Best and Worst 2010 Pt. 2 (spoilers)

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: Best and Worst 2010 Pt. 2

Spoilers appear after blog entry

There seem to be TWO types of GH fan bases.  One type wants GH to go back to the 80s and focus on the GH hay day staples of super heroes, crime fighters, espionage and what they consider to be the “core families” of Port Charles.  The other type prefer the current “mob focused” show.  The former is well represented in the soap blogs and press.  This blog focuses on the latter.

Those that would prefer that GH go back to it’s old format, usually focus their wrath on the character of Sonny Corinthos, blaming him for ushering in the mob era.  Also, many soap blogs and press like to zero in on any new character that might “take Sonny down” and perhaps rid the show of Sonny altogether thinking this will end the mob era (even though when Maurice left the show between 1997-1998 the mob storyline remained front and center).  You can find a more  thorough discussion on blogs and  bloggers and their agenda’s in some of our earlier entries.

Unlike some blogs that pretend they represent the masses, know everything, must go back l7 years and dredge up ugliness that is never allowed to be forgotten, pretend that every character is allowed growth except those hated by whoever said blogger HATES, this blog is done tongue in cheek, aimed at having a little fun discussing  our reaction to the writing for SONNY through the eyes of Sonny fans this past year.

We  had a well written,  exceptionally well acted scene between Dominic and  Maurice kicking off the revelation of Dante as Sonny’s son.  The words “Goodbye Detective” were chillingly delivered by Maurice and the follow-up story line revealing the details, the shooting etc was intriguing and well acted.

Unfortunately, Guza saw fit to make an example of Sonny since once again he would exact no legal punishment of any kind, like jail, for the shooting.  Sonny therefore was to be punished once again through his kids.  No kid was safe, Sonny went through a long boring meaningless trial,  during which he was covering for Michael, only to see Dante expose Michael as the killer, turn the story over to Jason the martyr, who would be the appointed protector of Michael in jail for a short time.  Dante did get Michael out of jail, was awarded custody of him but evil dad was banned from Michael contact while Jason, the noble hit man, sprung from jail, was allowed to step in and be his mentor.

Not enough for Guza though.  Let’s have Carly hop on the old Sonny express one more time so she can tell Sonny that Morgan needs to be adopted by Jax.  Two kids down,  another still a bit ticked off at being shot point-blank by his daddy in the chest,….is Guza done with Sonny yet?  Nah!  Now comes the worst story line of the year for the Sonny character.  Having been falsely accused of physical abuse on the stand by Johnny, they messed up what could have been a good abuse story and turned the focus on Sonny, the monster, instead.  The Kristina/Johnny/Sonny car bomb story was so annoying and upsetting to many Sonny fans, that long time viewers refused to watch it.  It was bad enough tossing a clown like Johnny in the story as Sonny’s main enemy, but having Sonny plant a bomb in a car after Lily died in one  was especially painful!  Kristina being involved and Sonny lying to her was totally beyond comprehension.  Real Sonny would never do these things. Guza’s Sonny did and that was a disaster that needed to be fixed.

Sonny goes off to Rome and tells Brenda about all the evils he has done.  They look like two people who still love each other.  But when Brenda comes back, she spends two months telling him to stay away while being guarded by Jason,  playing palsies with Jax, and being worshiped by Spinelli  ( Dante, who has a secret past with Brenda, sits around pining for her while lying to Lulu).

The most long-awaited story line is  the reunion of Sonny and Brenda.  This is an event that fans of the couple  have been waiting THIRTEEN years for.  Twitter, the soap message boards and facebook have been bursting with  jubilant S&B fans who are finally getting their couple.

So, Sonny is now HAPPY! Once the S&B story finally got going we have been treated to many scenes that were romantic, funny, sweet and tender: S&B old school style! This is a welcome change for Sonny but still, one shudders and KNOWS that it won’t last. because there are more secrets yet to be revealed about Brenda’s connection to the Balkan.

In summary, for Sonny fans this past year, it was mainly a year of Guza  parading any cast member who remotely knew Sonny into his office to take part in the anti-Sonny lecture circuit.  There still is no end to the motor mouth brigade….Diane,  Carly, Jax, Alexis, Dante, Lulu, even Molly….all getting in on the action.

