Guza’s connundrum: even he can’t escape the S&B magic (spoilers)

There They Go-Go-Go!

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One has to hand it to Guza, he looks around and sees a couple of weeks where folks are not lining up to discuss Sonny and his evilness.  Then,  here it comes, time for another round of PC  hate  before,  just maybe, the Sonny character can pass the baton on to another goat in the race for at least a few months.  But as of right now,   poor poor Johnny after announcing his plan to Ethan over and over, to  kill Sonny and make it look like self defense,  takes action.  Like Wiley Coyote he pulls out his trusty Acme brand  mobster gun and announces to Sonny that he plans to kill him.  Instead Sonny shoots the unwise greenhorn but does not kill him.  Sonny needs a good talking to for not doing a thorough job on the whining, lying kid mobster.  Sonny leaves Johnny, gun in hand but along comes dirty cop, Ronnie.

Now some seem to feel that framing a freak like Franco and having him do jail time, then freeing him knowing he killed a man, thus unleashing a madman who kills for thrills,  did NOT make Ronnie a dirty cop long before he hit PC.  SO, why not settle that question and let him cover up for Johnny by lying, taking the gun and  saying that Sonny shot an unarmed man.  NOW, there is no question about Ronnie, he IS a dirty cop.

Sonny goes to Dante to plead his innocence.  Surprisingly it would seem that Dante believes him and Lucky is also not going to be convinced that Johnny is telling the truth.  BUT meanwhile, no time of upheaval and catastrophe in Sonny’s life is ever complete until Jax digs in his  “I HATE Sonny” trunk and pulls out his standard recitation of Sonny evils to the next woman dealing with Sonny now…this time being Claire.   While viewers nap and grab snacks, Dudley Do No Wrong in his best pompous self-righteous manner recites all of Sonny’s faults over and over and over.  Yawn, ZZZZzzzzz!

Claire will turn on Sonny and play some tapes she has made and she will include Diane in the revelation because it gives Diane her monthly verbal crack at Sonny.  Sonny sees and hears nothing but dour predictions of his doomed future so he decides to go look for Brenda.  In Rome.  This is where it might even get interesting.  Sonny and Brenda could possibly give us a few uplifting moments of romance and hope.

So, what happens next?  How does Sonny get out of THIS situation?  There are so many side horrors to this current mess.  There are signs in upcoming spoilers that the Mouse that Roars, namely Carly,  is going to be back in Sonny scenes more regularly.  WHY?  He has enough quiet enemies without throwing her in the pack.  It is also rumored that Kristina, having had one moment of pleasantness with her dad, joins the Johnny tag team for losers again and rekindles her daddy hate.  Back to the Sour Puss, moping, whining “I Hate My Dad” scenes.

NOW, on the upside, Maurice and Vanessa are magic.  Throwing them back together in a story line has to improve the writing for Sonny, simply because the woman seems to love him and does not want to join the hate lecture circuit yet..  So let’s look forward to HOPING this is the last hurdle of ugliness for Sonny for awhile so  he can flash some dimples, feel a small twinge of happiness and escape the finger pointers, at least for awhile.

Besides Maurice and Vanessa’s off the charts chemistry, Guza also has to contend with their resilient fan base.  This is a fan base that refuses to die. No matter how many times Guza tried to push his “titanic” couple Jax and Brenda he could not quash the Sonny and Brenda fans.  Here it is 13 years since S and B were a viable couple on the show and there is a volatile fan base out there who’s dreams will not be thwarted!  Hey Bob, this time the S and B fans’ faith should be rewarded.  After 13 years they deserve to finally get their couple.

And can someone please convince Mr. Guza that Jason and Sam are really NOT Mr. and Mrs. Smith.  NOT even CLOSE!!

Time will tell but it still can only get better.

Stay Fabulous!

3 Responses to “Guza’s connundrum: even he can’t escape the S&B magic (spoilers)”

  1. Wow, what a well written article. Its true that Sonny’s character has nearly been killed off, thank god for Brenda! Those two will always be the hottest couple on tv. They absolutely burned the screen, Sonny has NEVER looked at a anyone like that. He looked at her like he was going to devour the little thing. She and him were the perfect soap couple, absolutely fire on the screen. To this day not one couple compares and i have resorted to YouTube. Jax was the one she could have and eventually worked to love but Sonny was the one she could never live without. Sonny and Brenda were/are and will forever be IN love. Soulmates that unfortunately had to fight to be together. Hopefully well finally get the pairing we’ve wanted for over 10 years. I’ve been watching since i was 7 and it was because of the mobster and the model! I hope to god they don’t marry that hollywood guy and Brenda! Please i can’t handle any more torture, haven’t watched this show in years and i’m hoping to be back for good.

  2. HoosierGirl Says:

    As always, you are spot on!!!! Love it. Totally cracking up at what you said re: Johnny and Jax, lol!!!

  3. dianna lopes Says:

    SB has always been my favorite couple! Both gorgeous and on fire! I gave up watching when Brenda supposedly died. I came back in 2002 and could not believe that the couple never discussed Sonny leaving her at the altar or the anguish he felt when she died . Horrible writing! I so looked forward to having VMG back but it took forever to get her from Rome ! The Balkan storyline was horrible and I never believed she had been with Dante.Hiding allof this from Sonny who has fathered a basketball team was hilarious!Carly who slept with her mother’s husband.AJ,Jason ,Sonny. (best friend of Sonny’s)Should I go on.??Taking Michael from the Quartermaine’s and look at him now! The writers have butchered this show. I get more pleasure watching the old episodes on YouTube. They fairly butchered SB with no honeymoon scenes no love scenes Nothing!! Thank God there is something electrifying when these two are seen together. Not that we saw much of them. I am thoroughly disappointed with the show! When my girl leaves so will I!! Love Me some Sonny&Brenda!

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