None but the brave will survive (spoilers)

They say when one door closes another door opens.  In the case of Sonny, the door that is opening is not a good one.  Sonny thought he did the right thing being honest with fair Claire and then he found out that  Claire was not as understanding  as he hoped.  After smiling bravely at Sonny she went right home, picked up the phone and launched a new attack on her weekend playmate.  Indeed hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

Dante, in the meantime, is now re-launching an investigation of that horrible bombing story line that we all thought we had finally put to rest…but no, bring on the fumigators because it is now being rehashed on screen.    Can we escape the usual suspects lined up and rehashing the sins of Sonny to anyone who will actually listen a second time?  Negative!!! .  Since Guza  refuses to jail Sonny for anything wrong,  Uncle Bob  just beats him down by  repeating all his wrongs over and over and over, thereby not only punishing Sonny but sending his faithful fans screaming for mercy.  Let’s  have everyone bring up Claudia’s death and Michael’s jail time, Dante’s shooting, the car bombing that involved the fruit loop mobster  and Kristina, and of course we needed for Sonny to add the self defense shooting of Johnny since there was still room for more damning behavior by the root of all evil, Mob King Sonny Corinthos

While Sonny, foolish as it was to think Guza was going to let him be happy more than three days in a row, was enjoying some getting to know you time with Claire, brave and strong, loyal and trustworthy to the core Jason, just fresh from an unselfish jail stint to protect Michael, is off to Rome to protect Brenda.  We have been told by a parade of Jason worshippers that NOBODY can protect Brenda but the all knowing, all wise hit man and counselor of the needy.  Jason was able to immediately kill the only two guys who might have been able to tell him why they wanted to  harm Brenda.   Back to PC  now, snug as a bug in a rug live indestructible Jason, the ever increasingly cringe worthy love struck Spin person, and Brenda all breaking bread at Jason’s place.  After all according to Suzanne, ONLY Jason can get Brenda to listen and obey.  Tsk tsk, Second again, Sir Jax the protector of all females who favor Sonny over Jax or just favor Sonny period.   Or is it now third place  since Mighty Jase has eased past the insufferable righteous Jasper Jacks as number one PC protector.

Meanwhile all of the attached and unattached women in PC are ready to form a “run her out of town” posse to rid them of Brenda who they seem to feel is stealing the hearts of their men folk.  While this is going on, Brenda is busy visiting folks to explain that she is not able to get back with Sonny, or is she?   First no, then yes, then no.  This sends Robin , fully recovered from nearly dying in a well after being drugged by a crazed nut case, off visiting folks.  Sonny first and then Jax.  Jax of course is  in his usual self proclaimed protector mode.  Both he and  Brenda, have gotten past him dumping her  just before their wedding because he realized she loved Sonny.  That was then and this is now.    Having just had  yet another round of apology/make up sex with Carly assuring her that he cares not for Brenda but for Carly only, noble Jax remains focused as always on his Sonny hate which he passes off regularly as “protection against a dangerous killer.”  Someday, someone should tell him that Jerry, the international drug and arms dealer, also falls into that category…brother or not. After Jerry terrorized half the town, shot Robin, poisoned Nic,  blackmailed Emily, kidnapped Kristina and Michael and shot Jason and left him to die after twice trying to kill Sam, one would think,  Jax might want to rid his life of Jerry but it is far more important to get Sonny out of his life.

So, Brenda we find out knows Dante and they have a big secret they are keeping and the nasty mysterious Balkan is part of it.  What does he want with Brenda?  Now Lucky is out there hunting him down with a brand new Irish accent and possible girlfriend.  Carly is  raving and ranting, Sonny is once again in jeopardy with the law, Jason the almighty is braver than ever and Jax is planning to fight to the end for all  endangered women who show any interest in Sonny.  Where is this all heading?  A duel at sundown where two men draw their weapons from their holsters, Sonny a shiny gun complete with silencer, and Jax, a brand new iPhone with numbers programmed in it of VERY important people?  Guaranteed  “must set your VCR” material.

Pre-Guza, Sonny was  a mobster but fans were not reminded constantly that Brenda and Sonny should not be together, that it was all on bad Sonny because he was a danger to her. Fans were allowed to see them pull together at times and Sonny was not constantly put down by everyone. He had music business, friends and Sonny and Brenda WORKED as a root for couple. Guza is already constantly preaching to the viewers that Sonny is a selfish b*st*rd for wanting Brenda because he is this evil mobster. That is like telling someone ahead of time…hey this girl is too good for this guy and if he pursues her, he is a selfish unlikable creep.These are two mature adults who should be written and played as two people on even ground who are capable of discerning right from wrong and making a decision not colored by a parade of lecturers trying to paint half of the couple as an unworthy selfish jerk. This is exactly what Guza is doing instead of making them a root for couple…bad boy and good girl but whose love transcends their differences. We are not watching for morality lesson and viewers can decide if they want these two together.

