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“You aspire to great things? Begin with little ones.”

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Writing soaps is  tough.  One viewer’s dream is another viewer’s nightmare.   People watch soaps for a number of  varied reasons…habit,  entertainment, boredom,  romance, adventure.  They root for good guys and for bad guys .  The viewers all think their favorites are the best and find fault with those they hate.  That’s good.  That’s as it should be.  Interest breeds discontent and disagreement and that is the stuff soaps are made of.  Now let’s take a look at  what General Hospital  is serving up to its viewers right now  as the last of Bob Guza’s writing plays out on our screens.  We think for now change should be simple, subtle and exhibit some much needed character growth.  This would work better than some jarring “insta” plot changes or story lines (we got that with Guza remember? He promised HUGE changes and we got them: bombs, shoot outs, mob wars out the wazoo, lots of loose ends, etc ) Stories should be character not plot driven

For starters we will concentrate on the big three, the most popular on the show and unmistakably  recognized as the leads. There is no point in explaining all the wrongs Guza put out there  because he insisted on writing characters the way HE saw them instead of  the way fans wanted to see them.

Guza saw Sonny Corinthos  as the eternal bad boy and because he was a lead, he chose never to punish him legally and write believable stories, but instead  to use his mental illness and kids to punish him for years, thus depriving the character of the layering and story line that could have been so much more entertaining.  The man portraying Sonny is gorgeous.  He is sexy.  He is funny.  He is immensely capable of giving us a well rounded Sonny combining his dark side with his light side and he needs to be written that way.  Stop using kids to punish the man.  Allow him to find a way to combine the mob with family life and bring GH’s mob into the  2lst century or find a way to get him out because mobs do not even remotely resemble this “dangerous daddy mobster can’t be with kids” stuff and haven’t for years.  Give it a rest once and for all.  Let this man deal with mob related problems while including meaningful family interaction.

Knock the Jason Morgan shrine down and keep it down.  The man in Guza’s eyes was supposed to be brain damaged yet he could cure anyone, save anyone, counsel anyone, kill anyone, and still be God’s right hand man up there, miles and miles above all other characters on the Guza worship altar.   When  Jax is given dialog that curses the evils of Sonny while saying “Jason is a nice guy” it darn well is time for Guza to leave.    Jason is a killer.  Sonny is a mob boss.  Both have good sides.  We need to see the balance and to stop feeling sorry for Jason for every hangnail while punishing Sonny for doing the same things.

Under Guza Carly Roberts Bensen Quartermaine Corinthos Alkazar Corinthos Jacks

Sonny Corinthos

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has been a runaway train.  Nobody really wants to be in her way or even watch where the train is going, yet she has been so obnoxiously written that often one can’t turn away simply because it is so ugly to watch, so annoying to watch, or because when you least expect it, a small watchable side appears.  Carly needs to give up the bull in a China Shop approach and  once and for all just plain grow up.  Stop the cutesy entitlement act and show some character development.

These are the three that Guza boxed into their own little corners giving them little room for growth or entertainment…just way too much one dimensional stereotype writing.    It would seem now that a new writer is coming that some think an invasion like red ants of endless Quartermaines on the attack will “save” the show.  Will it?  Or will it turn off as many as it turns on?  GW says he wants more romance, fun,  secrets, triangles,  and balance.  Will he want to reunite old couples and try again?  Will he continue to bring back the old golden oldie bunch and hope nostalgia can turn this show around?  Will we just keep bringing in more and more old characters while dumping present ones?

Here’s a suggestion…go easy on trying to please the grumblers who have NOT watched throughout this mess…who did NOT stick it out but chose to leave while the brave stayed and put up with Guza.  Don’t mess too much with the present characters, just give them some breathing room and some believable writing for a change.  Sonny is not completely evil, unstable and unlovable….ask the  huge fan base of men and women who love their bittersweet mobster. They believe in him.  It is not necessary to canonize  Jason weekly and tell us how great he is constantly.  Carly can be Carly without the sneers, screaming and constant annoying meddling.  The rest of the cast needs believable writing as well,  not contrived ups and downs that do nothing but break up every couple on screen endlessly.

