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How many heroes does it take to screw in a lightbulb? (spoilers)

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Guza has had a busy month or two establishing clearly who shall henceforth be considered the new action figure heroes and we now have three.  Of course Might Jase still leads the pack, having the most saves as always.  Michael goes to jail.  Enter Mighty Jase to run interference and try to protect him.  Franco resurfaces…free heroic Jason because only Might Jase can try to save the kidnapped child and capture the zany goofball killer, Franco.

But wait, alas, there are interlopers now treading on our mighty heroic action figure.  Enter the gentle, good cop Lucky who snatches the heroics from Mighty Jase, rescues the baby and is soon off to Ireland for Interpol to show off his  new Irish accent and fight The Balkan.   Wait though, unbelievable as it is, Mighty Jase must share heroics with yet another wise and righteous warrior, Dante.  Together he and the anointed one worked to capture Franco but you can’t win them all so they combined efforts again and found evidence to free Sonny.

Are these heroic saviors done yet?  Not even close.  Mighty Jase, out of the goodness of his heart, volunteered to go to the  rescue of Brenda, the damsel in distress, singlehandedly slay two bad guys, save her from a forced drug overdose and whisk her back to PC to  his place.  Good luck with that one Mighty Jase.

Meanwhile Dante and fair Lulu, fearing they might not be on every day,  rushed off to Ireland to rescue endangered Lucky from the grasp of The Balkan.  A gun battle ensues and the mighty heroes manage to slay the bad guys and escape.

Now, while  all the heroes are in action, Sonny having been freed is now on VERY  friendly terms with Claire who has given up her assignment so she can be with Sonny.   Now Sonny has really not had a relationship for almost three years, but Guza has let it be known that Sonny and Brenda still love each other but he thinks she is engaged.   Yes, he is using Claire to forget Brenda.  Enter chorus of Sonny haters shouting “manwhore” while whipping out fingers to count all the women Guza has conveniently had Carly and Diane mention so this ritual is  easier on those who enjoy the counting thing.  Some forget that starting way back with Alan, men on this show have had  numerous women because that’s what long term leads do on soaps.

Guza could not help annoying fans and haters alike by sending Sonny off  quite possibly to the same island he always sent him to so folks can bring it up and hate it.   Sonny supposedly woos, wines and dines Claire telling her he cares for her and then….he comes home to BRENDA.  Supposedly Sonny and Brenda discuss their feelings, Brenda wants some space but Sonny breaks it off with Claire.  Will she be angry and go after him or Brenda with a vengeance.  Will she get pregnant and experience a Lily-like departure.  Only Guza knows.

What we do hope for is some story for Sonny other than the parade of the kids hating on everything he does, lectures from Carly ,  any more encounters with Johnny, and the never ending obnoxious  verbal battles with blowhard Jax, who will take it upon himself to visit Sonny soon and order him to stay away from Brenda. Yawn.

The big question for Sonny fans is  whether Guza will write something good for Sonny and Brenda, restore some balance to the Sonny character whereby he can be a mobster and still have a life, and whether he can write stories that are not blatantly establishing heroics month after month for the same chosen few.  He has done  one thing right,  he ended the horrendous Johnny vs. Sonny feud.  Now can he bring in a Balkan villain we can enjoy, and write an umbrella story that gives quality time to more than a few chosen heroes?

Time will tell

Stay Fabulous!


Thursday, September 30
*Brenda returns to PC!
*Dante questions LuLu motives.
*Sam looks to Maxie for help for some fashion sense.

Friday, October 1
*Sonny arrives home from his weekend with Claire to find Brenda waiting for him.
*What would prompt Jason & Sam to talk about ending their relationship.
*Maxie becomes jealous over Spin’s fascination over Brenda.

Monday, October 4
*Sam attempts to share her concerns about Michael with Jason.

Tuesday, October 5
*Sonny breaks up with Claire!
*Suzanne arrives in PC.
*Sam volunteers to help find Michael a prostitute.

Wednesday, October 6
*Suzanne clashes with Dianne.
*Maxie is determined to get Brenda on the cover of Crimson.

