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A Cloudy Crystal Ball: a Tongue in cheek look at the current state of GH

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Michael Corinthos

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We are now in a new year with a whole new list of Guza ideas being put out there.  Knowing Guza, how many of these will actually happen the way they are described?  How many will actually happen period?

Let’s look at Sonny and Brenda.  Whoopee, talk about ALL the time these two get to spend with each other…usually two minutes or less and than off to five other scenes so that a total disconnect can occur that demolishes any continuity of story between them.  Sonny is having nightmares about the wedding but none worse than his fans are having….being well acquainted with the weddings and after glow that Guza has served up for Sonny lately.  Instead of a horrified Sonny watching his wife- to -be get  shot at the altar, will Guza instead try to  kidnap her or blow her up after the wedding?  But is that the only danger to the upcoming nuptials?

What , you ask, could be more lethal, more annoying and frightening, more disgusting and unwatchable….well that would be the she beast from hell, the sneering, teeth baring, lip curling never ending  screamer, Carly, who plans her own nasty wedding ruining surprise.  Here’s a nice switch Guza should consider….get those cars mixed up if there is to be a kidnapping and swipe the mouth that roars instead.  If the car should blow up, so much the better for all who value their sight and their hearing.    Jax knows how to protect his health… because he apparently is on the run or taking a nice long break from the loud vindictive blond that roars and hasn’t been seen in days.  Maybe he and Morgan are on a celebrity tour where Jax is lining up important folks to sign Morgan’s cast!!!!  As long as he has THAT PHONE, the man has connections!!!

Enter the wedding planner  brought on by the village simpleton, Spinmaster, who thought that it would be helpful to Brenda to bring in the one person who can be more obnoxious than Diane and Suzanne combined.  Sure needed that on this show.  They should pair her with Milo.  Maybe his  Campbell heart healthy soup would calm this woman down and she could inherit Milo’s marshmallow personality.

Onward we go to Liz.  Volumes have already been explored about Rebecca’s departure so we need not go there  yet again.  Now we can look forward to Guza turning a relatively sweet but not always nice Liz into  either a raving vindictive scorned woman, alone and ready to turn lovely finger nails into sharp thorns, or he could toss her in Fernwood, drooling, hyperventilating,  slowly losing touch with reality so that Guza can  pull the old pumpkin  headed dummy out of the attic and call her Liz instead of Laura.

Fast forward now to Dante who had thousands either cheering or worried because he missed his first day off the show in months.  Where was Dante…he’s never off our screens.  But wait, Theo alias the Balkan, has joined Diane’s staff along with fair Claire.  Theo, while juggling three different dialects,  has set out to prove that there is someone who can gossip more than Alexis, Claire and Diane  combined.  In just a few days he has managed to blab to all who will listen, especially gullible Lulu, that Dante and Brenda also killed and covered up Alexander’s death.  What ever happened to being protected by one’s lawyer.  Nobody has caught on yet, that with this guy as Brenda’s lawyer, an axe murderer at her side is less lethal .  Little Lulu found out “the secret, well part of the secret, and now Dante temporarily will have to settle for just Michael as his roommate.

Ah yes, Michael and Abby.  What a mess.   With the mother from hell interfering, scheming and threatening, there is just NOBODY to root for in this one.  Does Abby mean well?  Seems she does.  Bring on the ex-boyfriend to complicate things and set up a big story for whom????  Of course, it is Daddy in waiting, mighty Jase who still thinks of himself apparently as Michael’s daddy.  While  Sam is running around nursing baby thoughts, Jason will be all things to all people while stroking his notorious box of pain.  He will be  so darn busy,  protector of Brenda, friend of Sonny, “real” father to Michael, father to be material for Sam., and let’s not forget little Jake who is lives in that box of pain and may be “outed” when Liz is ousted.

There are so many other “exciting side plots”  Dr. Steve, his guitar, and Mother Olivia.  Oh wait, we said exciting.   Well, there is the new Dr. Evil who is busy befriending Robin, lusting after psycho Lisa while sleazy Johnny blackmails, sneers, lurks and whatever else is required of him now that he has entered the world of nasty Lisa.  This whole mess has gotten so ugly, that quicksand seems more appealing because it brings a faster end to those caught in a trap  like this one.

All in all, things seems to be moving along just as Guza always plans them…long suffering for many, short periods of happiness followed by long periods of nastiness and suffering.  Writing is like one long bowling game for Guza……set all those pins up so they can repeatedly be knocked down.

Let’s hope there are a few pins left standing for fans who prefer watching something happy once in awhile on this show.  Sonny fans are on red alert already and know that the roller coaster is making its way to the top before all hell breaks loose and it starts this year’s journey.

Stay Fabulous!



Brenda’s secrets come out and Carly thinks she has reasons to expose them. Then it says: Even the past can’t keep Sonny & Brenda apart. Sonny & Brenda are working to make their relationship work now & in the future…….”Amidst these difficult situations romance blooms from Sonny & Brenda! Sonny & Brenda are going to have a great romance to come”
“We’re going to see Sonny and Brenda finally have happiness as they prepare for a February wedding.”

