How many heroes does it take to screw in a lightbulb? (spoilers)

Guza has had a busy month or two establishing clearly who shall henceforth be considered the new action figure heroes and we now have three.  Of course Might Jase still leads the pack, having the most saves as always.  Michael goes to jail.  Enter Mighty Jase to run interference and try to protect him.  Franco resurfaces…free heroic Jason because only Might Jase can try to save the kidnapped child and capture the zany goofball killer, Franco.

But wait, alas, there are interlopers now treading on our mighty heroic action figure.  Enter the gentle, good cop Lucky who snatches the heroics from Mighty Jase, rescues the baby and is soon off to Ireland for Interpol to show off his  new Irish accent and fight The Balkan.   Wait though, unbelievable as it is, Mighty Jase must share heroics with yet another wise and righteous warrior, Dante.  Together he and the anointed one worked to capture Franco but you can’t win them all so they combined efforts again and found evidence to free Sonny.

Are these heroic saviors done yet?  Not even close.  Mighty Jase, out of the goodness of his heart, volunteered to go to the  rescue of Brenda, the damsel in distress, singlehandedly slay two bad guys, save her from a forced drug overdose and whisk her back to PC to  his place.  Good luck with that one Mighty Jase.

Meanwhile Dante and fair Lulu, fearing they might not be on every day,  rushed off to Ireland to rescue endangered Lucky from the grasp of The Balkan.  A gun battle ensues and the mighty heroes manage to slay the bad guys and escape.

Now, while  all the heroes are in action, Sonny having been freed is now on VERY  friendly terms with Claire who has given up her assignment so she can be with Sonny.   Now Sonny has really not had a relationship for almost three years, but Guza has let it be known that Sonny and Brenda still love each other but he thinks she is engaged.   Yes, he is using Claire to forget Brenda.  Enter chorus of Sonny haters shouting “manwhore” while whipping out fingers to count all the women Guza has conveniently had Carly and Diane mention so this ritual is  easier on those who enjoy the counting thing.  Some forget that starting way back with Alan, men on this show have had  numerous women because that’s what long term leads do on soaps.

Guza could not help annoying fans and haters alike by sending Sonny off  quite possibly to the same island he always sent him to so folks can bring it up and hate it.   Sonny supposedly woos, wines and dines Claire telling her he cares for her and then….he comes home to BRENDA.  Supposedly Sonny and Brenda discuss their feelings, Brenda wants some space but Sonny breaks it off with Claire.  Will she be angry and go after him or Brenda with a vengeance.  Will she get pregnant and experience a Lily-like departure.  Only Guza knows.

What we do hope for is some story for Sonny other than the parade of the kids hating on everything he does, lectures from Carly ,  any more encounters with Johnny, and the never ending obnoxious  verbal battles with blowhard Jax, who will take it upon himself to visit Sonny soon and order him to stay away from Brenda. Yawn.

The big question for Sonny fans is  whether Guza will write something good for Sonny and Brenda, restore some balance to the Sonny character whereby he can be a mobster and still have a life, and whether he can write stories that are not blatantly establishing heroics month after month for the same chosen few.  He has done  one thing right,  he ended the horrendous Johnny vs. Sonny feud.  Now can he bring in a Balkan villain we can enjoy, and write an umbrella story that gives quality time to more than a few chosen heroes?

Time will tell

Stay Fabulous!


Thursday, September 30
*Brenda returns to PC!
*Dante questions LuLu motives.
*Sam looks to Maxie for help for some fashion sense.

Friday, October 1
*Sonny arrives home from his weekend with Claire to find Brenda waiting for him.
*What would prompt Jason & Sam to talk about ending their relationship.
*Maxie becomes jealous over Spin’s fascination over Brenda.

Monday, October 4
*Sam attempts to share her concerns about Michael with Jason.

Tuesday, October 5
*Sonny breaks up with Claire!
*Suzanne arrives in PC.
*Sam volunteers to help find Michael a prostitute.

Wednesday, October 6
*Suzanne clashes with Dianne.
*Maxie is determined to get Brenda on the cover of Crimson.

Thursday, October 7
*Robin & Brenda have a HEART TO HEART!
*Brenda & Jax reconnect.