If there is  a possibility of ANY couple actually being happy together, stop breaking them up immediately .  Pushing triangles will do just that and this viewing audience is sick of broken relationships complicated mainly by third parties.  Spread some happiness  and believability around for a change please.

Stay Fabulous!


Monday, July 18
*Brenda tells Sonny she is leaving him.
*Dante rescues Lulu from Javier’s violent actions.
*Carly, Kristina and Ethan set out to find the missing Morgan, Molly and Josslyn.

Tuesday, July 19
*Carly wins sole custody of Josslyn!

Thursday, July 21
*Brenda leaves town!!!!!!

/18 Carly, Kristina and Ethan set out to find the missing Morgan, Molly and Josslyn.
Lulu struggles against Javier as things get totally out of control.
Brenda tells Sonny she is leaving him.
Dante rescues Lulu from Javier’s violent actions.

7/19 It’s a guessing game as to who will show up for Aiden’s first birthday party.
A decision is reached in Josslyn’s custody.
Jason and Sam grow closer.
Carly wins sole custody of Josslyn.

7/20 Maxie helps Jason make a special purchase.
Lucky tries to stop the drama between Liz and Siobhan.

7/21 Brenda leaves town with her son, Alec. (Vanessa Marcil Giovinazzo’s last airdate)
She leaves on a much happier note than two others who stay behind in PC: Sonny and Carly.
Jason and Maxie make preparations on the roof top.
Jason proposes to Sam.

7/22 Sam makes a heartfelt decision.
Liz tries to help Lucky with a case.
Anthony surprises Abby with flowers.

Monday, July 18
*Brenda tells Sonny she is leaving him because of JAX!
**Carly, Kristina and Ethan set out to find the missing Morgan, Molly and Josslyn.
*Kristina remains set to accompany Ethan to Vegas.
*Lulu struggles against Javier as things get totally out of control.
*Dante rescues Lulu from Javier’s violent actions.
*Lulu takes care of the Bordello in true Spencer fashion

Tuesday, July 19
*Sonny is determined not to lose Brenda!
*Sonny, Brenda, Carly & Jax face off as they await the judge’s verdict.
*Carly wins sole custody of Josslyn due to Jax’s arrest.

Wednesday, July 20
*Jax plans to leave town.

Thursday, July 21
*Brenda leaves town!!!!!!
*Brenda catches Sonny & Carly in a situation!
*Brenda gives Sonny make the rings!
*Sonny is heartbroken as Brenda makes it clear just how over their relationship is.
*Sonny goes to see Robin & Carly!
*Devastated & heartbroken Sonny receives little comfort form Robin & Carly!
*Jax says goodbye to Michael, Morgan * Joss.
*Having proven losers in love, Jax and Brenda leave Port Charles together.
*We see Brenda on board a plane with two surprising passengers.

Friday, July 22
*Dante and Lulu leave Florida and find themselves in a cave on Cassadine Island & their NOT alone!!!
*Asher continues his efforts to cause problems for Michael.

The following may have come from GHH

Spinelli and Maxie experience a bit of deja vu when they find themselves once again hunting for a dropped engagement ring.

Sonny takes off after Brenda leaves Port Charles.

Sam accepts Jason’s proposal, and Jason DOES put a ring on it!

Jason and Sam are interrupted by Monica after she learns about Jake.

Jason and Sam consider the impact their engagement may have on the other people in their lives.

Siobhan begins experiencing headaches and may have other symptoms…but of what?

Lucky and Siobhan continue to argue.

With Lucky preoccupied with Siobhan, Liz seeks out Jason after another flashback of Jake;
Sam is there.

Liz and Monica discuss Jake.Lucky and Liz have a close moment.Lucky is beaten while pursuing the prescription drug case.It looks like Asher is the one stealing medication from the hospital.Carly learns about Jason and Sam’s engagement from Liz.Robin and Patrick disagree about Carly.Robin and Patrick make full use of the hospital’s facilities. (Love in the afternoon!)

Helena gets flirtatious with Dante.

Helena knows where Luke is!

Michael and Abby try to locate Sonny.

More romance ahead for Steve and Olivia.

Expect to see more interactions between Anthony Z. and Tracy Q.