“The flip side to the coin of unconditional love is revenge – and certainly, that is what both Carly and the Balkan have in mind. As a parent who has lost his son, the Balkan will stop at nothing to get what he thinks is justice for his family. Similarly, Carly will not be thwarted until she sees Brenda and Dante pay.”
“There will be tremendous obstacles for Sonny & Brenda! They will come under the fire of a grieving yet violent father and a grizzly mother.”

There will be a wedding on Feb 18th. Will Brenda actually get married though?
At the end of the wedding there will be a resurrection of something from the past event….

The wedding will be lovely!!!.BUT…The threat is two-fold at the wedding is Hurricane Carly and her information and the Balkan who is targeting the wedding for more sinister reasons.

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~DAILY SPOILERS~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~

Monday, January 24
*Lulu is unable to forgive Dante for his lies.
*Brandon becomes aggressive with Abby.
*Michael and Kristina discuss the horrors of the bus accident.
*Shawn helps Molly through a panic attack.
*A haunted Michael has an extreme reaction to Dante’s greeting.

Tuesday, January 25
*Alexis convinces Molly to get help for her problem.
*The Balkan welcomes a mercenary to Port Charles.
(Heiko Obermoller returns as Dimitri, the Balkan’s lead henchman.)
*Lulu mourns the loss of her relationship.
*Dante hopes to reconcile and shows up to take LuLu to the opera & she refuses him.
*Spinelli begs Carly not to reveal damning evidence.
*Lucky, Lulu and Ethan discuss their bad luck when it comes to love.

Thursday, January 27
*Lulu helps Johnny.
*Michael tries to locate Abby.
*Dante and Theo argue over the civil suit.

Friday, January 28
*Michael has flashbacks of his time in prison. (Josh Wingate returns as Carter.)
*LuLu is threaten by the Balkan.
*Brenda & Sam will form a special bond after Brenda ask about baby Lila.
*Sam, Spinelli and Brenda discuss pregnancy which brings up feelings of loss for both Sam and Brenda.
*Sam and Jason agree why they shouldn’t be parents in light of what is happening to Michael.
*Carly and Jax enjoy temporary bliss.
*Brandon decides to teach Abby a lesson after seeing her with Michael.
*Michael is overcome with memories of Carter as he fights Brandon off of Abby.

Monday, January 31
*Michael breaks down & tells Jason the truth about his time in prison.
*Carly asks Jax for divorce after she learns he went to London to protect Brenda from Jerry.
*Robin supports Brenda in overcoming Carly’s threats to ruin her wedding.

Tuesday, February 1
*LuLu finds Brenda in Dante’s arms.
*Michael decides it’s time to seek therapy.

Wednesday, February 2
*Brenda reveals the truth to Sonny!
*Carly seeks revenge on Dante.

Thursday, February 3
*Brenda and Sonny make love.
*Sonny has another nightmare.
*Sonny reassures Brenda that their wedding will go as planned!

Friday, February 4
*Carly tells Sonny the truth about Michael.
*Brenda finds her wedding dress torn to shreds!!!

Tuesday, February 8
*Sonny suggest he & Brenda elope.

Thursday, February 10
*Lulu has a surprise for Dante for Valentine’s Day.

Friday, February 11

Friday, February 25
Franco Appears

Monday, February 28
Franco Appears

These spoilers may have come from GHH

Lucky demands that Siobhan be honest about her feelings for him.Tracy encourages Brook Lynn not to give up on Nikolas.

Edward shares his concerns with Tracy.

Sam claims that she does not want to have a baby.

The Balkan’s mercenary will cause mass chaos in Port Charles.

Maxie provides a listening ear and some words of wisdom for Lulu.

Liz attempts to manipulate Nikolas.
Brook shows up and cramps her style.

What plan does the Balkan have that involves Shawn?

Johnny is badly beaten up by the Balkan’s mercenary.

Lulu tends to Johnny after finding him badly injured.
Lisa stops by.

Ethan accuses Maya of sabotage (this has to do with their apartment vs staying at the Q’s).

Carly and Jax share a brief and loving reunion.

Lulu is threatened by the Balkan.

Carly and Theo cross paths.

Shawn flirts with Carly.

Brenda and Sam have a talk.

Dante tries to get back in Lulu’s good graces with an invitation to the opera…she turns him down.

Dr. Lee informs Sam that the fertility procedure only has a 50% success rate.
Sam flashes back to the loss of her baby girl (who was stillborn)

The issue of the fertility procedure opens a door once thought closed and causes both Sam and Jason to reconsider the possibilities.. “It’s mixed emotions, because he has a son [Jake] that he doesn’t see, and the reason he doesn’t have that little guy is because of [his lifestlye/mob association]. How can he justify having another baby? He loves Sam, obviously, and he wants to support her and do what he can do for her, so he’s in a catch-22. He gets to thinking of things like when Michael was shot… he has to look at his life and say, ‘This isn’t set up for anybody.hen Michael got shot, that [made Jason think], ‘What am I doing?’ This is like my son, and everything bad that’s happened to this kid is because of us.’” says Steve Burton in SOW.

