Dear Bob: Sonny and Brenda still got it (magic), so let them flaunt it (spoilers)

What a nice surprise…or maybe not because most of us who loved Sonny and Brenda the first time around knew that they would still have that special chemistry, and guess what…they proved us right. Maurice and Vanessa still have it and Sonny and Brenda are as connected as ever. This is a couple who can step on screen and say more by saying nothing…their facial expressions and body language put us in the moment without hearing a word from either of them. We could have gotten the standard Guza rush” where we skip any kind of buildup and simply reunite the super couple with no back story for either and no slow restructuring. Fortunately we lucked out. Uncle Bob decided to do something right, and while many are impatient and want sudden reunited magic, he has chosen to realistically throw in buildup angst and work in side stories for them along the way.   He tossed in the big tease to allow them to prove that they are still a hot couple capable of sending off sparks and rekindling that old chemistry that was so exciting “back in the day”.

Guza will now incorporate Jason into the picture , no doubt to provide angst for JaSam which translates to them doing something to keep folks awake during their scenes, and then Brenda will no doubt be tossed into the pit of fire known as CarJax with Carly providing the fire and Jax providing the hot air that the old reliable windbag serves up to all of Sonny’s women. We all know the drill, “Sonny is evil, he needs to be in jail, he will hurt you, etc.”

The Three Stooges

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We hear that Brenda will move in with Jason after he rescues her and returns her safely to PC, and will have roomies like Sam and Spin. Oh gosh, will they have to flip a coin for the pink room now? We hear Spin will idolize the new beauty…if only it would make him tongue tied…unable to speak. All would be at least somewhat indebted to Brenda for that favor. Sonny, meanwhile will return home to his family, thinking that Brenda is engaged to Murphy who is a less windy version of Jax unless he turns out to be a bad guy. He will then at least be a boring bad guy. Sonny comes back to GH’s latest version of The Three Stooges working together, Spin, Jason and Dante. This fun bunch is working to find evidence to free him when not exchanging glares and stares. It is rumored that they will find evidence (Surprise!!!) that Johnny, liar number one, indeed did have a gun, Ronny may very well be exposed as the gun hider and liar number two, thereby freeing Sonny. In the wings, we have the fair maiden and sometime Sonny hater, Claire, waiting to resume warm fuzzy feelings. Sonny still longs for Brenda but thinks he has lost her. When all you have had in the way of sex was Gothic scary Claudia and “I want our son away from you” Carly, Claire is looking better to Sonny as least as a pinch hitter until the A team arrives and accepts him. This however will be angst for Sonny and Brenda who also comes with a BIG secret that we will know when Guza thinks one up.

Vrachanski Balkan,Bulgaria

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The evil Balkan will be the new enemy and hopefully Wily Coyote and his sidekick, Ethan, will decide to move on to piano playing and karaoke at Jakes. So, in summary, we have learned this week that Sonny and Brenda SHOULD definitely be the reunited couple to pull for because , with some decent writing, they can once again ignite our screens, give us back a Sonny we loved and something FINALLY for Sonny and Brenda fans to look forward to.

We hope Guza hears the fans calling for a rootable couple that will last awhile. If we hide his hatchet and yell loud enough, he may hear us. That by no means assures us that he will listen!!!!

Stay Fabulous!

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