Thursday, October 7
*Robin & Brenda have a HEART TO HEART!
*Brenda & Jax reconnect.

Friday, October 8
*Jason fills Sonny in on Balkan’s henchmen.
*Brenda contemplates following Robin’s advice regrading Sonny.
*Robin encourages Sonny to follow his heart& pursue Brenda!!!
*Carly has her eye on Crimson.
*Carly makes a play for Crimson!

Monday, October 11
*Dante & LuLu & Lucky return to PC with fugitive (Siobhan) in tow.

Tuesday, October 12
*Carly is not pleased to learn Jax has offered Brenda a job @ Crimson

General Hospital
(Moving In)
Jason invites Sam to move in with him; Robin informs Patrick that she can’t take him back.
General Hospital
(Winning Back)Suzanne arrives in town; Sonny ends his relationship with Claire.

General Hospital

Robin receives advice from Mac and Maxie ; Michael looks to Jason for guidance.

General Hospital
(The Face Off)

Jax and Sonny exchange heated words; Robin advises Sonny to try to win Brenda’s affections.

General Hospital
(The Promise)

Carly asks Jax to promise to stay away from Brenda; Lucky plants a kiss on Siobhan.

Some of these may have come from GHH

* The Balkan is after Brenda because of the money manipulation that Spin and Carly put in place to trap Dante. He thinks Brenda is stealing it, when it was Carly’s game
*Carly tells Sam to investigate Brenda.
*Sam turns Carly down.*Brenda and Dante have crossed paths before..he was undercover.
*Brenda doesn’t reveal that she has met him before.

*Brenda meets Claire and there is no lovefest here..

*Carly gives Jax and ultimatum, her..or Brenda for Crimson.
*Sonny and Claire on a plane…
*Claire realizes that Sonny will never truly give her his heart and walks away.

*Brenda and Robin have a heart to heart..
*Jax gets jealous over Brenda’s involvement with Jason and Sonny.
*Brenda asks Sonny to keep his distance.
*Jax is thrilled to see Brenda.

Sam tries to intervene on Michael’s behalf when Claire coming sniffing.Brenda is not interested in Max’s protection, she’ll stick with Jason, thankyaverymuch.

Ronnie interrupts Johnny and Oliva’s lovefest.

Sam declines Jason’s offer to move in with him.

After catching Brenda in a lie, Carly wants Sam to investigate.
Sam turns Carly down.

Brenda and Sonny become close!

Jason intervenes in Jax and Sonny’s heated argument in front of Carly.

Lisa disappears.

Candy, a prostitute, is hired by Sam to help Michael quell his fears about sexual relations with another person. Unfortunately for Michael, things don’t go as planned. Look for Michael to get violent with Candy after she gets a little too pushy in her advances.

Luke and Tracy are forced into some alone time, and will have no choice but to “warm up to each other”.Lulu becomes privy to at least part of the Dante/Brenda connection.

Lisa gets a threatening phone call.

Brenda comes across a familiar dress.

like Jason is finally going to put Sam first, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that she’ll let him (as previously mentioned in a much older spoiler further below). Lots of stuff on the horizon for both them and Lulu and Dante. Patrick and Robin fans still have plenty of story coming their way.

Time to rewatch Dominic Zamprogna’s audition reel for the role of Dante.
Remember that the scene involved discussion between Dante and a woman he was paid to guard?
Turns out Dante was once Brenda’s bodyguard. Does this mean they once slept together?
Maybe, maybe not. What we do know for sure is that whatever their past indiscretion, they both regret it and they won’t be happy to see each other again.

Its seems that Brenda and Dante may have stolen something from the Balkan.
Jerry Jax will pop in for a few episodes during sweeps and he will want to get his hands on it.
Jerry will look to Sam for assistance in retrieving said item.

Wait until Helena gets a load of Brook Lynn…and vice versa!

Don’t look for the Balkan to appear until December.

Kate goes into fighting mode.

Michael’s love interest (mentioned further below) will show up shortly.