Meanwhile Sonny fans were not alone in the world of misery.  Guza managed to make Lucky and Interpol look like fumbling numbskulls,  Dante and Jason were dull and inept in their pursuit of Franco, the team of Lucky, Dante and Jason sometimes challenges the Three Stooges  in their endeavors,  Carly is a raving lunatic hiring  Brook Lynne to seduce Dante, now trying to ruin Dante and Brenda, Jax is Jax running around with his “power phone” and warning all women of  the evilness of Sonny, and let’s not forget crazy Lisa, who having kidnapped and almost killing Robin, is now back in the hospital treating innocent victims who don’t know she is a lunatic.  Johnny meanwhile,  is racking up holes in his chest having been shot a second time in a month.  This guy should find a new profession like plumbing or gardening.  No complaints here though as long as Sonny is far away from this menacing  unscary foe.  Ethan and Maya went on a  drunken escapade with  parent images Luke and Tracy and accidentally got married.  The fun never ends.

Please Mr.  Guza, give viewers (especially Sonny fans) a break and bring on some romance, happiness and believable story lines.  Fans of all characters would like to see  a small ray of happiness  for their faves.

Stay Fabulous!


Wednesday, December 15
*Sonny gives Brenda a Christmas Present.
*Jason realizes Jerry is involved somehow.
*Jerry shows up at the Jax’s house & proclaims his hatred for Brenda.

Thursday, December 16
*Sonny wants to bring Jerry down once & for all.
*Jerry claims he will stop at nothing until he gets his hands on Brenda.
*Michael and Abby grow closer.
*Michael convinces Abby to give him another chance.

Friday, December 17
*Brenda caves under Carly’s accusations!
*Brenda confesses the truth about the Balkan’s son.
*LuLu worries that Dante is still in-love with Brenda.
*The Spencer’s doubts about Dante echo.
*LuLu might just join forces with Carly.

Monday, December 20
Maxie issues a warning to Dante.

Tuesday, December 21
*12/21 Luke and Tracy’s big day arrives.
*Brenda attends Luck & Tracy’s wedding.

Wednesday, December 22
Carly learns Brenda & Dante had a baby together.

Thursday, December 23
GH airs an encore episode.

Friday, December 24
~*~*~ CHRISTMAS EVE~*~*~
GH airs an encore episode.

Wednesday, December 29

Week of December 27th

12/27 Nikolas realizes he is beginning to have real feelings for Brook.

12/28 Lulu and Dante make each other a promise–to move forward with their relationship.

12/29 Tragedy strikes!

12/30 GH airs an encore episode

12/31 GH airs an encore episode

Week of January 3rd

1/3 We meet Terrell, the new pediatrician on staff at GH.

After the accident several staff members are missing.

Family members are called in to identify remains; the Q’s and Spencers fear the worst.

Lulu comforts Dante as he awaits word.

Lisa assists Steve in saving Olivia’s life.

Jax and Carly set aside their issues, at least temporarily after the disaster, for their kiddos sake.

Week of January 10th

We meet Carol, a significant figure who will be stepping into Brenda’s life.

These may have come from GHH

Just as it appears Johnny is going to let Lisa take the fall, he saves the day. “It all goes back to what all Zacchara men are obsessed with, which is power”, Brandon Barash explains in SOD. “Johnny’s got an upper hand on Lisa as long as he’s got dirt on her.” Yet, “There’s definitely a tension between them. I think each one appreciates the other’s ways of getting what they want. It’s a mutual appreciation, if you will. There’s also a sexual element there, so it’s a story that has no limit at this point.”

Claire tells Sonny she is going to Alaska.

Carly becomes aware of Abby.

Carly threatens Abby and demands that she gets out of her son’s life.

Michael is hurt and confused when Abby turns down his request for a date.
Later , when he crosses paths with Kristina’s classmate, Bryce, “I can’t say exactly what happens, but tempers do flare a bit”, says Chad Duell in SOW.

Sam tries to warn Michael about getting too involved with Abby because of the age difference.

Carly asks Luke to dig up all the dirt he can on Abby.

Elizabeth doesn’t like what she sees.

Brook Lynn and Nikolas share secrets of their past.

Lucky vows to get a flighty Luke to the altar on time.

Tracy confides in Brook Lynn.

Lucky and Nikolas reconcile.