Lulu and Dante will join others (including Johnny, Sonny, Olivia, Steven and Kate) in Bensonhurst.

Anthony will try to draw Sonny back to Port Charles.

Siobhan gains a new confidant.

Look for shades of very early Luke and Laura (no, not the infamous rape) with Ethan and Kristina.

Robin Christopher (Skye) returns to Port Charles the week of August 1.

Although not yet officially confirmed, all signs point to Stuart Damon reprising his role as the late, great, Alan Quartermaine when the character returns as a “presence” who will be seen now and again.

Expect to see a lot of Tracy, Helena, Robin and Patrick, with some Monica thrown in, during the first few days of the new head writer’s material (which begins on July 26th). We should see more of the Quartermaines and more of Patrick and Robin (dealing with their professional differences/natural competitiveness).

Look for important character development in the relationship between Sam and Alexis.

Kristina ask Johnny to fire Ethan

Sonny  leaves town after Brenda leaves him, not sure if they will show him on screen or now, but he is missing for the whole week

GH: Ch-ch-ch-ch-Changes (Turn and face the strain) (spoilers)

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Guza is out, Garin Wolf is in.  Did GH take the easy way out or will we actually get a fresh approach?

It has been easy for  years to dump all that we hate at the feet of Bob Guza.  After all, he was responsible ultimately for what played out on our screens.  His ideas, his interviews, his same biased vision of characters who often had so much more layering possibilities were what structured the story lines and characters .  Jason was always right, heroic to the core, the root-for hit man who could save anyone, anytime, any way  in Bob’s eyes.  Sonny, was always written to be the dark mobster, the guy who was to blame for all the wrong stuff,  all the dangers to his kids, all the wrongs in relationships.  Carly was written as the GH female centerpiece in everyone’s business, loved and hated at the same time by some but always smack in the middle of everyone’s lives and always landing on her feet while tromping over the lives of those around her.

One can go down the line and see Guza’s vision stamped on each character and unfortunately there was little room for layering, change or surprise.  There were good times and bad times.  The good times only served to show the audience that this writer was capable of so much more but it was , more and more, the exception instead of the norm.  There are no villains on screen on any soap because they appear too often, because some are more popular than others, because one person’s favorite is another persons most hated character, because this is standard scenario for all soaps…the true crime in any soap occurs when the writing betrays the character integrity, the stories become unacceptable or unbelievable and worst of all when the audience can predict the outcome BEFORE it even plays out because it is so redundant and predictable.

The bus doesn’t stop with Guza though.  It rolls on  leaving viewing victims out there more and more often,  because  cost cuts, poor choices and  changing times are now what dictate network programing.   Changes can be tolerated and  understood, double talk, half truths and outright misleading viewers cannot .  We are being told GH is still not slated to be cancelled.  Truth?  Probably not.  We are being told that Guza was fired  and we will have a better, more innovative exciting GH.  True?  Well we have a writer who has been with the show for l5 years, worked through the writers strike and under Bob Guza.  If the show is to remain on the air, we should see strides of moving forward, a network that listens to its viewers, and changes that are constructive but do not necessarily reflect massive cost cuts or fan pressure…just plain good improved writing.   If this does not happen,  we will be smart enough to recognize that this was just a  head writers’ replacement  caused by  in house restructuring ,  designed  to clear up GH’s own internal problems and we will see the show eventually cancelled.

In the meantime, with massive budget cuts, will the show opt for  honesty, quality and improved integrity toward its viewers?  Will the actors and actresses finally get some character driven writing instead of nothing but  disconnected,  rushed plot points that offend every character and viewer far too often?

Cover of a 1904 adaptation of Humpty Dumpty by...

Image via Wikipedia

Time will tell.  GH has a chance, whether they are cancelled or stay on the air, to make some constructive, HONEST, changes, bow to pressure from no one, just write a show that entertains and shows some balance and imagination.   Or will GH continue to pander to a new audience and ignore the fan base they already have? GH viewers who have stuck with the show THIS far should be given some consideration..