Nat’l Enquirer

Lucky must kidnap a Port Charles resident.
Carly wants Brenda gone.
Carly swears to Jason that she’ll never let Brenda have Jax.
Brenda kisses Spinelli.
Sonny tells Jason that he still loves Brenda deeply.

Dear Bob: Sonny and Brenda still got it (magic), so let them flaunt it (spoilers)

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What a nice surprise…or maybe not because most of us who loved Sonny and Brenda the first time around knew that they would still have that special chemistry, and guess what…they proved us right. Maurice and Vanessa still have it and Sonny and Brenda are as connected as ever. This is a couple who can step on screen and say more by saying nothing…their facial expressions and body language put us in the moment without hearing a word from either of them. We could have gotten the standard Guza rush” where we skip any kind of buildup and simply reunite the super couple with no back story for either and no slow restructuring. Fortunately we lucked out. Uncle Bob decided to do something right, and while many are impatient and want sudden reunited magic, he has chosen to realistically throw in buildup angst and work in side stories for them along the way.   He tossed in the big tease to allow them to prove that they are still a hot couple capable of sending off sparks and rekindling that old chemistry that was so exciting “back in the day”.

Guza will now incorporate Jason into the picture , no doubt to provide angst for JaSam which translates to them doing something to keep folks awake during their scenes, and then Brenda will no doubt be tossed into the pit of fire known as CarJax with Carly providing the fire and Jax providing the hot air that the old reliable windbag serves up to all of Sonny’s women. We all know the drill, “Sonny is evil, he needs to be in jail, he will hurt you, etc.”

The Three Stooges

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We hear that Brenda will move in with Jason after he rescues her and returns her safely to PC, and will have roomies like Sam and Spin. Oh gosh, will they have to flip a coin for the pink room now? We hear Spin will idolize the new beauty…if only it would make him tongue tied…unable to speak. All would be at least somewhat indebted to Brenda for that favor. Sonny, meanwhile will return home to his family, thinking that Brenda is engaged to Murphy who is a less windy version of Jax unless he turns out to be a bad guy. He will then at least be a boring bad guy. Sonny comes back to GH’s latest version of The Three Stooges working together, Spin, Jason and Dante. This fun bunch is working to find evidence to free him when not exchanging glares and stares. It is rumored that they will find evidence (Surprise!!!) that Johnny, liar number one, indeed did have a gun, Ronny may very well be exposed as the gun hider and liar number two, thereby freeing Sonny. In the wings, we have the fair maiden and sometime Sonny hater, Claire, waiting to resume warm fuzzy feelings. Sonny still longs for Brenda but thinks he has lost her. When all you have had in the way of sex was Gothic scary Claudia and “I want our son away from you” Carly, Claire is looking better to Sonny as least as a pinch hitter until the A team arrives and accepts him. This however will be angst for Sonny and Brenda who also comes with a BIG secret that we will know when Guza thinks one up.

Vrachanski Balkan,Bulgaria

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The evil Balkan will be the new enemy and hopefully Wily Coyote and his sidekick, Ethan, will decide to move on to piano playing and karaoke at Jakes. So, in summary, we have learned this week that Sonny and Brenda SHOULD definitely be the reunited couple to pull for because , with some decent writing, they can once again ignite our screens, give us back a Sonny we loved and something FINALLY for Sonny and Brenda fans to look forward to.

We hope Guza hears the fans calling for a rootable couple that will last awhile. If we hide his hatchet and yell loud enough, he may hear us. That by no means assures us that he will listen!!!!

Stay Fabulous!

Pay No Attention to the Man Behind the Curtain (warning spoilers)

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Bob Guza leaves nothing to chance. Not content to leave his heavy handed biased writing work on it’s OWN “merit”, he gives interviews basically laying out what we are to THINK and what CONCLUSIONS we should make.  Here’s an excerpt from his latest interview about the return of the character of Brenda:

on Sonny: The timing is perfect. Even though there is an attraction that’s going to build as Sonny tries to manipulate Claire [Dahlia Salem], he is not in a really strong romance right now. He’s in a vulnerable and emotional place where he’s caused horrible damage to those he loves and he could very much use someone who will remind him of his glory days

On Jax: Jax has never rebounded from a romance with anyone — so this may be a first for him. He loves Carly dearly but Brenda needs him.