Sam basically says the same thing, “No, my life’s not really set up for kids, either, with my job and what I do. She says, ‘I’m just looking into it right now’. She’s nonchalantly looking into it. There’s no decision at this point; there’s no, ‘Hey, I want to do this.’ It’s just, ‘I’m going to see if it’s possible, and what the odds are.'”

Michael begins to open up to Jason about what happened in prison.

Instead of going to therapy, Molly puts on her matchmaker hat and attempts to get Abby and Michael back together.

Michael experiences a flashback and mistakenly (and briefly) attacks Dante
when he is startled.

Jason intervenes between Abby and Brandon when he comes upon Brandon getting a little rough with her. Brandon pulls a gun, but Jason, naturally, manages to get it away from Brandon.

Jason once again tries to convince Abby to come clean with Michael about why she really broke things off with him, but she is unwilling to risk Michael’s future. Jason later tries to get Michael to back off and respect Abby’s wishes.

Brandon catches up to Abby again, and assaults her when he spots her with Michael. Abby’s scream brings on Michael’s flashback of Carter. Naturally, he flies into a rage and attacks Brandon. Jason hears the commotion in the ally and pulls Michael off of Brandon.

Jason’s first instinct is to cover up Michael’s beating of Brandon. However, Dante believes that Michael is a hero and has nothing to be ashamed of or to hide.
This is what will lead into Michael’s confession that he was sexually assaulted in prison.

Abby examines her bruises.Sam visits with Abby at GH.

Michael has a surprise for Abby after bringing her home from GH.

Nik shows a flash of jealousy when Brooke gets attention from a business partner.

Brenda accuses Carly of destroying her wedding dress.

Lucky plans to entrap the Balkan by ensnaring his mole.
Unfortunately, Siobhan falls right into the trap and Lucky has no choice but to arrest her.

Lucky breaks out Siobhan.

Brenda has some truths for Dante.

Carly points a gun at Dante!

Carly tells Sonny about what really happened to Michael while he was in prison.

Dante contemplates his future with the PCPD.

Brenda and Carly throw down.

Siobhan seeks comfort from Lucky.Shawn knocks out Lucky.

During her online investigation of what is troubling her, Molly befriends Shawn, who may be actually suffering from PTSD. The two form an unlikely friendship. However, there is more him than is initially apparent.
In SID, Guza previews that Matt and Maxie will “play a big part, among other things, in the resolution of Patrick’s story”. Expect their romance to go to the next level.

The story involving Lisa, Patrick and Robin, will, “come to a head during Sweeps and will climax shortly after. Lisa will go to dramatic lengths and it will explode” , declares Guza in SID. Johnny, “plays a big part as a bearer of the truth that Robin needs in order to put Lisa away!”.

Liz sees her past romantic interests move on with other women. The more that happens, the more desperate she becomes. She does another paternity test, one that Helena knows nothing about.

Meanwhile, Lucky and Siobhan’s relationship turns out to be the real deal.

Ethan and Maya struggle to define their relationship. Complications will arise, will they remain faithful?

At the end of Brenda and Sonny’s wedding on Feb. 18th, there will be a resurrection of something from the past event. In SOD, Guza declares, “There will be a wedding. It will be lovely and it will blow your socks off. There is a two fold threat. You’ve got Hurricane Carly with information that could blow this whole thing out of the water, and then you’ve got The Balkan, who is targeting the wedding for something much more sinister.”

Dante could lose it all when Brenda’s secret comes out, and we finally learn what happened to Brenda’s baby. Several couples will be left in shambles.

Sam and Jason await big news.
How will the couple deal with the danger that has prevented Jason from being a Daddy to Jake?
Guza in SID, “That’s the issue. It’s not Sam fighting with Jason about it. Not at all. They are in this completely together. But how do they both get to the place where they could feel comfortable doing what both of them desperately would like, which is to have a child together? How do they get past the danger? What has to happen? And something huge will happen that will get them past this impasse!”

Liz makes her exit from Port Charles and General Hospital.
Expect to see more of Matt and Maxie.

Look for Valentine’s Day to be acknowledged on GH.

Robin serves as Brenda’s matron of honor.

When Sonny and Brenda’s wedding date arrives, Lulu will be at Dante’s side.

Lucky offers to marry Siobhan so she can stay in the U.S.A..

Franco shows up briefly for two episodes, on February 25th and February 28th.

Moxie and Kumar: Best and Worst list 2010 Part I

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Winners were chosen using a top secret, scientific tabulation and then given to us in sealed envelopes by Deloitte & Touche. See below vid for spoilers.

Best character without a penis

  • Tie! Johnny and Jax

Best Actor who puts up with the most ish storylines and still puts in a brilliant performance

Port Charles’ biggest punching bag

Port Charles’  biggest lurker

Port Charles’  biggest stalker

Port Charles’ biggest whiner

  • Jasper Jacks
  • close runner-up Johnny (we know, his sister died but not before she terrorized Sonny’s kids, slept with Sonny’s brother, used faulty contraception to get pregnant, put Michael in a coma, and kidnapped a pregnant woman and tried to steal her baby)

Port Charles’ biggest slut

Best unrequited love:

  • Jax for Sonny

Best facial mole placement of all time

Most overused comedic technique

  • Spinelli’s nicknames

Biggest soap magazine whiner

  • Soaps in Depth: stop using Maurice Benard to sell your magazine then continually bash his character  in your opinion pieces that you masquerade as news articles. Unethical Much?