They need to do a lot better than what was done with the Sonny and Brenda pairing,  and so many other pairings that are either in limbo or a state of catatonic boredom.  Since we know VMG is leaving will tptb give S&B an ending they (and the S&B fans) deserve or another round of “Sonny’s life is too dangerous” crap? Honestly, Brenda has proven that she is perfectly capable of getting herself (Luis, Suzanne, the Balkan) in hot water. And with Jason and Sam pondering having a child of their own, the whole “Sonny’s life is too dangerous” argument is absurd.

Please no more mob wars.  The mob doesn’t work that way–they only go to war as a last resort. Another mob war story is not needed to move the story forward. Sonny’s inner conflicts and those he has with his family are much more interesting.

Please don’t slap Sonny and Carly back together for the 666th time.  Sonny and Carly work much better as friendly Exs who have each others’ backs. Please don’t throw Sonny into a new relationship the minute VMG is gone.   Let the man grieve the end of the relationship with the love of his life.  Let him spend some time with his kids.  Let him spend time with his friends: Robin, Luke and Alexis (relationships we CARE about).  Let him just BE for awhile.

One hopes GH will not take the easy way out and try to just slap Humpty Dumpty couples back together (like Sonny and Carly–Ackkkk) as in days of old and then jump ship.  Viewers deserve a lot more for staying with this show.

Stay Fabulous!


Tuesday,May 31
*Sonny and Brenda fight over how they handled parenting Kristina.
*Brenda & Kristina have a conversation on the docks.
*Johnny offers Michael a job in the Zacchara business.
*Michael and Abby comfort each other.
*Johnny witnesses Anthony killing the hit woman.
*Lulu learns that Luke signed in…and out…of the rehab on the same day.

Wednesday, June 1
*Kristina asks Dante to convince Sonny she can date Ethan.
*Anthony unleashes a ghoulish plan to mess with Sonny, Brenda and her son.

Thursday, June 2
*Brenda and Sonny discover a dead body.

Friday, June 3
*Sonny tries to reassure Brenda he will do everything in his power to keep her safe.
*Shawn slugs Jax.

Monday – June 6th
Ethan finds Maya in bed with another man
Brenda asks Sonny to give the business to Jason, but he explains why he cant and then they make love
Jax will try to use the punch he receives from Shawn in court against Carly
Shawn tells Carly the secret what happened to him in military
Jason worries that Carly will loose custody because of him, and starts wondering if he should quit the mob
Lulu has a fight with Lucky and starts drinking
Siobhan and Lucky track down Luke

Tuesday – June 7th
Ethan goes to DR to get a divorce
Jason goes to investigate a blown up shipment
Dante and Lulu make love
Lulu starts to get perspective on Luke’s addiction
Luke went to Bordello where he grew up in
Jason and Sam discuss if he should leave the mob, if they will be having a baby, but Sam maintains that leaving the mob wont bring Jake back
Spinelli, Maxie and Robin with Patrick hit the Jake’s
Matt saves maxie when she starts to choke on her drink

Wednesday – June 8th
Anthony tries to get Abby to work for him
Jason convinces Michael is a bad time to join the mob
Liz starts to grief again when she sees Patrick and Robin with Emma
Spinelli dreams of being a gumshoe
Matt helps out Maxie with Crimson

Thursday – June 9th
Ethan’s day gets worse when Kristina gets on the plane and announcing she is going with him to DR as a witness to his divorce
Ethan and Kristina a forced to share a room
Molly tells Alexis and Sonny about Kristina’s trip and they jump to a conclusion that they are getting married
Sonny, Carly and Alxeis make plans to celebrate their kids graduations
Abby tells Michael that she is considering taking Anthony’s offer
Michael fins a letter that he was accepted to PCU, even when he never applied
Steve and Olivia start packing Jake’s stuff
But when Liz gets home she flies into a rage, and later on she sees that she is acting irrationally
Johnny lies to Patrick and Robin
Anthony helps out Lisa

Friday – June 10th
Ethan and Kristin enjoy their spare time at DR
Parents fly to DR to find them
When parents get to DR they try to get in time to object to the wedding
Dante challenges Jason about what example he is showing to Michael
Lulu gets into argument with Jason about Luke, while Maxie hold Jason’s side
Lucky confronts Luke
Maxie tries to talk to Lulu

The following may or may not have come from GHH

Is this the end for Lisa? According to Jason Thompson in SID, Lisa is, “relentless and tenacious”.
Kimberly McCullough says ,”You can’t catch her, you have to outsmart her but that’s difficult. So they try to catch her off-guard.”
Johnny gets a call from Lisa, but he refuses to help.
Just when you think their nightmare is over there are two stunning twists for Robin and Patrick and Johnny.