On Jason: Brenda and Jason were married in one of the funniest, least romantic weddings ever. They do not love each other. They do not much like each other. But he is a protector and he’ll respond

Read entire interview here: The Scoop on Vanessa Marcil’s Return to General Hospital

Got that? Jax and Jason are swell guys but Sonny is evil!

When Guza speaks we listen. And then we wonder if it will turn out to be true, somewhat true, “stretched” truth or like many times, not even close to the truth. We have watched the “summer of Sonny reconnecting with his children.” If almost killing several, giving one up for adoption and losing one to the penal justice code, is reconnecting with his kids, this is some sick humor on Guza’s part or his usual misleading double talk . Guza always takes the easy road but because there are so many more avenues of communication for soap viewers, he is no longer able to simply “convince” viewers of how we should see his characters. Through character dialogue and interviews, he still tries to convince viewers who we are to perceive as BAD, who is GOOD, and who is MISUNDERSTOOD.  It is not working any more. No matter how many PC residents Guza parades on screen per week each rattling off all of Sonny’s sins over and over, we form our own judgments. No matter how many times Sam, Molly, Kristina, Carly and Spinelli tell each other how wonderful and caring Jason is , we still know what we have watched and make our own decisions. There is no longer a character or Guza recitation that fools us, convinces us or LIES to us. We see through all of it and when history is totally changed or misrepresented…..we tune out. Times have changed. But Guza through his dialogue and his magazine interviews flat out wants us to see Sonny as always the heavy who women try to save, Jason the level headed but brain damaged heroic hit man and Johnny now as the misunderstood victimized reluctant mobster. Stop the stereotyping and start layering these people, Bob, so they are more enjoyable not predictable and one dimensional all the time, turn off the preachy dialog and let us form our own judgments. Now we are faced with the return of Brenda. We are hearing all kinds of scenarios from Guza about her return. The question is, how much of this hype, how many of these promises, and how many Guza misrepresentations will surface once she is back. Sonny and Brenda fans are thrilled and excited hoping to finally reunite their couple. Will Brenda be greeted with the usual procession of Sonny haters led by Jax, or will Guza actually start writing with some originality and fairness to all. Will she have to be helped by Jax, rescued by Jason and then led to soul searching Sonny for whatever comes next? Sonny and Brenda have an opportunity to reignite something special. The problem is that this time around they have to depend on Guza to be the ignitor. That is frighting risky business. Hopefully this time around Guza may be telling the truth because the consequences are going to take their toll if he is misleading a lot of anxious viewers.

Guza TELLS us what he wants us to see. But I’m going to pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.   Even the scarecrow without a brain knows he’s just a humbug!

Stay Fabulous!

The Dimples Code

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After weeks of doom and gloom,  Guza taking Sonny down, down, down and Sonny’s spirits lower, lower lower along with his fans….it happened.  The warm infectious smile returned.  The dimples flashed and Sonny was BACK for a few moments.

No matter that a worried, anxious, angry Sonny had just almost blown his insipid whining daughter to bits along with her sneering  smirking buddy, Johnny Bravo,  our guy was allowed to SMILE.  Of course in the next scene we were back to being downtrodden, haunted and discussing nightmares about almost blowing up Kristina.  His nightmares were about what he COULD have done to her.  For many Sonny fans , our nightmares would be due to the fact that he FAILED!!!

Sonny, being a mobster, was forced to lie about being behind the car bomb.  Oh the horror!  A mob boss who lies to cover a crime that could get him arrested, killed or bring retaliation on his family.  The deed is done.  For once Sonny gets to be SMART!  Will it come back and bite him?  Of course.  This is Sonny and Guza will throw it back in his face at the worst possible time.

Claire and Sonny are playing games.  Who is fooling who?  If it brings out the dimples, sexy side of Sonny and some smiles, do we really care?  Sonny fans have patiently waded through knee deep puddles of grief, horror, shame, guilt, angst, heart break just to see a glimmer of  happiness sneak through and bring out the magic of that wonderful dimpled smile.  No doubt it will all backfire on Sonny, bringing him a notch closer to that bottomless pit he needs to reach for Guza in order to be uplifted when Brenda returns.