Biggest Soap Blogger turn-off

  • Begin with: “You know how much I hate Sonny”.  We know where this is going  so we’ll skip your blog. Thanks!

Nastiest blogger

  • Nelson Branco

Best Actor

  • Maurice Benard: whether it’s good writing or bad Maurice brings it 365 days a year

Best Actress

  • Tie: Lexie Ainsworth (she was brilliant in the abuse s/l with Keifer), Kimberly McCullough

Best Style

  • Maurice Benard–no one can wear a suit like him

Worst Style

  • Suzanne Stanwyck: cover your cleavage lady it’s no longer your best asset

Best Storyline

  • Three way tie! Sonny shoots Dante, Kristina abused by Keifer, Sonny and Brenda’s rekindled romance

Best Looks

Best Line

  • Brenda Barrett (to Sonny): I only want to be seen with you
  • Brenda Barrett (to Sonny): I realize now that it wasn’t the absence of someone who made me feel lonely, it was the absence of you

Sonny Corinthos (to Brenda):

  • You were breathtaking

Best Couple

  • Sonny and Brenda

Most Beautiful Couple

  • Sonny and Brenda

Worst Couple

  • Three way tie: Lante, Mac & Alexis, Jolivia

Best self pimped couple:

  • Jolivia

Characters we’d like to see less of:

  • Spinelli, Suzanne, Johnny, Jax

Blogger themes we’re most sick of

  • Three way tie! Soaps are dead, mob violence is bad, Sonny is an evil man whore (Alexis and Liz have kids by three different fathers and nobody gripes about them. In her three years on GH Courtney was married THREE times and had a love child with Nik, yet nobody continually harps about the action she got)

Best Moment

  • Sonny and Brenda see each other in Rome

Best scene watched through tears

  • Sonny and Brenda declare their feelings for one another in Sonny’s old apartment

Best Newcomer

  • Erin Chambers (Siobhan)

Best Martin Scorsese inspired storyline (a la Gangs of New York)

  • Lucky masquerading as Ronan O’Reilly

Best Francis Ford Coppola inspired moment

  • Sonny shoots Dante juxtaposed with Josslyn’s Christening scene

Best John Waters inspired moment

  • Nik’s “Dante’s flashback” hair

Worst place for private conversations

  • Nurses Station

Biggest Mouth

  • Carly

Most idiotic mobster confidante

  • Spinelli

Best renewed friendship

  • Sonny and Alexis

Dumbest character

  • Lulu

Worst Sonny enemy

Worst Sneer

  • Tie: Johnny and Carly

Worst character transition

  • Michael from lion to pussy cat

Worst over-used electronic device

  • Jax’s telephone (he never does his own dirty work because he’s got people)

Worst segue

  • Carly going to bat for Sonny when he went to trial for killing Claudia then turning on him after Dante spilled the beans about Michael

Things we’d like to see in the coming year

  • Sonny/Dante bonding
  • a REAL Sonny and Brenda romance with no interlopers
  • Brenda/Kristina bonding

Things that makes absolutely no sense

  • Sonny is an evil, killer, sociopath mobster who kills people and bad to be in a relationship with  but his hit man who actually kills more people than anyone on the show and is also a mobster is a perfect dreamboat
  • Diane lambasts any woman who is with Sonny but she dates Max who works for him
  • Suzanne hates evil, killer, sociopath mobster who kills people Sonny but LOVES Jason his hit man
  • Helena is a ruthless woman who actually enjoys maiming and killing people but she’s campy and fun! We guess being good at accessorizing trumps all.
  • Tracy hates Sonny for being a criminal mobster but not too long ago SHE was a criminal mobster

Are we biased? Hells yeah! But so is everyone else. Don’t let them fool you.

Have a day!
Moxie and Kumar


Monday, December 6
*Sonny & Brenda are about to make love when they’re interrupted by Carly & Spinelli.
*Olivia & Johnny end their relationship.
*We meet Theo Hoffman.

Tuesday, December 7
*Dante goes above & beyond as Brenda’s bodyguard.

Wednesday, December 8
*Diane tries to convince Brenda NOT to reunite with Sonny.
*Michael is called to Jake’s to pick up an inebriated Dante.
*Dante bares his soul to Michael.
Michael sticks his foot in his mouth with Abby.

Thursday, December 9
*When Lulu discovers Dante hung-over she questions his recent behavior.
*Dante goes to see Sonny, intent on telling him his the full truth.

Friday, December 10
*Sonny Surprises Brenda with a gift!
*Sonny & Brenda begin to make love!
*Olivia and Steve hit the sheets.

Monday, December 13
Carly begs Jason to keep Sonny & Brenda apart.
*Michel confides in Sam about his feelings for Abby.

Wednesday, December 15
*Jason realizes Jerry is involved somehow.
*Jerry shows up at the Jax’s house & proclaims his hatred for Brenda.

