for Jason clouded their relationship and Sonny became a totally different character.    Guza has a chance to right that wrong and bring back the Sonny who wears his heart on his sleeve, whose sense of humor is more frequently used, and whose deep love for Brenda can conquer the dysfunctional image created over the past ten years during  which Guza saw fit to use Sonny’s mob ties to create nothing but disasters for all around him.  That needs to stop.

Stop hiding behind the mob and using it to continuously punish characters, Bob.  If Sonny is to remain a mobster, those who care for him must at least be written to be realistically able to cope with it instead of using it as an excuse for all their own wrong doings as well as Sonny‘s.  Sonny needs to be able to live a life separate from his business with Brenda and entertain us  once again.  Brenda will be a flexible character interacting with many characters.  Please Mr. Guza, open that cage, let the likable layered mobster, Sonny Corinthos OUT once and for all and let him do the same…let him be involved in something just once that brings out all his GOOD qualities while remaining the tough guy we know.

Making Sonny more interesting and balanced,  more charismatic and flexible, because of an actor who can do this simply by being himself, is a necessity now that Vanessa is back and a pairing seems inevitable.  We know it can be done.  We have seen it in the past.  Sonny fans have loved it and are begging for the Sonny we once knew and loved to re-emerge now that Sonny and Brenda seem to be reunited.   We know the actors can bring it to the table…can you bring it Mr. Guza?

Stay Fabulous!

2 Responses to “Please Mr. Guza (spoiler warning)”

  1. THANK YOU! I could not have said it better. I have a boatload of anger towards Bob Guza and his detonation of the history of a show I felt was must-see TV for decades. Now I can barely watch it. From Bob and Tony Geary’s desecration of Luke and Laura to the “bogus one true love” scenarios the fans have been stuck with in the revolving door of Sonny’s misspent youth, Brenda was the one who introduced Sonny to his heart. She went where no other woman before or since did. Besides, Maurice Benard never kissed anyone like he did Vanessa, no others need apply! I used to adore Maurice and have watched him devolve into a one-trick pony. Let’s see all those other colours and fire again. Welcome back, Miss V!

  2. I agree with most of what was said above but I’ve NEVER considered Maurice
    A ONE trick pony!

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