What we’d like to see in 2011 (spoilers)

Last year not only his fans, but Maurice had to remind the writers that they were totally destroying  the very essence of the character of Sonny who is dearly loved by his fans ..  BECAUSE of the layering Maurice was able to squeeze in over the years to keep Guza’s version from becoming too one dimensional, dark and repetitive,  Maurice kept the Sonny love alive by showing fans Sonny’s vulnerability and his wish to be a better father.  Last year many Sonny fans felt Sonny had the worst writing he had in years.  We watched month by month as Guza stripped Sonny of each child, taking down his character a notch more and more with unbelievably bad writing and endless one sided reminders of how dark this character was getting.

It seemed that in late November and December, Guza parted the clouds, let the sun shine in and gave us the BEST writing for the Sonny character that we have seen in some time.  We now have a layered Sonny, slowly being allowed back into his children‘s lives, a place Sonny should NEVER have been removed from in the first place.  Sonny, through his renewed love for Brenda and his love for his children, is proving that a gangster, as we all know in real life, can be one thing professionally and something very different personally.  He walks a fine line ever reminding us that the mobster lives inside this character but Maurice is giving us a beautifully layered character capable of sweetness, gentleness and deep understanding where his children are concerned and his chemistry with Lexi, in particular, is a beautiful thing to watch.

Bob, stop shoving YOUR desire to keep Sonny too dark, unable to show continued growth and unable to withstand romantic disappointment without reverting to behavior that Sonny, the father of grown children now, should be moving past.  We like this guy……a lot!   Maurice proved that he is totally capable of having Sonny move from being gentle and caring with Kristina right into tough Sonny mode, fending off Theo to protect yet another one of his children.  The contrast was a reminder that Sonny can wear many hats and wear them well….we want a mobster this year who can be a loving father and a loving partner in marriage .

Our wish is for a continued layering of Sonny, continued character growth personally when dealing with his children and the woman he loves, and for our beloved mobster to be proactive when necessary, giving Maurice and his fans an opportunity to explore and enjoy all sides of Sonny Corinthos.

Here’s a few more:

  • Ÿ  Less Spinelli PLEASE.  His character is only good in small doses. He was entertaining at first but now he’s just tiresome.  This guy is a one note supporting player and that’s what he should stay.
  • Ÿ  We’re so glad to have Sonny out from under Jarly. Please keep it that way.
  • Ÿ  Can Sonny be the boss of his OWN organization ?  It’s almost comical to have him defer to Jason so much.  Sonny was very capable of consolidating power and running his own show. There’s no reason he still couldn’t.
  • Ÿ  Stop the double standard! If Sonny is a ruthless, killer mobster than so is Jason.   You can’t have it both ways.  Jason can’t be a hero AND a hit man.
  • Ÿ  Less moral posturing from Dante please!  We like the character and the actor but his sanctimony gives us a head ache.
  • Ÿ  We like Sonny and Olivia as friends.  They have a nice rapport and their scenes are enjoyable.  We’d like to see more of them.
  • Ÿ  Thank you for the return of the Sexis friendship. Nancy and Maurice work so well together and entertain us whether their scenes are comedic or dramatic.
  • Ÿ  Stop harnessing Sonny with the weight of your plot driven stories.
  • Ÿ  Brenda and Robin are best friends. It would be nice to see them together in scenes more and in scenes with Sonny!
  • Ÿ  Where is Mike? Shouldn’t there be a scene of Brenda and Sonny telling him of their engagement? At the very least?
  • Ÿ  It would be great if Sonny got a visit from Stone
  • Ÿ  Please explain the reason for Jax adopting Morgan.  It was pitched as keeping Morgan safe but Morgan still calls Sonny dad and the villains seem to know that Morgan is a Corinthos and he still gets visits from nefarious villains (Theo).  Jax and his magic phone would not protect Morgan from the likes of the Balkan.  This needs to be addressed.
  • Ÿ  Sonny seems to get the collective blame for every wrong committed by a mobster on the show (or in general). That is just insane.  He’s not responsible for the actions of Joe Scully, Hector Rivera, Joseph Sorel, the Alkazars, the Zaccaras, Karpov, or anyone else.
  • Ÿ  Please let S&B get married and be happy for whatever time Vanessa Marcil Giovinazzo has on the show. Many GH fans have waited 13 years for an S&B wedding.



