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Bubba Buddy blogs about Sage’s Blog

Posted in Bubba Buddy, Soap Operas on December 8, 2009 by ghblowhard

Um, I just read Sage’s Weekly Blog. It was awesome.   Um The GH part was good.   He wrote about Jason’s worst nightmare. He writes about the mob and how he hates it a lot. Oh, my mom needs me to help her with something.

Exclusive! Bubba Buddy blogs about Michael Fairman’s blog

Posted in Bubba Buddy on December 2, 2009 by ghblowhard

Um Michael Fairman put up a blog about Laura Wright the other day.  Um,  It was about her appearance on A View From The Bay and about um her um family’s wine business. It includes a video. It was awesome.  Oh-and um two thumbs up. Oh my dad is calling me. Bye!