Anthony plots to use Brenda and her son to weaken Sonny.

In an ugly scene, an inebriated Luke rips into Lulu when she tries to clean up. This will be a turning point for Luke.
Luke tells the Spencer family that he will go to rehab but he fights Lucky’s request to go to rehab that night. Lucky takes drastic action to ensure Luke makes the trip.
Tracy takes Luke to ShadyBrook

In SOD, Julie Marie Berman explains that Lulu, “lacks the passion for [working at Crimson and fashion] that she sees in her co-worker, Maxie. She feels liberated letting that go and having the freedom to pursue something else in life.” Yet, “…what’s driving her is that she believes her father will be proud of her for taking it upon herself to get the casino back in running order and have it be a successful, profitable business by the time he gets back from rehab. And not only will her be insanely proud of her, but he’ll want to work with her and it’ll give them something they can share and something that can hopefully strengthen their relationship. That is really the motivation behind trying to run the casino.”

Lulu also, “feels extremely out of control, and everything she has been doing since Jake’s accident has been geared toward managing people’s behavior and trying to force forgiveness among the family members. Her motivation is really about controlling this situation that’s so out of control for her. And I think taking on The Haunted Star is till about trying to control her father when he gets back – controlling their relationship, strengthening their relationship, keeping an eye on him and being there for him. She’s just completely lost, and these are big attempts to seem like she has everything covered and she knows what she is doing. But it’s really just these crazy attempts to make everything comfortable again.”

Liz counsels a mother whose son was hit by a car and brought into General Hospital.

Liz loses it in front of Siobhan.

lucky, Nikolas and Aiden bond together at Kelly’s, still unaware of the child’s true paternity.
Maxie and Siobhan reveal to each other that each is aware of Aiden’s true paternity.
Ethan and Kristina grow closer as he helps her through withdrawal.

Sonny forbids Kristina from having any contact with Ethan after hearing her discuss Ethan with Brenda.
Sonny and Brenda’s friction increases as Brenda tries to rationalize Kristina’s behavior.
Sonny’s threats don’t achieve the desired response from Ethan.

Lexi Ainsworth shares in SOD that, “People forget that Kristina is 18. She’ll be 19 in November. Ethan is only like 5 or 6 years older than her.” After the debacle [with Sonny], Krissy turns to Maxie and gets a makeover. Lexi just hopes fans are on board with the idea of Kristina and Ethan as a couple.

Watch for Spinelli’s heroics in mid-June as Lisa’s story wraps up .
The following summer previews are from Guza in SOD. Since he has been replaced as GH’s head writer, there is no way of telling whether they are still completely accurate:
“Michael and Abby take an offer from Edward to work at ELQ, while Kristina has her heart set on Ethan, no matter what anyone says or does.”

“Morgan is going to react significantly to what happens between Carly and Jax, and also watch for Shawn to play a major role in this family.”

“Lulu and Dante embark on a ‘Luke and Laura’ adventure to find the last vestige of her father. This is going to be an emotional journey for Lulu, and she will definitely be needing Dante’s support as she tries to unlock how she loves her father and what that means about her future.”

“Meanwhile, we are going to see the truth of Aiden’s paternity finally revealed, but it’s not going to work out the way you think it is, and Siobhan may be in danger for what she knows … i.e., look out for Helena’s return, along with a few more surprises. You are going to like what you see.”

“Big events at the hospital. Everyone is involved and more than one person is going to put on a new hat, both literally and figuratively. You thought Lisa was a challenge for Patrick and Robin? Watch out for Robin, chief of staff!”

Sam is hesitant to accept Jason’s proposal. She will not give him an answer right away.
Maxie quizzes Liz about her feelings regarding the idea of Jason becoming engaged to Sam.
Jason and Liz will share some scenes around this time…they will be supportive of each other;
the subject of Jake will come up again.