Craptastic Week in Review (Spoilers)

This past week seems like  it represents a gigantic Swiss cheese SO full of holes that there is little substance worth taking seriously.  No character seemed immune from the head scratching circumstances, puzzling situations and  dialog that ranged from the sublime to the ridiculous.  We can  best make our points with some head scratching  examples as follows:

  • Michael’s father is a powerful mob boss so he must not be near him in case he catches a severe case of mobitis or he goes back to jail.  However, he can hang out with Jason, the hired killer who happens to be sleeping with an ex-con artist, anytime he wants.
  • Michael is badly in need of  live sex education therefore turns to Jason for help.  If Michael thinks Jason is a good sex source with a little black book of hookers handy, he needs more than sex education.  Bad daddy would have been able to help him  as would good step daddy Jax, but no, this kid turns to a stoic robot for help.  The kid walks in on everyone having sex…except his dad because he can’t be near him, has he learned nothing yet?  No matter though,  Sam can step in and provide a teacher.

That’s nothing compared to the job they are doing on the Sonny character.  Did you REALLY think the truce could actually end one of the sourest most boring ugly scenarios, the Sonny Bombing and Johnny shooting caper featuring  punk mobster, Johnny, the heart sick  dedicated former Federal Prosecutor, Dante and Sonny.  NOOOOooooo!  Not this all over again,

Sonny and Claire actually looked like they might find happiness for two days, then Brenda reappears, and to his credit Sonny wants to be honest with both of them.  He liked Claire but loves Brenda.  For some reason unknown to most of us, Uncle Bob chose during  the serious S&B conversation to make fun of Sonny for his past “many island capers “  as though Sonny has been hauling lovers to the island frequently lately.   Alexis was only too happy to share her visit and mistake with Claire even though it happened EIGHTEEN YEARS ago. However, Alexis has a faulty memory because Sonny took her to Puerto Rico.  Sam was there and that happened  at least TEN years ago because the baby’s stem cells saved seven year old Kristina.  So instead of letting Sonny have one decent getaway with a woman he hoped to build a relationship with , lets throw acid tongued Diane in the mix and yuk it up at about lecherous  oversexed Sonny.  No matter that Nik, Jason, Johnny and Jax have had more sex than Sonny over  the past three years, MUST paint Sonny as the love them and leave them horn dog Guza loves to pull out of mothballs. And so WHAT if Sonny takes women to his Island. So did Aristotle Onassis and I don’t remember the press having this kind of field day about it.  It is a protected, private safe place for Sonny.  Why shouldn’t he take women there? Who’s business is it anyway? Jax is always carting his gal pals all over the globe to exotic lo-cals in his plane but nobody makes a peep about it.

By the way, the list of women Sonny did not take to the Island:

Brenda (they went to Puerto Rico on an L&B business trip along with Lois, Ned, Lee Lee , Miguel and assorted others), Alexis ( he took her to Puerto Rico on a business trip),  ReeseEmily (they took a trip to Spain), Amanda, and Claudia. He did take Jordan to the Island but that was also a business trip (No dress, No casinos)  and they weren’t romantically involved. Em did go to the Island, but by herself to keep her safe during the Sonny/Jason war.

And I have to get this OFF my chest: Sonny was NEVER in a romantic relationship with Angel.  She wanted to, HE DIDN’T.

Then there is the “Sonny taking a woman to an Island and buys her a dress objectifies her” crowd. Sonny has had THREE women lawyers, set up both Brenda and Carly in businesses, and has been very supportive of the women he has relationships (Lily, Kate, Emily) with in their careers.  This does not sound to me like a man who objectifies women. However, watching women in cat fights like we had this week with Kate and Olivia is demeaning and I think objectifies them.  Watching Carly snarl all over any woman who dares take up with Sonny or Jason objectifies women. Nik taking Brook on business trips as a paid escort objectifies women.  Let’s hear some outrage over that PLEASE!