PERFORMER OF THE WEEK: Maurice Benard and Lexi Ainsworth as Sonny Corinthos and Kristina Davis. One of the more unexpected moments in the aftermath of the bush crash was the father/daughter moment that transpired between Sonny and Kristina, in the aftermath of the crash (and Ali’s death, specifically). In particular, Sonny related his story of losing Stone, and how you deal with the death of a friend. It was a powerful moment, and a great chance for the actors to shine.


– The Balkan decides to make Sonny & Brenda’s wedding a day they’ll never forget!

– The situation cause trouble for many couples & one calls it quits.

– Brenda & Dante doesn’t realize they’re being questioned be the Balkan. Dante isn’t off the hot though.

– LuLu has just one question for Dante: How committed to Brenda are you? They argue & LuLu wants him to stop guarding Brenda.

– Dark forces are gathering as Brenda prepares to become Mrs. Sonny Corinthos.

– Sonny makes all the right moves – he presents her with rings that comes with a romantic back story!

– Maurice says something like: Sonny has decided to give this a 150% & let his guard down. The only reservation he has is that something will go wrong, because that’s what always happens. But…the LOVE that he has for Brenda is BIGGER than that FEAR…NOW!

-Jason agrees to give Brenda away

-Sonny & Brenda ends up with an obsessive wedding planner…So Sonny decides to sweep Brenda away for a little romance!!!

-Even then Sonny can’t suppress his fears. Maurice says, he has a nightmare about Brenda be shot or blown up. Something like that.

-Alexis tell Jax to make a choice between Carly & Brenda. Brenda goes to comfort Jax over Jerry.

-Maurice says, Sonny was gonna ask Jason to be his best man but, Michael suggested Dante. SO..he asks Dante.

-Carly wants to wait until the time is right to tell Sonny about Dante & Brenda’s secret.

-Maurice admits if Carly ruins things for him & Brenda, it be hard to forgive her.

-ONE couple implodes.

ONE of Brenda’s men suddenly finds himself single.

ABC.com – SNEAK PEEKS For Week January 10

Romance is most definitely in the air, and the most romantic of all are Sonny and Brenda. Sonny follows up his proposal with a ring for Brenda, and plans for the wedding are moving forward. Sonny even asks Dante to be his best man — which, yes, is very awkward. But does that explain why Sonny is having nightmares of his and Brenda’s wedding day?

Meanwhile, The Balkan continues to plot his revenge against Brenda, and continues to use Siobhan to do it. This week, we’ll finally get the full story on Siobhan: why is she working for him. Also, Jason and Dante finally get proof that Jerry is not the Balkan — one step closer to revealing Theo’s double identity. Too bad it’s at the same moment The Balkan corners Brenda

In the interests of keeping Michael safe from bad influences, Carly tries to buy Abby off this week. And you thought your mom was overprotective. Michael has a real roller-coaster of a week: he and Abby kiss … but he also sees Abby dance at work. Can he handle it? And look out for a shocking moment at week’s end when Abby is arrested! For prostitution!


Brenda’s secrets come out and Carly thinks she has reasons to expose them. Then it says: Even the past can’t keep Sonny & Brenda apart. Sonny & Brenda are working to make their relationship work now & in the future…….”Amidst these difficult situations romance blooms from Sonny & Brenda! Sonny & Brenda are going to have a great romance to come”
“We’re going to see Sonny and Brenda finally have happiness as they prepare for a February wedding.”

“The flip side to the coin of unconditional love is revenge – and certainly, that is what both Carly and the Balkan have in mind. As a parent who has lost his son, the Balkan will stop at nothing to get what he thinks is justice for his family. Similarly, Carly will not be thwarted until she sees Brenda and Dante pay.”
“There will be tremendous obstacles for Sonny & Brenda! They will come under the fire of a grieving yet violent father and a grizzly mother.”

