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The only limits are, as always, those of vision (spoilers)

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Sonny Corinthos

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Here’s why Sonny fans shudder when marriage comes up for our guy.  We need only to remember Sonny’s last two attempts at wedded bliss.   “Almost” married Sonny watched lovingly as crazy AZ pumped a round of bullets into his betrothed, Kate.  This failed attempt cost Sonny all of his remaining friends, his kids, his business and his fiance.    In order to regain his power, his territory, his ability to protect himself against his enemies,   Sonny was then written to join forces with AZ by entering a Marriage of Convenience  with Sheena, Mistriss of the dark (Claudia), a woman not above cutting holes in condoms, having sex with Sonny’s brother in his home., concealing the fact she hired a guy who plugged a couple of bullets into Sonny’s son while missing his original mark, Sonny,  and hiring psycho Jerry, brother of  long time foe Jax, to kidnap Sonny’s kids.  And yet when Sonny belittled her publically one would think the Virgin Mary was being attacked.  Guza somehow thought this would draw in new Sonny fans by the boat loads and tickle the fancy of his long suffering fans.    Wrong again,  Bob.

Not far enough down the ladder for Sonny though…after Claudia’s demise, why not have Sonny shoot his son point blank, almost blow up his daughter, have his son raped in jail because he brought dark Claudia into their lives, and worse yet, have the sneering  annoyingly cocky Wiley Coyote as his  nemesis for months.  Despair was not only Sonny’s to experience, his fans were hiding in caves, forests  and canyons if necessary just to avoid watching the worst writing Sonny consistently experienced in years.

Now, it seems like Sonny and Brenda’s fans have awakened from a long sleep to find themselves in a strange fairy land wondering how long the miracles and good dreams will last before a  horned toad awakes them and reminds them that this is just  a setup….draw the fans in and serve the cake first and THEN  unleash poisoned  morsels of doom, chipping away swiftly and thoroughly all the wonderful balanced writing,  replacing layered, likable and most of all sensible Sonny into with the nightmare Guza  calls his dark god father.  Guza’s Sonny is written  to sail barware around while sitting in a dark room brooding and drinking… only to revert back to a vengeful angry, guilt ridden man when Guza decides to turn happy Brenda into a walking talking target for both the Balkan and Franco.  At least this is what Sonny fans have grown to expect.

Here’s a novel thought …fake out the audience and the good and bad guys….DON’T separate the happy new bride and groom…that’s old and overdone.  How about actually letting them fight through this mess TOGETHER ?  No, this is Guza so I guess we prepare for blown up cars, Sonny depressed over Brenda being missing or dead….and visions of sugar plum fairies being replaced by the usual heavy handed gun battles and contrived  heroic rescues by the Almighty one, Jason, and righteous helpers,  Lucky and Dante.  After all, Sonny needs to be in Port Charles welcoming the daily round of critics telling him how he is once again to blame for everything bad in the world  all led by their director and  White Knight Jax , possibly backed up by his loud fanged partner, Carly.

This is a call to order for all Sonny, Brenda and S&B fans to let Guza know that this has  FINALLY been a beautiful union of two people we love to root FOR and could we please at least allow them some time together to be happy before the invasion of locusts, stampeding elephants and evil spirits are loosed upon us sapping out every last ounce of joy.  We love our favorites and we love them together.  Can we have some time please to continue to watch a smiling Sonny and  a happy Brenda not only at their wedding, but working through problems TOGETHER.  They can be troubled, threatened, whatever it takes, but just give them some time together for a change. The only limits are, as always, those of vision, Bob–YOUR vision.

We have not seen Sonny this relaxed, in control and smiling broadly in years.  Brenda is beaming and their love is being shown to be unconditional.  We know it is a soap that will test that love and their strength as a couple but hopefully Sonny can be written to continue to grow as a father and a husband, and Brenda can find some happiness in between gun battles and kidnappings.  Please, Mr. Guza, don’t mess this up this time around.

Stay Fabulous!



* Johnny and Lisa get passionate.
* Patrick tells Robin how he feels about her.
* Brenda and Dante face the music.
* Will Shawn agree to switch sides?
* Jason gets a phone call from Franco.

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~DAILY SPOILERS~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~


* Johnny and Lisa get passionate.
* Patrick tells Robin how he feels about her.
* Brenda and Dante face the music.
* Will Shawn agree to switch sides?
* Jason gets a phone call from Franco.

*Sonny’s wedding ring turns up missing!
*Dante and Lulu reconnect at the opera.
*Dante & Lulu make Love!
*Brooke Lynn’s singing touches Nikolas.
*Look for a bit of comedy when Max comes upon Spin and Diane.
*Jason and Sam celebrate.