After asking for Nik’s help to get Lucky off the Balkan case, Siobhan’s family calls Lucky.

Sebastian Roche shared what he is doing during his six episode return to Port Charles. Jerry will, “threaten everyone. I come and I have a scene with Carly and Jax and that doesn’t go very well. It’s very tense. I meet baby Josslyn. I have scenes with Jason and Dante. I have to admit it was fun, but it wasn’t the same as usual. I’m in and out and I’m gone.”
Jerry is up to his old tricks: “He seems to be even more evil, to tell you the truth.
Expect him to exit with a bang, and water will be involved again.

Jason and Dante stage a stake out at the hospital’s loading dock to see who will come to claim Aleksander’s remains. When Jerry shows up they then know that he either works for, or is, the Balkan. Shots ring out, someone is killed, and Jerry takes off with Aleksander’s body. When Jason, Dante, and Lucky try to stop the vehicle, Jerry loses control of the car and drives off an embankment, the car in flames. He is initially believed to be dead, but it will be quickly apparent that Jerry is very much alive when he shows up in Jax’s living room.

Jerry shows up at Carly and Jax’s home. Carly freaks when he picks up Josslyn.
Jerry pulls a gun on Carly, making it clear he will stop at nothing until Brenda is handed over to him.

Sonny seeks to bring Jerry Jacks down.
Sonny approaches Jax and suggests that they team up to take Jerry out.

Brenda learns she has been named in a wrongful death suit.

Furious over the incident in her home with Jerry and Josslyn, Carly marches over to the penthouse.
Carly demands that Brenda tell her why Jerry is after her; a shocked Brenda finally cracks and tells her she killed Alexander. Naturally, this will only serve to add fuel to Carly’s fire.

Jax pulls a gun on Jerry!

Luke tells Dante about his doubts concerning Sonny and Brenda.

Luke expresses his concerns about Dante to Sonny.

Due to their “bond”, Theo does not name Robin in his suit against the hospital, but she
may be unable to talk him out of his suit against GH and the other doctors.

Nikolas asks Alexis to draw up a contract for Brooke.

Alexis and Diane’s practice gets even busier between Brenda’s wrongful death suit and
Sonny’s ongoing international affairs, on top of Diane’s other obligations. Theo offers to help.
Despite Alexis’ misgivings, Diane hires Theo as temporary legal relief.

Another clue to the Balkan’s identity is revealed.

According to ABC, “The menace facing Port Charles gets a face this week…
the Balkan’s identity is revealed!” (or so they say)

Things almost fall apart BUT…Tracy and Luke finally prepare to tie the knot in a formal wedding ceremony with plenty of Port Charles citizens in attendance at the Quartermaine mansion
which will be decked out in its holiday finest!

On December 23 and 24 look for re-airings of the February 1 and 2 episodes of “GH” respectively. These episodes deal with Hour 12 and Hour 11 of the Metro Court saga. Craig’s mercenaries storm the Metro Court and take everybody hostage and show they mean business.

Dr. Lisa is determined to wreck Christmas for Patrick and his family.

Jerry is on the move.

Alexis gets involved in Luke and Tracy’s wedding.

Luke and Tracy’s wedding day arrives.

Sonny defends his relationship with Brenda.

Dante and Brenda discuss their secret.

Jason and Sam celebrate Christmas.

Maxie tries to break up with Matt, but he is having none of that. They spend Christmas together.

Somebody pops the question at Tracy and Luke’s wedding! (Sonny)

Steve plans a hospital ski trip for staff members, their families, and significant others to boost hospital morale.

Maya ends up taking the trip alone as Ethan’s services are called on by Johnny.

Helena returns and she encounters Lisa; expect her scheming to involve the hospital and the Spencers.

Even though the Balkan is all over Port Charles, the citizens are not too quick to recognize what is right in front of them.

Tracy and Luke are not thrilled with Edward’s plan for Ethan and Maya.

Who fathered Maya?

Theo gets involved with Alexis and Diane’s legal practice.

The Balkan has ties to people beyond Brenda.

Jason and Sam will receive surprising news early in the year that will affect every decision they make in the future!

Sonny and Brenda will work to stay together even after “the secret comes out”.

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  1. I love reading your comments and spoilers. They seem like my own thoughts. Please continue to keep up the good work your spoilers are right on target.

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