ABC.com 2011 Previews

*Sonny and Brenda’s wedding plans are under threat by Carly AND the Balkan.

*Lulu finds out about Dante and Brenda’s past.

*Lisa hatches a new plot.

*Carly is determined to keep Abby and Michael apart, while Michael makes a huge admission.

*Spinelli embarks on a new career.

*Alexis and her family face a new crisis.

*Sam gets news that will change her life forever.


“Jason and Sam are going to uncover what their love means for a future family.”

“We’re going to see Sonny and Brenda finally have happiness as they prepare for a February wedding.”

“We’ll also see Sonny and Carly embody the healing power of parental love for Michael when his dark secret is revealed.”

“The flip side to the coin of unconditional love is revenge – and certainly, that is what both Carly and the Balkan have in mind. As a parent who has lost his son, the Balkan will stop at nothing to get what he thinks is justice for his family. Similarly, Carly will not be thwarted until she sees Brenda and Dante pay.”

“There will be tremendous obstacles for S&B, Jasam, Lush, Lante, and Scrubs as they all come under the fire of a grieving yet violent father and a grizzly mother.”

“Out of all this danger, truths will be uncovered. We will get to see Aiden’s paternity come to light, Lisa’s treachery punished, and new connections forged out of love. It’s going to be a ride that makes a great 2011, for sure!”


We meet Carol, a significant figure who will be stepping into Brenda’s life.
Carol is Sonny and Brenda’s wedding planner!

Monday, January 10
*Michael & Sonny have a heart-to-heart about women.
*Sonny buys a ring with a romantic story.
*Brenda asks Jason to give her away & he says YES!
*Abby holds her own with Carly
*The Balkan plots his revenge against Brenda.

Tuesday, January 11
*Sonny awake from a nightmare premonition of the wedding day! (Brenda is shot)
*Sonny steals Brenda away from their over zealous wedding planner.
*Sonny & Brenda discuss the wedding ring and their future plans.
*Michael and Abby kiss.
*Abby is distraught by Michael’s reaction to seeing her at work.
*Abby’s ex-boyfriend, a not so nice guy, makes an appearance–we learn he was abusive.
*Lulu demands that Dante recuse himself from guarding Brenda.
*Alexis wants Jax to make a decision about the women in his life.

Wednesday, January 12
*Brenda thinks Jason wants to believe she is still in danger just so that she will not leave. him.
*Alexis and Kristina are confounded by Molly’s decision.

Thursday, January 13
*Carly seeks out Diane’s help.
*Abby is arrested for prostitution.
*The Balkan makes contact with the Port Charles “traitor”.

Friday, January 14
*Sonny & Brenda convinces Dante to be Sonny’s best man!
*Carly decides Sonny needs to know the whole truth.
*Diane comes perilously close to discovering the Balkan’s true identity.
*Jason * Dante gets proof Jerry is not The Balkan.

Monday, January 17
*Carly warns Abby to stay away from Michael.

Tuesday, January 18
*Lulu attempts to break up with Dante.
*Kristina is stunned by Molly’s meltdown.
*Michael has difficulty discussing his past.

Wednesday, January 19
May 27, 1996: Sonny plans to leave Lily for Brenda, Carly is taken to bed by Jason;
Luke confronts Justus about a murder.

Thursday , January 20
*Dante tells Lulu that he loves her.
Brenda and Robin chat about Terrell and the upcoming wedding.
Lulu ends her relationship with Dante

Friday, January 21
*Molly and Sonny have a discussion about bi-polar disorder.
*Brenda shows up to discuss Dante with LuLu.

These may have come from GHH

We meet Carol, a significant figure who will be stepping into Brenda’s life.
Carol is Sonny and Brenda’s wedding planner! Expect humor!

Sonny presents Brenda with a set of rings that have a romantic back story.