Friday, December 17
*LuLu worries that Dante is still in-love with Brenda.
*LuLu might just join forces with Carly.

Tuesday, December 21
12/21 Luke and Tracy’s big day arrives.

Thursday, December 23
GH airs an encore episode.

Friday, December 24
~*~*~ CHRISTMAS EVE~*~*~
GH airs an encore episode.

The following may have come from GHH

Jason and Lucky and Dante add it all up and realize that only one person would be fixated on Sam to such a creepy degree…Jerry Jax. They wonder if he is the Balkan (he isn’t).

Siobhan is determined to be of help to Lucky.

Maya asks Nikolas to ease up on Robin.

Lisa tries to manipulate both Nikolas and Johnny.

Maya tries to avoid Ethan.

Maya fights her growing feelings for Ethan…she wants to keep things strictly business.

Sonny and Brenda go on their date; Carly is not pleased.
After Sonny and Brenda’s date, they consider themselves officially “together”.

Guza explains in SOD that, “We will get to see her happy and we’ll get to see Sonny happy too”.
BUT… “there is also danger, the Balkan, and challenges that neither of them could have ever imagined.”

Spinelli is torn between his loyalties to Carly and Brenda.

Luke questiions Lucky about Siobhan.

Claire seeks out Ronnie’s assistance in her investigation of the Balkan.

Jason comes to Sam’s rescue.

Dante and Jason devise a plan to lure the Balkan out.

Although Michael is slowly opening up to Abby, he is still not ready to reveal his experiences in prison.

Maya threatens Ethan with divorce.

Maya blasts Ethan after learning he “went on a date” with Lisa. Would Maya be jealous over Ethan’s bond with Kristina? Annie Ilonza shared in SOW, “I’m curious to see how this pans out; if Maya notices any bond. I do think Maya has feelings for Ethan so any girl that pops up in the mix would make her a little jealous.”

Johnny blackmails Lisa.
Johnny and Lisa grow closer as his relationship with Olivia falls apart.

Lucky is surprised when Siobhan infiltrates his secret mission.
Siobhan offers Lucky her services.
Siobhan and Lucky uncover some surprising evidence.

Dante goes above and beyond as Brenda’s bodyguard.

After a few drinks, and a memory filled chat with Brenda, Dante bares his soul to someone…
Michael takes Dante’s keys after being called to Jake’s, and drives a chatty Dante home. Dante wakes up hungover, regretful of what he said the night before. The brothers bond as Michael attempts to make him a homemade hangover remedy.

A man approaches Abby in the street, treating her as if they were in a strip club. Michael doesn’t like seeing someone be touched when they do not want to be. Michael loses it when the guy denigrates Abby, saying things like she is paid to be touched–Michael beats him up and knocks him out.

Now that Abby has seen his rage, Michael fears she will never want to be with him again, but she assures him that is not the case. Also, since he is on probation, this could land him in hot water. He calls upon Jason for help.

Kristina angers Michael when she suggests that Abby is only after him for his money.

Michael comes close to screwing things up with Abby when he says the wrong thing.
He makes the mistake of offering to pay for her time! She walks out claiming he is treating her like a prostitute. Later in the week, he asks her out properly.

Michael likes Abby, but he is not sure how she feels about him. Chad explains in SOW, “He is still pretty new to all this, so he doesn’t want to rush things…Abby is someone he can relate to, because she has some things in her closet, and he can be more open with her [than he can be with his sister, for example]. Michael knows that he is not going to get along well with any of the girls in his high school. At 17 or 18, “They wouldn’t be able to handle someone with so much baggage… There are things he can say to Abby that he can’t say to anyone else.”

Passion rises after Sonny gives Brenda a special gift.

Laura (off screen) calls Luke and reveals that Edward contacted her.

Luke faces off with Edward about trying to meddle in his and Tracy’s plans.

Luke begins to get cold feet.

Robin busts Lisa stealing antibiotics for Johnny.

Dante makes a move to bring the Balkan out of hiding.
He sets a trap for him at the hospital. (This may involve Alexander’s body.)

Carly begs Jason for help in breaking up Sonny and Brenda.

Liz is jealous of Nikolas and Brook Lynn.

Carly becomes aware of Abby.

Next week: Part II: a more in depth look at what worked on GH this year and what didn’t.

He can take it–but should he HAVE to? (spoilers)

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Many of us remember the first time we saw Sonny Corinthos on our screens. This darkly handsome man with the deep set dimples, the dark brooding eyes and the sexy smile walked into our living rooms playing a character written to be disliked. What happened next changed the whole idea of who and what Sonny was supposed to be and transformed the soap genre.

This man was able to find a way to make a deeply flawed mobster not only acceptable to many women viewers but a favorite . Maurice plays Sonny with options…you can love him or hate him but few ignore him…or so it seems by all the attention he constantly draws on-line and off. Over the years, Sonny/Maurice has had writing that most would find totally devastating and damaging to their character as well as to the popularity of the actor. Not Maurice! He has been on top for seventeen years as one of the leads on the show.

