He can take it–but should he HAVE to? (spoilers)

Many of us remember the first time we saw Sonny Corinthos on our screens. This darkly handsome man with the deep set dimples, the dark brooding eyes and the sexy smile walked into our living rooms playing a character written to be disliked. What happened next changed the whole idea of who and what Sonny was supposed to be and transformed the soap genre.

This man was able to find a way to make a deeply flawed mobster not only acceptable to many women viewers but a favorite . Maurice plays Sonny with options…you can love him or hate him but few ignore him…or so it seems by all the attention he constantly draws on-line and off. Over the years, Sonny/Maurice has had writing that most would find totally devastating and damaging to their character as well as to the popularity of the actor. Not Maurice! He has been on top for seventeen years as one of the leads on the show.

Sonny has weathered the following:

  • shooting of his wife ACCIDENTALLY during childbirth
  • having his kids kidnapped when they were young because of what he does

and in the last two years:

  • he is responsible for his son being shot and in a coma,
  • his son killing his step-mother and going to jail,
  • almost blowing up his daughter in a car bombing,
  • shooting a son he didn’t know about who happens to be a cop

….and guess what? Viewers still love this guy!!

In addition to his many fans that are off-liners, FB and Twitter are loaded with more fans than ever for Maurice/Sonny (in spite of

Port Charles, New York (fictional city)

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some who dominate on  message boards known to hate the character).  Sonny is doing better than ever, and his portrayer just seems to get better with age. Why? It was pointed out by co-stars that the reason is Maurice. In a recent interview, some of his co-stars commented that Maurice does his job well, is helpful to his peers always, is not near as serious off-screen as he seems on-screen, but most of all his personal charisma carries fans through whatever is written for Sonny. The reaction, as one surfs the net, to Maurice/Sonny is very telling.  Aside from those who hate the character period, there are many fans who don’t care what he does…they love Maurice and who he has put out there as the Sonny is what they care about and root for. Sonny is a bad guy but not all bad…that is what Maurice sells to the masses and what they love to watch IF they are fans. This has come to a shock  and met with consternation with bloggers and some in the soap media who incorrectly read the pulse of viewers or those who felt the need to push their own agendas.   Sonny’s misdeeds is also what haters love to hate and crow about (to no avail). It all works well for GH.

Guza seems to feel that Sonny must constantly be a tortured soul and fans seem to be begging for change. They want a mobster who can coexist realistically with his family and one who can have a layered, more open personality and a decent relationship with a woman. Brenda is back and she could be the answer. Will Guza allow this couple a second chance. Certainly they have a large fan base who would welcome another chance at happiness for them.

One thing is very clear…Maurice has given GH a character that continues to have huge audience appeal and personally, the man is a fan magnet who remains immensely popular. He has earned the recognition, air time and popularity he enjoys.

So I have to ask this question: Sonny/Maurice has proven he can take your ish Bob. But should he have to? Forever? Fans want better writing for Sonny NOW!


As Claire gets involved with Sonny, she tells him she has told her superiors about her conflict of interest and will never be able to prosecute him.

Jax’s warning that Claire is being used by Sonny falls on deaf ears. She turns the conversation around on Jax and brings up his personal vendetta against Sonny and the mistakes he has made along the way.

Sonny admits to Dante that he is only romancing Claire because he is on the rebound.

Robin arranges for Patrick to feign interest in Lisa.

Michael gets into a fight on the first day at school with Kiefer’s friend.  As his guardian, Dante is called in as the school considers expulsion.  Dante tries to get Michael to open up to him.

While Sonny tries to distract himself with Claire, Brenda is dolled up in a wedding gown for a photo-shoot, unable to keep her mind on the present.

Lulu apologizes to Dante for thinking he would break the law to protect Sonny.

Dante stumbles upon Spinelli’s research about The Balkan and reveals he is familiar with the crime lord.

The Balkan’s thugs drug Brenda.

Jax and Carly reunite as a family, but there’s a hitch.

Researching Brenda, Spin finds more than he expected.

Jason and Brenda return to Port Charles.

Together, Jax and Brenda wax nostalgic and reflect upon their past.  Brenda’s secret that she didn’t know she had…is that she knows “The Balkan”.  The problem is that she only knows him by another name.

Dante and Brenda have more in common than just Sonny–a previous crime and a cover-up.

Lulu is not pleased when Dante becomes more supportive of Sonny.

As both Sonny and Dante become involved with the threat of “The Balkan”, Dante will develop a friendship with Brenda. Needless to say, Lulu is not going to be happy about Brenda.

Sonny’s situation with Claire continues. For Sonny, it is mainly about keeping up appearances.  It would not be a smart move on his part to tick off the Federal Prosecutor just because Brenda has reappeared in town. Meanwhile, Sonny has some difficulty dealing with the fact that Brenda is staying with Jason. Although Sam is not thrilled with the arrangement either, Brenda actually encourages the relationship between Jason and Sam.

Lulu’s curiosity is aroused by a box Dante seems to be secretive about.

Week of September 27th
9/28 Carly warns Jason that allowing Brenda to live in his penthouse could jeopardize his relationship with Sam.
Lulu is snatched by The Balkan’s men.

9/29 Brenda tells Sonny that due to her conflicting feelings for him, it would be better if he kept some distance.

10/1 With Spinelli’s help, Patrick arrives to find Robin suffering from hypothermia.

Stone (Michael Sutton!!!) will appear to Robin  at a time when she’s in great peril and in danger of giving up. Stone’s going to have to give her the will to carry on. (Sept. 28th) .  The duo will also talk about their past together, and bring closure to what happened to them years ago.”

Stay Fabulous!

One Response to “He can take it–but should he HAVE to? (spoilers)”

  1. I’ve loved Sonny since he first came on the screen. It all has to do with Maurice. He is magic. He makes you love Sonny, root for Sonny, and support him no matter what he does or who he’s with. I don’t think there’s another soap character quite like Sonny.

    Maurice deserves all of the credit. I don’t think many people COULD withstand the writing that Sonny has been given. But Maurice embraces the writing, he brings life to the stories, and he plays Sonny Corinthos as a man full of conflict, pain heart, and soul.

    I wish Maurice would get more credit and recognition for the true talent that he is. He is phenomenal.

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