Maurice explains his nightmare about his wedding day to SID, “The nightmares are about something happening. Brenda getting shot, getting blown up, everything like that.”

Meanwhile, Jax realizes that his willingness to help Brenda, hurts Carly. Alexis suggests to Jax that his days of being able to bounce back between Carly and Brenda are coming to an end. He must decide between the two women. Jax is having a hard time letting go of Brenda completely. Ingo explains that, “his justification is that she has already strayed twice.”–SID

Word spreads that a body believed to be Jerry’s is found in the harbor. Still, not everyone believes that Jerry is actually dead, or that Brenda and Siobhan are safe. “In fact, Jason finds a traitor in their midst.” –SID
Later, Jason and Dante get irrefutable proof that Jerry is not the Balkan.

Knowing how despite everything, that Jax cares for his brother, Brenda goes to comfort Jax.

Michael and Sonny have a heart to heart about women.

Carly tries to buy off Abby. When Michael finds Carly with Abby, he is not happy.
Michael shows up at the strip club where he observes part of Abby’s act. Michael runs out of the club as Abby notices, with tears in her eyes. Looking for guidance, Michael heads to Jason to talk about what he witnessed. Later, Abby and Michael make up.

Abby is arrested for prostitution! (Carly is behind it, with some assistance.)
Michael is at the PDPD when she is arrested and he tries to intervene.
Abby tells Dante she is not a prostitute.

Maybe Baby? Although Sam learns about a new procedure that could allow her to have a baby this
week, she is not examined because Dr. Lee is called away on an emergency. Her appointment is rescheduled. In the meantime, she keeps this bit of news to herself since Jason is occupied with both Carly’s and Brenda’s issues. However, Sam does confide in Abby who urges her to discuss it with Jason.

Meanwhile, in the aftermath of the bus crash, after spending time with Jake, Jason is experiencing paternal longing, “to be a father to the son he has,” , explains Steve Burton in SOW. However, Jason has kept those feelings to himself.

Lucky and Siobhan. Right after Lucky admits to Nikolas how much he is invested in Siobhan, she announces she wants to break up. Erin Chambers explains in SID that, “Siobhan is pretty fearless, but she’s not without insecurities. Circumstances in her life have created an intense need for her to protect herself both physically and emotionally…For her to survive, she has created walls and goes into survival mode to protect herself.” The deeper she gets pulled into the Balkan nightmare, the more fragile her heart becomes. “Lucky is bringing something out of her that she has not allowed herself to feel in quite some time…”

Spinelli tells Jason that Carly has the power to stop the wedding.

Theo questions both Dante and Brenda about their pending lawsuit.

Theo conspires against Brenda. The Balkan has a secret (mole) in Port Charles to whom he divulges his plan for Sonny and Brenda’s wedding day.

Johnny arranges for Lisa to fix Ethan up after he is roughed up by a loan shark.

Ethan attempts to keep it from Maya, while Maya confides her feelings for Ethan in Johnny.

Molly is honored as a hero at school.

Nik and Brook come close to making love when Brook calls a halt, wanting an honest talk.

Jason demands that Sonny and Brenda call off the wedding.

Jason and Dante begin figuring out that, dead or alive, Jerry isn’t the Balkan, after all.Carly schemes to reveal “the truth” about Brenda and Dante in the most public way possible.
Will Sonny ever be able to forgive Carly if she goes ahead with her plans? 

Which of “Brenda’s men” is going to find himself suddenly single as a result of her secrets imploding?

Jason Thompson previews in SID that, “in 2011, there will be less sulking for [Patrick and Robin] and a little more charm and fun. [They] have been through the mill, and their fans need to see something more playful so you can see the reasons Scrubs got together in the first place.” He doesn’t see Terrell as a long term problem for the couple.

At first, all Sam says is she was at the hospital and when Jason asks what for, she tells him just a checkup. At some point, Sam tells Jason that she doesn’t know anything yet, but there’s a good possibility she can get pregnant. In SOW, Steve Burton hints that, “2011 is going to be a controversial year – I’m going to tell you right now. It will be good for some and not good for others [referring to Liason vs JaSam fans]. I don’t know what else to say. Something good’s coming: something dramatic. I’m not answering any of your questions about babies right now, because there’s going to be controversy coming. If that’s not a good enough tag line for you, then I don’t know what is.”

