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Hi. I am Sister Mary Intestinalia Gasso, your blogger for all things pompous. I blog about soaps and soap bloggersAs you can see by my picture  I am prepared to go to great lengths (or the Great Lakes) to get the story. Don’t mess with Sister Mary!
GH Blowhard Gazette also has a staff of bloggers whose only credentials are they can write in complete sentences and they can buy bandwidth.
James Ryan White:  our newest blogger writes a column entitled Soap Bubbles: the snarkiest column on the Internets. We hope you check back often to enjoy his hate fueled, loathing, bitter,”trying to pass this off as sarcasm and satire”, “using this column to nurse grudges “, snarky column!
Moxie and Kumar write a column entitled Moxie and Kumar’s eye on soaps observations and thoughts. Tune in often to read their take on the happenings in Port Charles


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Caroline Blazer interviews D-list soap celebrities and queries them about the future of soaps.
Bubba Buddy
Fabulous Jones: started her career at the London newspaper News of the World where she hacked into celebrity’s pho–err she gathered research for her gossip column on British Soaps She left NOTW in disgrace but we were happy to welcome her with open arms (and her column ) from across the pond at the GH Blowhard Gazette

News of the World

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