GH: Uncle Bob’s (Guza) “dodge-in” (warning: spoilers)

02e General Hospital - Side View (E)

Image by Kansas Sebastian via Flickr

Those who promise us paradise on earth never produced anything but a hell.  ~Karl Popper

Every time a magazine comes out lately we get yet another version of all the exciting things Uncle Bob promises us and how Port Charles residents will never be the same.  And then, months later, guess what!!!  There they are all the same,  Jason saving and staring, Sam whispering words of praise to her robotic lover (we take their word for it since we never see it on screen), Carly sneering, screaming and plotting  with one small change…she is getting LOUDER, Kristina hating her daddy and whining and moping about how evil he is,  and Sonny the root of all evil, written in a manner to allow at least four people a week to remind us of Sonny’s arrogance, mistakes, bad choices, and the  self centered evil behavior that Uncle Bob never wants us to forget… and on and on  it goes….Johnny, the misunderstood mixed up pretend “victim” mobster and his faithful companions, Ethan and Momma/lover Olivia,  Dante in  limbo hating his dad, almost liking his dad, between rounds of making love to Lulu.  Robin and Patrick who have a child  that they wish they could enjoy for a few  more months between post partum  depression and an infidelity that draws a crazy one into her happy little home.

Enter Brenda.  Now Uncle Bob says it will be exciting and we get hopeful.  Uncle Bob blackens Sonny’s reputation even more by having us see him shoot liar Johnny in self defense, jump bail and  take a plane to Rome.  Good thing he asked because Bernie was really sending him to Colombia.  For whatever that was worth to any of us.  FINALLY, Sonny and Brenda reunite, Sonny saves her from thugs but is sent home to be with his loving children  some of whom only “love” him when they feel neglected by him.

Meanwhile,  we hear rumblings that Sonny believes Brenda is engaged and done with him and so he comes back and Claire, minus tape recorder we hope, finds her way into his bed.  Is THIS the thing that changes somebody forever?  Nah, probably not.   But wait,  the almighty anointed one hears of impending danger to Brenda and takes his stare over to Rome to frighten away Brenda’s enemies.  HERE must be the part that changes PC forever.  Sam does not like this and may have to speak up for an episode especially if Carly is in the same room screaming at Jason about Brenda.  If Sonny is smart, he is  back in a holding room at PCPD safely out of the danger zone.

Summing up, will Brenda be shared equally by Jason, Jax  (remember him?) or is she really going to be paired with Sonny.  Will Jax bring out the usual Sonny hating sermon, will Carly be jealous of Brenda and if so, will it be because of Jason, Jax or Sonny?  Or all three? Will anyone care?  Many of us are hopeful that SOMETHING  new comes of Vanessa’s return.  Oh and Uncle  Bob says Sonny will return to his original powerful self.  We know better than to trust him on that one because the minute that happens, every one of his kids will have some catastrophe cast upon them that is Sonny’s fault.  Been there and done that over and over.

What we DO know is that Uncle Bob’s promo’s are usually better than the finished product so it’s best not to get our hopes up too high.

So, let’s kick back and watch all the things that will change PC and its residents forever and we can compare them to all the other times when changes were promised and never delivered.

And today’s WTF moment: I don’t have a hearing problem so I know I’ve heard both Jax and Carly yammer on for months now about how they want Sonny out of their lives and/or put in jail and presumably dead if that option is on the table because he was too dangerous to be around his kids . Today we hear Jerx whine that Sonny left devastation in his wake when he jumped bail and Carly was fit to be tied because she wasn’t told of Sonny’s whereabouts.  Shouldn’t this make them HAPPY????

AND EXCUSE ME JAX but if the Corinthos kids are devastated by their Dad’s disappearance doesn’t that mean they’d be equally devastated by his being sent to prison or worse?  Honestly, Carly and Jerx are never happy when it comes to Sonny.  He does what they want by disappearing and they still trash him.

Media call out: in the latest SID, in the article about the Franco location shoot, the mighty Jase is referred to as a cop.  Let’s get this straight, Jason wanted Claudia dead, would love to knock off Dante, is a HIT MAN all of which which I believe make him a criminal.  There is some major disparity in that magazine over how they are constantly calling out Sonny on his mobster-ness and how they view his hit man (mighty Jase).

Stay Fabulous!

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