Ah Brenda!  Many Sonny and Brenda fans are so happy to have them on screen together again they are willing to hope and pray that Guza has done his homework and  will not drag them to the depths of hell mired in grief and constant angst.  Also can Carly please stick to her two favorite guys and butt out?  Again, miracles are not what Guza is known for unless he is writing about Jason, the heroic one , but one can hope.

In summary,  Sonny fans know they root for a guy who does bad things and Guza always makes them worse than all the other characters who do bad things, but Maurice continues to bring Sonny through the darkest of tunnels, fans beside him, making the best of the worst and the most of the good stuff…in other words Sonny is a survivor, a fan favorite regardless of writing and just maybe there is a rainbow waiting at the end of all this stormy writing and darkness Sonny has going for him right now.

The wait seems endless at times, but again, when an ageless Maurice has Sonny flash that fantastic smile, gaze at a woman with those dark eyes and the dimples break loose, all is forgotten!!!!  It has been weeks since we could put anything upbeat out there about Sonny.  Thank you Claire and stick around a bit because we get sexy, smiling Sonny breaking through those dark angst clouds every now and then.  At least until Brenda comes back!

Stay Fabulous!

Days of Labine and Roses

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Sonny is going to have Brenda back in his life sometime in August. Will she recognize him? Will she remember that this is the guy who flashed those dimples across the room and then slammed her up against the wall in a fantastically sexy kiss, was allowed to do adventure stuff including jumping off buildings on to boats and treated us to a great beach scene. Will she remember this is the Sonny who mesmerized her and us in the Amazing Grace scene. Will she remember this is the Sonny who lovingly nursed Stone through his last days, comforted Robin and was a fun guy on a number of escapades with Luke? Some of us remember a Sonny who had more Maurice in him, more flexibility and a lot more layering back in the good old days.

Will she, like many of us, remember an impish Sonny teasing Brenda, charming Lila, actually being involved in the world of music and business, mixing with a number of characters and having realistic body guards and convincing enemies?

Or will she step back into a world where Sonny is isolated from everyone, an enemy to his friends and his kids because he is a dangerous BAD thug unlike his sometime hit man, Jason, who is a GOOD thug and hero. Will she notice that all the life, charm and happiness has been sucked out of Sonny and instead we now have a powerless mob boss who must remove himself from all his kids, is a pariah to the entire community and all women warn all other women about horrible Sonny. Will she notice that his enemy is now the same age as his kids and about as scary as Wily Coyote. Will she wonder why so many other mobsters have happy families in spite of their profession if they don’t live in Port Charles?

Will Sonny fans still be around in August if Guza continues to present one sided outright lies about a character such as the “torture of Claudia by Sonny” as presented by the lying Johnny, the unfaithful discarding of women as spouted by Carly ….fine to put this out there if a balanced counter argument is made but this stuff is not only far fetched it is outright lying. Sonny fans are looking at each other wondering how to make it until August because their guy is stuck in a story line with dumb and dumber and a ditzy annoying air headed daughter. He has as confidants his own version of dumb and dumber, Milo and Max to discuss business with and a lawyer who rarely has one good word to say about him or TO him.

Welcome back to Sonny’s world, Brenda. With Guza writing, will you be able to bring back the Sonny we all knew and loved, get him a life and some friends?

If not you, and the rest of us, are going to continue to be frustrated, bored and disinterested like we are now longing for those Days of Labine and Roses instead of nothing but Guza thorns over and over and over.

Usually this is a column laced with satire and humor but there is nothing even remotely funny, interesting or entertaining about the writing for Sonny at the moment and it looks to get much worse before it gets better. For that matter, almost every character could have a column like this dedicated to them….the world of Guza is not being kind to many of the characters on the show.

Stay fabulous!

Remember these days?

Sonny Corinthos: Red Rain

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Jasper Jax: Play him off keyboard cat

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