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Soap Bubbles: the snarkiest soap column on the Internet (warning spoilers)

Posted in James Ryan White, Soap Bubbles, Soap Media, Soap Operas on July 27, 2010 by ghblowhard

Hi! I’m columnist James Ryan White and my column is  Soap Bubbles, the snarkiest  soap column on the Internet.  In this column I will  throw out gossip, rumors, speculation and innuendo about the daytime drama community, showing the people I write about in the worst possible way.    Some of my scoops are true some are not.  You decide which!

Here is the latest!

  • The return of this high wattage soap diva has put the kebosh on not one but TWO couplings planned for this show.
  • Viewers are NOT HAPPY with the current storyline of this Soap favorite and have made themselves heard LOUD and CLEAR. That scratchy sound you hear is frantic re-writing going on.
  • This 90s soap titanic super couple (they put the “uber” in super) are doing a photo-shoot  together AS WE SPEAK
  • This west coast soap actress just renewed her contract for FOUR years!  She cited a  renewed onscreen friendship of a former leading man as one of the reasons why.  Is that all that was renewed?
  • A  super coupling on this west coast soap was recently busted up.  Their portrayers are making it  no secret that they would like their onscreen alter egos  reunited.  Why? Honestly, there’s no reason to keep this twosome on the soap otherwise and they know it.
  • This North American soap blogger only writes the most unflattering articles about this ABC Mega star. Why? Speculation is that this spring, the mega star did a media blitz to promote his character’s storyline.  It seems our blogger is one of the few that didn’t get an interview.  Sorry Charlie! This mega star apparently doesn’t need your “wattage”!
  • This former CBS sitcom beauty had her eyes on the prize: Oprah’s slot in the daytime TV line up, which will be vacated in the Fall when Oprah launches her own network. It seems the pilot show failed to impress the execs.  Honey, we recommend you to keep your chin up and take it one day at a time.
  • Here’s some backstage drama!  Word is it that a certain east coast soap star has fallen off the wagon! What you hear is the sound of her hitting the ground.
  • Daytime ratings are at an all time low!  What to do? I’d love to hear your suggestions on how to save our daytime dramas.  And then I’ll tell you the right answer.
  • Gay marriage! One soap says they’re ready to REALLY tackle this issue. Can you guess which one it is?
  • How many times can I mention the words “Corey Feldman” and “reality show” in my column?? Stay tuned!
  • There is a rumor that this ABC soap is shutting down its cafeteria as a cost saving measure.  Could this move be a game changer for soaps?
  • Weekly inane observation: Why is it on soaps people never watch tv? or eat?

That’s all today bitches.  I’ll be back with more innuendo, gossip and some flat out lies that fit my agenda soon!

Step Lively!