Tuesday, February 15
*Sonny discovers the identity of the wedding saboteur!!!!
*Robin and Sonny talk about love life and happiness before the wedding.
*Sonny has a job for Max and Milo.
*Molly begins to show signs of improvement.
*Carly wonders what Theo is really up to.

Wednesday, February 16
*Sonny promises Brenda he will protect her no matter what!
*Sonny plan to have Carly kidnapped to get her out of the way of the ceremony.
*Robin asks Patrick to cover for her at GH so she can help Brenda prepare for the wedding.
*Jason, Sam, and Dante share theories on the possible identity of the Balkan.
*Robin, Kristina & Molly help Brenda get ready for the wedding!
*Luke worries about his Daughter.

Thursday, February 17
*Dante, Sonny and Michael bond before the wedding.
*Even Robin cannot calm Brenda’s fears that something will keep her from marrying Sonny.
*Spinelli urges Carly to reconsider.
*Excitement is in the air as Kristina, Molly and Michael prepare for Sonny and Brenda’s wedding.
*The Balkan makes his final preparations.
*Kristina invites Ethan to the wedding.
*The Balkan identity is revealed!
*Spinelli realizes who the Balkan really is and may be too late.

Friday, February 18


*Molly learns the Balkan identity, putting her in a perilous situation.
*Patrick shows up for the wedding, to Robin’s happiness.
*Robin tries to recruit Edward to walk Brenda down the aisle when Jason is a no-show.
*Max and Milo try to delay Carly.
*Carly foils Sonny’s kidnapping plans & arrives at the ceremony just as Brenda is about to walk down the aisle.

Monday, February 21
*Shawn prepares to snatch Brenda; he takes Sam hostage.

Tuesday, February 22
*Dante and Brenda try explaining their past.
*Edward walks Brenda down the aisle?????

Wednesday, February 23
*LuLu punches Dante!
*Kristina asks Ethan to dance.

Thursday, February 24
*Sonny and Carly welcome Abby warmly, which pleases Michael.
*Dante tries to take responsibility for everything.
*Shawn comes to Carly’s “rescue”.
*Tracy is ticked at Luke for not protecting Lulu from heartbreak.

Friday, February 25
*Sonny gets a MAJOR shock!
*Franco Appears

Monday, February 28
*Franco Appears

Tuesday, March 1
*Kristina admits she has feelings and long term plans for Ethan.

The following Spoilers may have come fro GHH

Sam and Jason receive the pregnancy results. 

Dante and Lulu have an interesting date at the opera.Sonny can’t find his wedding ring.

Brenda and Sonny talk with Suzanne…where’s that smile now?

Sonny learns the identity of the wedding saboteur.

Sonny has a moment with his sons.

Jason and Sam are suspicious of Theo.

Lulu and Luke tie on their aprons at Kelly’s.

Carly is a woman on a mission.

Sonny and Brenda’s wedding will air from Feb. 18th to the 25th.

Tracy tells Dante to leave Lulu alone.

Franco shows up briefly for two episodes, on February 25th and February 28th.

Franco’s return will tie into Michael’s story since he is the one who had sicced Carter on Michael in prison. He will target both Michael, and Jason (through Sam).Guza is writing Franco’s scenes himself. In SOD, he explains, “It will involve all sorts of things. First of all, he’s [ticked off] at Jason. Remember,Jason is not sending him love notes with little happy faces. Jason’s not e-mailing him or texting him or calling him–and Franco doesn’t like to be ignored. This is not OK with him. If Jason would just pay attention to Franco, everything would be fine. People wouldn’t have to die, weird stuff wouldn’t have to happen. Jason just doesn’t get this relationship thing. The other thing to keep in mind is poor Mrs. Franco. Karen didn’t get to keep Liz’s baby. Franco loves his mama and he loves babies, too. He’s great with Josslyn. Remember, he doesn’t want to disappoint his poor mother, so he definitely has irons in the fire.”

Siobhan is stopped when she tries to re-enter the the States; Lucky once again brings up the idea of marriage.

Nikolas confides his regrets to Brooklynn at the wedding.Kristina admits she has feelings and long term plans for Ethan.

Patrick and Robin bond.

Jason notes something is not quite right with Sam.

Sam takes a turn for the worse.

Liz explores the possibility that Aiden’s could be Lucky’s after all.

Lucky reassures Siobhan that even if Aiden were his it would not affect their relationship.

(The Kidnapping)

Shawn sets out to abduct Brenda; Lisa and Johnny have sex

(The Past is Revealed)
Sonny’s actions surprise Brenda; Shawn has a change of heart.

Lulu punches Dante out on the 23rd

Spinelli discovers the identity of the Balkan as Molly finds herself in danger.

Johnny and Lisa have a heart to heart that leads to sex.

Sonny and Brenda reunite the first week of March.

Just Blame Sonny

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