Friday, October 8
*Jason fills Sonny in on Balkan’s henchmen.
*Brenda contemplates following Robin’s advice regrading Sonny.
*Robin encourages Sonny to follow his heart& pursue Brenda!!!
*Carly has her eye on Crimson.
*Carly makes a play for Crimson!

Monday, October 11
*Dante & LuLu & Lucky return to PC with fugitive (Siobhan) in tow.

Tuesday, October 12
*Carly is not pleased to learn Jax has offered Brenda a job @ Crimson

General Hospital
(Moving In)
Jason invites Sam to move in with him; Robin informs Patrick that she can’t take him back.
General Hospital
(Winning Back)Suzanne arrives in town; Sonny ends his relationship with Claire.

General Hospital

Robin receives advice from Mac and Maxie ; Michael looks to Jason for guidance.

General Hospital
(The Face Off)

Jax and Sonny exchange heated words; Robin advises Sonny to try to win Brenda’s affections.

General Hospital
(The Promise)

Carly asks Jax to promise to stay away from Brenda; Lucky plants a kiss on Siobhan.

Some of these may have come from GHH

* The Balkan is after Brenda because of the money manipulation that Spin and Carly put in place to trap Dante. He thinks Brenda is stealing it, when it was Carly’s game
*Carly tells Sam to investigate Brenda.
*Sam turns Carly down.*Brenda and Dante have crossed paths before..he was undercover.
*Brenda doesn’t reveal that she has met him before.

*Brenda meets Claire and there is no lovefest here..

*Carly gives Jax and ultimatum, her..or Brenda for Crimson.
*Sonny and Claire on a plane…
*Claire realizes that Sonny will never truly give her his heart and walks away.

*Brenda and Robin have a heart to heart..
*Jax gets jealous over Brenda’s involvement with Jason and Sonny.
*Brenda asks Sonny to keep his distance.
*Jax is thrilled to see Brenda.

Sam tries to intervene on Michael’s behalf when Claire coming sniffing.Brenda is not interested in Max’s protection, she’ll stick with Jason, thankyaverymuch.

Ronnie interrupts Johnny and Oliva’s lovefest.

Sam declines Jason’s offer to move in with him.

After catching Brenda in a lie, Carly wants Sam to investigate.
Sam turns Carly down.

Brenda and Sonny become close!

Jason intervenes in Jax and Sonny’s heated argument in front of Carly.

Lisa disappears.

Candy, a prostitute, is hired by Sam to help Michael quell his fears about sexual relations with another person. Unfortunately for Michael, things don’t go as planned. Look for Michael to get violent with Candy after she gets a little too pushy in her advances.

Luke and Tracy are forced into some alone time, and will have no choice but to “warm up to each other”.Lulu becomes privy to at least part of the Dante/Brenda connection.

Lisa gets a threatening phone call.

Brenda comes across a familiar dress.

like Jason is finally going to put Sam first, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that she’ll let him (as previously mentioned in a much older spoiler further below). Lots of stuff on the horizon for both them and Lulu and Dante. Patrick and Robin fans still have plenty of story coming their way.

Time to rewatch Dominic Zamprogna’s audition reel for the role of Dante.
Remember that the scene involved discussion between Dante and a woman he was paid to guard?
Turns out Dante was once Brenda’s bodyguard. Does this mean they once slept together?
Maybe, maybe not. What we do know for sure is that whatever their past indiscretion, they both regret it and they won’t be happy to see each other again.

Its seems that Brenda and Dante may have stolen something from the Balkan.
Jerry Jax will pop in for a few episodes during sweeps and he will want to get his hands on it.
Jerry will look to Sam for assistance in retrieving said item.

Wait until Helena gets a load of Brook Lynn…and vice versa!

Don’t look for the Balkan to appear until December.

Kate goes into fighting mode.

Michael’s love interest (mentioned further below) will show up shortly.

Nat’l Enquirer

Lucky must kidnap a Port Charles resident.
Carly wants Brenda gone.
Carly swears to Jason that she’ll never let Brenda have Jax.
Brenda kisses Spinelli.
Sonny tells Jason that he still loves Brenda deeply.

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