So take your pick in the multiple choice round. What exciting new story line for Sonny are you  looking forward to?

  • Claire reopens not only her vendetta against Sonny, but the same old bomb case, taped conversations,  Johnny shooting and may threaten to drag Michael into it (which, of course, will be ALL SONNY’S FAULT.)
  • Brenda asks Jax to help her stay away from Sonny, setting off the mad mouth he is married to,  asks Jason to help her stay away from Sonny, asks  Emma to help keep Sonny away,  maybe Kristina or Molly.  Just kidding, but what ever happened to taking responsibility for your own actions.  Oh that’s right, once you are connected to Sonny, everything bad is HIS fault.
  • There is a town hall meeting of PC residents to go over all the mistakes Sonny recently made. Refreshments are served and all agree, whatever is wrong with the kids is still Sonny’s fault, Brenda should stay away because SONNY is bad for her, and Claire was yet another island victim who deserves to bring Sonny down and expose all his past sins so this group can rehash how bad he is for town residents and maybe a new judge.

Folks like Nik and Lucky and Scrubs are another whole ballgame for fans of theirs who are tearing their hair out.

Good luck to all of us.


Thursday, October 7
*Sonny & Jax have a confrontation over Brenda!
*Robin & Brenda have a HEART TO HEART!
*Robin & Brenda discusses Sonny & Stone & Patrick’s infidelity.
*Brenda & Jax reconnect.

Friday, October 8
*Jason fills Sonny in on Balkan’s henchmen.
*Sonny tells Jason he still loves Brenda deeply
*Brenda contemplates following Robin’s advice regrading Sonny.
*Will Brenda admit her feelings for Sonny or will something get in the way?
*Robin encourages Sonny to follow his heart& pursue Brenda!!!
*Carly has her eye on Crimson.
*Carly makes a play for Crimson!
*Carly comes face to face with Brenda.

Monday, October 11
*Sonny introduces Brenda to Dante!
Robin tries to convince Jax NOT to meddle in a potential Sonny & Brenda reunion.
*Jax remains firm that he must protect Brenda from Sonny.
*Dante & LuLu & Lucky return to PC with fugitive (Siobhan) in tow.

Tuesday, October 12
*Robin calls Jax out on still wanting Brenda despite Carly.
*Carly is not pleased to learn Jax has offered Brenda a job @ Crimson.
*Jason wants answers from Brenda about the Balkan.

Wednesday, October 13
*Claire offers Jason a serious ultimatum.
*Maya and Robin discuss bad boys and love.

Thursday, October 14
*Carly tries to use Johnny as a distraction for Brenda.

Monday, October 18
*Brenda calls Robin & begs her to keep Sonny away!


Sonny agrees to Brenda’s request; Lucky advises Siobhan to return home.

Carly makes it pretty clear to Jason that she’d nothing better then Brenda be out of their lives on Monday October 11th. After trying yet again to find out Brenda sercet Tuesday October 12. Jason is put on the hot seat by Clarie on Wedesday October 13. Carly pushes Sonny to contuine romanice the federal proosecutor on Friday October 15th. While carly pulls jason into a kiss on October 21th. Wil jason cheat- on Sam with carly of all people on Friday October 22th

The following may have come from GHH

Lucky, Lulu and Dante return to Port Charles and they will have company… Siobhan.Dante and Brenda try to hide their familiarity in front of others, but Jax catches on to some underlying vibes.

Lucky must kidnap a Port Charles resident.

Carly swears to Jason that she’ll never let Brenda have Jax.

Brenda kisses Spinelli.

Sonny tells Jason that he still loves Brenda deeply.

Liz returns to Wyndemere and finds Nikolas still working on his Brook Lynn “project”.
Nikolas visits with Liz and Aiden and fills her in on Brook Lynn.
Brook Lynn stops by.
After catching up with Nikolas, Liz decides against staying at Wyndemere.

Liz is welcomed back to work by Patrick, Steve and Ephiphany.