Sonny has weathered the following:

  • shooting of his wife ACCIDENTALLY during childbirth
  • having his kids kidnapped when they were young because of what he does

and in the last two years:

  • he is responsible for his son being shot and in a coma,
  • his son killing his step-mother and going to jail,
  • almost blowing up his daughter in a car bombing,
  • shooting a son he didn’t know about who happens to be a cop

….and guess what? Viewers still love this guy!!

In addition to his many fans that are off-liners, FB and Twitter are loaded with more fans than ever for Maurice/Sonny (in spite of

Port Charles, New York (fictional city)

Image via Wikipedia

some who dominate on  message boards known to hate the character).  Sonny is doing better than ever, and his portrayer just seems to get better with age. Why? It was pointed out by co-stars that the reason is Maurice. In a recent interview, some of his co-stars commented that Maurice does his job well, is helpful to his peers always, is not near as serious off-screen as he seems on-screen, but most of all his personal charisma carries fans through whatever is written for Sonny. The reaction, as one surfs the net, to Maurice/Sonny is very telling.  Aside from those who hate the character period, there are many fans who don’t care what he does…they love Maurice and who he has put out there as the Sonny is what they care about and root for. Sonny is a bad guy but not all bad…that is what Maurice sells to the masses and what they love to watch IF they are fans. This has come to a shock  and met with consternation with bloggers and some in the soap media who incorrectly read the pulse of viewers or those who felt the need to push their own agendas.   Sonny’s misdeeds is also what haters love to hate and crow about (to no avail). It all works well for GH.

Guza seems to feel that Sonny must constantly be a tortured soul and fans seem to be begging for change. They want a mobster who can coexist realistically with his family and one who can have a layered, more open personality and a decent relationship with a woman. Brenda is back and she could be the answer. Will Guza allow this couple a second chance. Certainly they have a large fan base who would welcome another chance at happiness for them.

One thing is very clear…Maurice has given GH a character that continues to have huge audience appeal and personally, the man is a fan magnet who remains immensely popular. He has earned the recognition, air time and popularity he enjoys.

So I have to ask this question: Sonny/Maurice has proven he can take your ish Bob. But should he have to? Forever? Fans want better writing for Sonny NOW!


As Claire gets involved with Sonny, she tells him she has told her superiors about her conflict of interest and will never be able to prosecute him.

Jax’s warning that Claire is being used by Sonny falls on deaf ears. She turns the conversation around on Jax and brings up his personal vendetta against Sonny and the mistakes he has made along the way.

Sonny admits to Dante that he is only romancing Claire because he is on the rebound.

Robin arranges for Patrick to feign interest in Lisa.

Michael gets into a fight on the first day at school with Kiefer’s friend.  As his guardian, Dante is called in as the school considers expulsion.  Dante tries to get Michael to open up to him.

While Sonny tries to distract himself with Claire, Brenda is dolled up in a wedding gown for a photo-shoot, unable to keep her mind on the present.

Lulu apologizes to Dante for thinking he would break the law to protect Sonny.

Dante stumbles upon Spinelli’s research about The Balkan and reveals he is familiar with the crime lord.

The Balkan’s thugs drug Brenda.

Jax and Carly reunite as a family, but there’s a hitch.

Researching Brenda, Spin finds more than he expected.

Jason and Brenda return to Port Charles.

Together, Jax and Brenda wax nostalgic and reflect upon their past.  Brenda’s secret that she didn’t know she had…is that she knows “The Balkan”.  The problem is that she only knows him by another name.

Dante and Brenda have more in common than just Sonny–a previous crime and a cover-up.

Lulu is not pleased when Dante becomes more supportive of Sonny.

As both Sonny and Dante become involved with the threat of “The Balkan”, Dante will develop a friendship with Brenda. Needless to say, Lulu is not going to be happy about Brenda.

Sonny’s situation with Claire continues. For Sonny, it is mainly about keeping up appearances.  It would not be a smart move on his part to tick off the Federal Prosecutor just because Brenda has reappeared in town. Meanwhile, Sonny has some difficulty dealing with the fact that Brenda is staying with Jason. Although Sam is not thrilled with the arrangement either, Brenda actually encourages the relationship between Jason and Sam.

Lulu’s curiosity is aroused by a box Dante seems to be secretive about.

Week of September 27th
9/28 Carly warns Jason that allowing Brenda to live in his penthouse could jeopardize his relationship with Sam.
Lulu is snatched by The Balkan’s men.

9/29 Brenda tells Sonny that due to her conflicting feelings for him, it would be better if he kept some distance.

10/1 With Spinelli’s help, Patrick arrives to find Robin suffering from hypothermia.

Stone (Michael Sutton!!!) will appear to Robin  at a time when she’s in great peril and in danger of giving up. Stone’s going to have to give her the will to carry on. (Sept. 28th) .  The duo will also talk about their past together, and bring closure to what happened to them years ago.”

Stay Fabulous!