And why is everyone getting in Sonny’s face about staying away from Brenda?  The only time Sonny has seen Brenda was when she visited Greystone to see him!!

Who knows how many twists and turns are in store for Sonny and Brenda.  Better question, will Sonny fans still care if Guza continues to draw this out and involve every male on the show on the premise of protecting Brenda if or WHEN Guza decides S&B can have a storyline?

Wherever it is going, one thing we know for sure, is that Guza is going to drag it out for weeks with a unhealthy dose of wash, spin and repeat.  None but the brave,  on screen and off, will survive,

Stay Fabulous!



new SID

Brenda is certain of Sonny’s innocence and puts on a full court press to convince Dante of that. Sonny walks in on her pleading his case to Dante and is touched by her loyalty. He sees her devotion as a sign that she still loves him and attempts to charm her yet again. She shoots him down though, telling him there is no chance for them.

Brenda turns to Jason as a shoulder to cry on but Sonny isn’t giving up so easily. Knowing she’s dealing with conflicted feelings about him he comforts her (that must be when he hugs her at GS) but then she breaks away from his embrace and demands he leave her alone. He agrees to give her space to think but he refuses to turn his back on what he knows is their genuine love. It asks if Brenda will eventually give in before it’s too late with Claire waiting in the wings.

Guza talks about their relationship and how it consumes them. How neither can quit each other. Then Maurice is quoted saying “Brenda acts like she doesn’t want Sonny, but he knows she does”

Friday, October 15
*Carly pushes Sonny to continue his romance with Claire to keep Michael out of prison!

Monday, October 18
*Brenda calls Robin & begs her to keep Sonny away!
*Brenda tries to convince Dante of Sonny’s innocence in the car bomb case.
*Luke and Jason discuss the Balkan.
*Luke asks Carly for a favor.

Tuesday, October 19
*Sonny agrees to Brenda’s request!!!

Wednesday, October 20
*Claire ask Dante to investigate Brenda!
*Will kiss cheat on Sam with Carly?

Thursday, October 21
Carly kisses Jason with the hopes of making Jax jealous.

Friday, October 22
*Carly and Brenda have a confrontation.
*Carly goes into a full-on attack mode.
*Brenda makes an admission to Spinelli.

Some of these may have come from GHH

Maya assists Ethan in his match making scheme and performs a switch-e-roo of medical results.

Lulu tries to get Lucky involved in reuniting their father and Tracy.

Kate in infuriated when she learns her minions did not get Brenda for the Crimson cover.

Carly gets a hint there is something more to Dante and Brenda than meets the eye when Dante has a strong reaction to Johnny and Brenda.

“There’s big stuff when Dante crosses paths with Brenda.” –Guza, SOD

Mayor Floyd tries to recruit Ronnie in his effort to get Dante’s kicked off the PCPD.

Dante takes out his frustrations on Michael.

Sonny wants answers about Brenda from Dante, but they are interrupted by Lulu.

Sam won’t have sex with Jason.

The Balkan orders Ronan to eliminate someone close to Lucky’s heart.

After Lucky and Siobhan sleep together, Lucky learns that The Balkan wants Ronan to eliminate Siobhan. Lucky manages to worm his way out of that and insists that she accompany him back to Port Charles.

Lucky meets with Jason to discuss using Brenda to lure in The Balkan. Unfortunately, one of The Balkan’s men snaps a pic of Ronan and Jason together.

Brenda overhears Sam’s plan to serve as bait for The Balkan.

Brenda has a nightmare.

Luke asks Carly for a favor.

Carly gets her feathers ruffled when she learns that Jax is re-modeling the Metro Court to build an apartment for Brenda.

In yet another display of unbridled selfishness, Carly pushes the boundaries of her friendship with Jason.
Carly plants a passionate kiss on Jason which Brenda observes. (Brenda later tells both Sam and Jax)

Laura Wright explains in TV Guide, “The blowup [between Carly and Brenda] happens when Carly is telling Jason that Brenda will go after Jax like a heat-seeking missile and Brenda overhears it. Carly tries to exit because she knows she can’t win with Brenda but Brenda stops her and says, ‘Maybe you wouldn’t be so insecure if you were loyal to your husband.’ [Laughs]. Then it gets brutal.”

Lisa becomes Patrick’s neighbor in Metro Court.

Robin develops a friendship of sorts with Theo Hoffman, a patient at GH, but there could be more to him than meets the eye. (musing- this actor would make be great for The Balkan, doncha think?)

Lisa tries to make Robin look like a negligent parent.

“Carly will eventually get the keys to the kingdom. She will wind up with the ammunition that can completely destroy Brenda in Port Charles.” Bob Guza, TV Guide.

More trouble for Patrick and Robin.

Jerry Jax first airs again on December 13th.

Luke and Tracy are forced into some alone time, and will have no choice but to “warm up to each other”.

Lulu becomes privy to at least part of the Dante/Brenda connection.

Lisa gets a threatening phone call.

Brenda comes across a familiar dress.

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