Jason questions Brenda about the Balkan.

Maya witnesses Ethan in distress.
Ethan is roughed up by Johnny’s thugs. (Possible Luke/Balkan connection)

Johnny figures out that the thugs he ‘loaned out’ locally went to a gang doing a favor for the Balkan.
Johnny makes amends with Ethan by giving him access to his penthouse so he can spend time with Maya.

Brook offers Nikolas romantic advice.

Claire issues Jason an ultimatum.
Claire Walsh is bent on getting back at Sonny for leaving her. Besides renewing her efforts to throw Sonny in prison, she’s willing to ruin Jason and Michael’s lives to get to him.
She wants Jason to testify against Sonny.

Laura Wright explains in TV Guide, “The blowup happens when Carly is telling Jason that Brenda will go after Jax like a heat-seeking missile and Brenda overhears it. Carly tries to exit because she knows she can’t win with Brenda but Brenda stops her and says, ‘Maybe you wouldn’t be so insecure if you were loyal to your husband.’ [Laughs]. Then it gets brutal.”In yet another display of unbridled selfishness, Carly pushes the boundaries of her friendship with Jason.

Sam won’t have sex with Jason.

Carly plants a passionate kiss on Jason.

isa tries to make Robin look like a negligent parent.”Carly will eventually get the keys to the kingdom. She will wind up with the ammunition that can completely destroy Brenda in Port Charles.” Bob Guza, TV Guide.

A Halloween event brings more trouble for Patrick and Robin.

Jerry Jax first airs again on December 13th.

Luke and Tracy are forced into some alone time, and will have no choice but to “warm up to each other”.

Lulu becomes privy to at least part of the Dante/Brenda connection.

Lisa gets a threatening phone call.

Brenda comes across a familiar dress.

Looks like Jason is finally going to put Sam first, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that she’ll let him (as previously mentioned in a much older spoiler further below). Lots of stuff on the horizon for both them and Lulu and Dante. Patrick and Robin fans still have plenty of story coming their way.

5 Responses to “Craptastic Week in Review (Spoilers)”

  1. If only Guza can see his stories as we do. It seems to me that Carly is his favorite character. He writes her into almost every story one way or the other. We become attached to the characters and we know when the writers throw all caution to the wind and throw our character under the bus by removing his integrity and rewriting their history! I always enjoy reading you and you are always right on the money

  2. Sonny took Kate to the Island. If you want to watch the video of it–it is popular on GHthesoap site. It is calll The Island.

  3. I WANT ROBIN & PATRICK GETTING BACK TOGETHER! Stop the Lisa crap already!! She stole Robin’s meds, she took Emma without Emma’s parents permission or consent, She knew Robin fell in the well and lied to everyone about having knowledge of it and she frikkin’ was waving a gun in front of both Robin & Patrick!!!! She needs to be in jail already. She needs to be gone! Why is she coming back to PC and more importantly coming back to practice medicine at GH where both Robin & Patrick work!? Steve sucks as COS and so do Robin’s “friends” who seem to believe rather quickly that Robin’s the “crazy” one over loony frikkin’ Lisa! This soap opera makes absolutely no sense and its so insulting to its viewers. Guza and tiic are all azzholes!

  4. I love your insight about the character of Sonny. Clearly, you are a long time GH viewer and know Sonny very well. You express the frustration, anger, hypocrisy, and unfairness that we have to view day in and day out on this show. Sonny is such a beloved character to so many of us. The current writing for Sonny is so horrendous, wrong, and unenjoyable. Like you said, so much of this writing is out and out revisionist history. We know Sonny’s history and he is a complex character. But the show has basically cast Sonny in the current role of villain. He’s not allowed to see his kids, he’s not allowed to have relationships, he’s not allowed to make any decision without ten people second guessing him. There’s really nothing for Sonny fans to root for. All the writers want to write is that Sonny is a monster, to women, to children, to friends, to enemies. Sad.

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