GH: Uncle Bob’s (Guza) “dodge-in” (warning: spoilers)

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02e General Hospital - Side View (E)

Image by Kansas Sebastian via Flickr

Those who promise us paradise on earth never produced anything but a hell.  ~Karl Popper

Every time a magazine comes out lately we get yet another version of all the exciting things Uncle Bob promises us and how Port Charles residents will never be the same.  And then, months later, guess what!!!  There they are all the same,  Jason saving and staring, Sam whispering words of praise to her robotic lover (we take their word for it since we never see it on screen), Carly sneering, screaming and plotting  with one small change…she is getting LOUDER, Kristina hating her daddy and whining and moping about how evil he is,  and Sonny the root of all evil, written in a manner to allow at least four people a week to remind us of Sonny’s arrogance, mistakes, bad choices, and the  self centered evil behavior that Uncle Bob never wants us to forget… and on and on  it goes….Johnny, the misunderstood mixed up pretend “victim” mobster and his faithful companions, Ethan and Momma/lover Olivia,  Dante in  limbo hating his dad, almost liking his dad, between rounds of making love to Lulu.  Robin and Patrick who have a child  that they wish they could enjoy for a few  more months between post partum  depression and an infidelity that draws a crazy one into her happy little home.

Enter Brenda.  Now Uncle Bob says it will be exciting and we get hopeful.  Uncle Bob blackens Sonny’s reputation even more by having us see him shoot liar Johnny in self defense, jump bail and  take a plane to Rome.  Good thing he asked because Bernie was really sending him to Colombia.  For whatever that was worth to any of us.  FINALLY, Sonny and Brenda reunite, Sonny saves her from thugs but is sent home to be with his loving children  some of whom only “love” him when they feel neglected by him.

Meanwhile,  we hear rumblings that Sonny believes Brenda is engaged and done with him and so he comes back and Claire, minus tape recorder we hope, finds her way into his bed.  Is THIS the thing that changes somebody forever?  Nah, probably not.   But wait,  the almighty anointed one hears of impending danger to Brenda and takes his stare over to Rome to frighten away Brenda’s enemies.  HERE must be the part that changes PC forever.  Sam does not like this and may have to speak up for an episode especially if Carly is in the same room screaming at Jason about Brenda.  If Sonny is smart, he is  back in a holding room at PCPD safely out of the danger zone.

Summing up, will Brenda be shared equally by Jason, Jax  (remember him?) or is she really going to be paired with Sonny.  Will Jax bring out the usual Sonny hating sermon, will Carly be jealous of Brenda and if so, will it be because of Jason, Jax or Sonny?  Or all three? Will anyone care?  Many of us are hopeful that SOMETHING  new comes of Vanessa’s return.  Oh and Uncle  Bob says Sonny will return to his original powerful self.  We know better than to trust him on that one because the minute that happens, every one of his kids will have some catastrophe cast upon them that is Sonny’s fault.  Been there and done that over and over.

What we DO know is that Uncle Bob’s promo’s are usually better than the finished product so it’s best not to get our hopes up too high.

So, let’s kick back and watch all the things that will change PC and its residents forever and we can compare them to all the other times when changes were promised and never delivered.

And today’s WTF moment: I don’t have a hearing problem so I know I’ve heard both Jax and Carly yammer on for months now about how they want Sonny out of their lives and/or put in jail and presumably dead if that option is on the table because he was too dangerous to be around his kids . Today we hear Jerx whine that Sonny left devastation in his wake when he jumped bail and Carly was fit to be tied because she wasn’t told of Sonny’s whereabouts.  Shouldn’t this make them HAPPY????

AND EXCUSE ME JAX but if the Corinthos kids are devastated by their Dad’s disappearance doesn’t that mean they’d be equally devastated by his being sent to prison or worse?  Honestly, Carly and Jerx are never happy when it comes to Sonny.  He does what they want by disappearing and they still trash him.

Media call out: in the latest SID, in the article about the Franco location shoot, the mighty Jase is referred to as a cop.  Let’s get this straight, Jason wanted Claudia dead, would love to knock off Dante, is a HIT MAN all of which which I believe make him a criminal.  There is some major disparity in that magazine over how they are constantly calling out Sonny on his mobster-ness and how they view his hit man (mighty Jase).

Stay Fabulous!

Soap Bubbles: the snarkiest soap column on the Internet (warning spoilers)

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Hi! I’m columnist James Ryan White and my column is  Soap Bubbles, the snarkiest  soap column on the Internet.  In this column I will  throw out gossip, rumors, speculation and innuendo about the daytime drama community, showing the people I write about in the worst possible way.    Some of my scoops are true some are not.  You decide which!

Here is the latest!