If this week’s taping schedule is any indicator, we should be seeing much more of
Alexis and Sam in a few weeks.

Spin and Diane will have a series of comedic scenes (Fantasy Cougar?)
related to their collaboration on the Jackal’s memoirs (Hennesy’s book).

Every time Sam is about to tell Jason of the new procedure that could allow
her to become pregnant, they are interrupted.

Michael’s demons lead to problems when he and Abby attempt to become intimate.
When he is unable to perform, he finally reveals his prison trauma to Abby.

Brenda’s wedding night is not spent with the man of her dreams.

Dante and Brenda will both have to testify in the wrongful death suit…
…how much can they still manage to keep under wraps?

Michael fears that Molly might be suffering from Post-traumatic stress disorder.

Lulu finds out about Dante and Brenda’s past.

Alexis and her family face a new crisis.

Robin finds herself spending a lot of time with Terrell (much to Patrick’s chagrin),
but all is not as it seems.

Terrell has another connection to Port Charles besides Lisa.

4 Responses to “What we’d like to see in 2011 (spoilers)”

  1. I agree with everthing except Robin having more scenes with Sonny/Brenda Keep Robin away from them

  2. Brenda needs to leave Port Charles now. The show has become incredibly boring since it has decided to revolve around her. Lisa has one of the best storylines now and I hope TPTB finds a way to keep her on staff for a long, long time. Pair her with Johnny, those two are smoking together.

    Let Dante concentrate on Lulu. They work so well together, don’t ruin them by having a middle aged woman’s secret past exposed. I don’t see how anyone believes that old Brenda holds even a candle to gorgeous and youthful Lulu. It’s ridiculous to believe that Dante would have been interested, …even in 2007.

    Love Maxie and Matt….

    • While we agree that we’d like to see Brenda away from Dante and in more scenes with Sonny, we do not agree that youth corners the market on beauty . We are happy that VMG has returned and the S&B story line that many patient and loyal fans have waited years for is finally playing out.

      VMG and Maurice look beautiful together no matter what their ages.

  3. I honestly thought 2010 was the worst year ever written for Sonny in all the years that he has been on the show. Guza decided that Sonny was evil. Period. We had to listen to every character bash Sonny week in and week out. For months, for the year.

    Sonny was not only taken away from a relationship with Michael (which has been well-developed since he was two), we had to watch as Dante, Lulu, Jason, Jax, and everyone else get to be Michael’s guardians. All they did was bash Sonny and tell us how Michael would have been better off without him. It was unbearable.

    I will never accept Morgan as anything else than a Corinthos. There was no reason to go there. There is no reason that Sonny can’t have a relationship with Morgan. I will never buy how they tried to spin the whole story of how Morgan would have a better life without Sonny. That is NOT acceptable to Sonny fans and it is not fair considering Sonny’s backstory of own abandonment issues. It just reeked of Sonny bashing, destructivness, and cruelty.

    I so agree with the Kristina storyline. The abuse story (which could have been about Sonny’s own unresolved issues) sickly turned into a story about how Sonny was an abusive pig and that he abused women and that’s why Kristina was abused. HOW HORRIBLE is that to watch as a Sonny fan? Like you said, it was unwatchable. It went against everything that was ever written about Sonny and his history. He has never touched a women. THAT was Sonny’s story about abuse. He broke the cycle.

    The biggest problem with 2010 is that they disregarded 18 years of Sonny history and threw it out the window. The worst was the issue of Sonny’s children. It was jarring and mean. Really, shame on the writers for 2010. It was horrid.

    I always give Maurice kudos for hanging in there and doing the best he can with the material he gets. But Maurice and his fans deserve a lot better writing then what we got in 2010. I just want to forget the whole year.

    Let’s hope 2011 is better.

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