  • The return of this high wattage soap diva has put the kebosh on not one but TWO couplings planned for this show.
  • Viewers are NOT HAPPY with the current storyline of this Soap favorite and have made themselves heard LOUD and CLEAR. That scratchy sound you hear is frantic re-writing going on.
  • This 90s soap titanic super couple (they put the “uber” in super) are doing a photo-shoot  together AS WE SPEAK
  • This west coast soap actress just renewed her contract for FOUR years!  She cited a  renewed onscreen friendship of a former leading man as one of the reasons why.  Is that all that was renewed?
  • A  super coupling on this west coast soap was recently busted up.  Their portrayers are making it  no secret that they would like their onscreen alter egos  reunited.  Why? Honestly, there’s no reason to keep this twosome on the soap otherwise and they know it.
  • This North American soap blogger only writes the most unflattering articles about this ABC Mega star. Why? Speculation is that this spring, the mega star did a media blitz to promote his character’s storyline.  It seems our blogger is one of the few that didn’t get an interview.  Sorry Charlie! This mega star apparently doesn’t need your “wattage”!
  • This former CBS sitcom beauty had her eyes on the prize: Oprah’s slot in the daytime TV line up, which will be vacated in the Fall when Oprah launches her own network. It seems the pilot show failed to impress the execs.  Honey, we recommend you to keep your chin up and take it one day at a time.
  • Here’s some backstage drama!  Word is it that a certain east coast soap star has fallen off the wagon! What you hear is the sound of her hitting the ground.
  • Daytime ratings are at an all time low!  What to do? I’d love to hear your suggestions on how to save our daytime dramas.  And then I’ll tell you the right answer.
  • Gay marriage! One soap says they’re ready to REALLY tackle this issue. Can you guess which one it is?
  • How many times can I mention the words “Corey Feldman” and “reality show” in my column?? Stay tuned!
  • There is a rumor that this ABC soap is shutting down its cafeteria as a cost saving measure.  Could this move be a game changer for soaps?
  • Weekly inane observation: Why is it on soaps people never watch tv? or eat?

That’s all today bitches.  I’ll be back with more innuendo, gossip and some flat out lies that fit my agenda soon!

Step Lively!


GH Fun Guza Style (some spoilers included)

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There is nobody having less fun than Sonny these days (except perhaps for viewers).  It is a requirement in PC that all residents recognize that ALL things wrong in PC are Sonny’s fault.   Have the guy shoot his son, almost kill the wrong guy because his daughter lied.,  have everyone in PC believe that their part in Micheal’s jailing is really all Sonny’s fault, tell him so whenever possible,  have Mr. Dimples go to therapy with his sulking whiny daughter and lose it, while a faceless, voiceless therapist listens to  whiney, play offense and daddy play defense, neither with any noticeable success.  Also remind the dark evil one that along with all his other crimes, mistakes, misdeeds and poor decisions, he is an abuser.

All this seems to be leading up to Sonny recognizing that he is in denial about residual anger issues dating back to the abuse he and his mother suffered  years ago.,  Now granted, Sonny is the complex dark bad guy on the show who is always the designated hitter when bad mistakes are to be made, but Guza is on massive overkill right now and needs to start spreading the “always wrong” wealth around more.

Guza is not done with Sonny yet, he is pouring another glass of “dumb juice” designed to make Sonny try yet another caper of horror, planting a car bomb.  Why?  Because self centered whiney moper is hooking up with even more self centered dim bulb mobster sneering Johnny Bravo (otherwise known as the “victim  mobster”  badly misunderstood and mistreated ) .  Johnny sees a way to use Prissie Krissie to his advantage thus getting revenge for her while hurting her dad emotionally as well as professionally.  These two crazy kids are just so darn exciting  or so thinks Guza but will it almost backfire and send eager Ethan to the rescue just in time?   Will anyone really care?

Big news on the female front…Brenda returns and will she be for Sonny?  Will they create a quad with Carly, Jax, Sonny and Brenda that can send herds of viewers seeking “viewer therapy”.  Will Brenda still be married to Stone Cold and have to bump currently crazed Spinelli out of the pink room?  Is Carly capable of being any more of a lunatic than she is being right now when she gets a gander at Brenda back in PC?  Will Jax divorce Carly, propose to Brenda again, see her kissing Sonny and dump her again?  Can any of this be written NEW and INTERESTING this time around?

Can’t wait!

Stay Fabulous!

Over active Action Verbs

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Good news reporting on any topic dictates that a writer should not impose his/her personal views on readers.  As  Bill Moyers once said, “A journalist is basically a chronicler, not an interpreter of events.”  Straying from that path puts a reporter on the road to “sensationalist journalism”.  To insure that the tenants of good journalism are met, a news article must be  written clearly and concisely using simple words.

In the past month I have read articles in the soap rags er mags with an overabundance of  “action verbs” .  Action verbs imply just that:  action.  I can’t imagine any situation in an interview where the following action verbs apply:

  • Zamprogna winces
  • Grahn sighs

Zamprogna winces? Seriously? Really?  Besides conjuring up visions of Senor Wences what kind of question would elicit such a strong response on the part of the interviewee?  People wince they’re hurt  or when they are deflecting something.   More appropriate verbs might be:  Zamprogna asserts, states, replies, shares…  you know, an action that might actually occur during an interview.

Grahn sighs?  Come on! People sigh when they’re  mourning or  yearning over something or expel their last breath. I can’t even remember the last time I sighed.  It was probably over a piece of chocolate cake in the grocery store or watching a Youtube video about kittens. But during an interview when you are discussing your next story arc?  More appropriate verbs might be: Grahn replies, responds, acknowledges, affirms or stresses.

So Soap rags er I mean mags, stick to the basics and stop pummulting (how’s that for an action verb?) me with these inappropriate action verbs!

Keeping it real!

Ca ‘Shay