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“Ain’t No Sonshine When He’s Gone” (warning: spoilers)

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Sonnysmilegif“Ain’t  No Sunshine when Sonny is Gone”

This blog was going to be a blog about the best and worst of last year for Sonny Corinthos and his fans.  The problem is, there was very little “best” and overwhelming “worst” which really is a drag.  Let’s take a look at Sonny last year.

Maurice , as always, made the most of the least, and we do mean least, because while some can count up a series of one minute or less episodes and  make them sound like air consuming magnificence, the fact of the matter is, Sonny’s air time was spotty, disconnected and often either totally supportive of stories for others or totally lacking in substance.  Little was in the way of a Sonny driven story.

Let’s do the “best” first since it is so brief and easily described.  These writers improved the demeanor  and sense of  controlled caring that Sonny now has.  For a bit he was less isolated but now it seems he lives in a gym , never talks business, has a new friend since he lost Jason, and his kids like him when it suit’s the writers or hate him when it supports their story but other than that who on this show gives a damn about this guy really?  He lost his best friend, and fellow mobster of many years, and we are told infrequently that Sonny misses him.”  That doesn‘t even begin to cut who REAL Sonny is and has been for years.  He, as far as we know, is still a mob boss, OR IS HE?  If so, why is he not investigating, retaliating, doing SOMETHING Sonny like? But instead, he gets to fight  a returning loser for a grown son, chase around after a mentally ill woman, begging, forgiving and taking every nasty thing thrown his way by  Connie and her little band of nitwit helpers.  If this was the best of Sonny, let‘s look at the worst..

Sonny is mentally ill and he knows Connie needs help.  As one who is bipolar, he also knows that while unsuitable  behavior is a part of mental illness, when it hurts others it is not forgivable simply because one is ill.  There are consequences that go with the things Connie is doing to herself and others.  Time to write in some  tough love and give Sonny his own life back while Connie realizes she needs help.  Constant loyalty, like a blind lapdog, is NOT helping Connie or Sonny or his fans.

Meanwhile last year, we saw Sonny save Dante’s life and take a bullet.  We heard that ONCE when it happened.  How many times though have we heard again how Sonny shot his own son.  Sonny was framed and went to court over the tire shooting Johnny convinced Kate to admit to.  Sonny stood by Kate all year, while Connie ruined Sonny’s parties and wedding and flirted with, slept with and blackmailed sleaze balls who got twice the air time with Connie that Sonny did.

Sonny Corinthos

Sonny Corinthos (Photo credit: victoriabernal)

An entire year for Sonny was made up mainly of following Connie around like a puppy, trying to get her some rejected help, AND to add insult to injury, they dumped the loser from hell on him so he could support an AJ story which did nothing to further Sonny’s presence on screen at all.  An entire year was spent with Sonny losing any kind of romantic existence on screen, being insulted and  humiliated by an alter of the woman he loves.

Sonny needs to be redefined NOW.  Sonny fans want answers to some hard questions and they need answers now because ALL Sonny fans are not Skate fans or couples fans period.  They are Sonny fans and want Sonny driven stories.  They are NOT getting them.

Is Sonny still in the mob?  Is it some kind of SECRET?  Does Sonny care that his money was transferred.  Since they allowed him no part in pursuing Jason’s killer, will he simply be told it was Faison…and  “okay, time to move on?”  This is how a 20 year SaSon relationship ends?

Does Sonny believe that he is disloyal if he reams Connie a good one, sets her free and tells her to come and see him when she wants help and until then she is on her own?  Because this blatant rubbing other guys in Sonny’s face is grating on not only non-Skate fans but on fans of Sonny and KATE as well.  It has to stop soon because Sonny fans simply are tired of going in circles  with Sonny driving no story of his own.

In summary, define who and what Sonny is now and start writing for HIM.

Does Sonny care that his money was transferred.  Since they allowed him no part in pursuing Jason’s killer, will he simply be told it was Faison…and  “okay, time to move on?”  This is how a 20 year SaSon relationship ends?

Does Sonny believe that he is disloyal if he reams Connie a good one, sets her free and tells her to come and see him when she wants help and until then she is on her own?  Because this blatant rubbing other guys in Sonny’s face is grating on not non-Skate fans but on fans of Sonny and KATE as well.  It has to stop soon because Sonny fans simply are tired of going in circles with Sonny driving no story of his own.

We need answers and protection of the integrity of this character.

Stay Fabulous!


*Maxie at first thinks she didn’t miscarry the Lante baby..
*Britt assures Maxie that this is a new baby, not Lulu and Dantes.
*Maxie realizes that she is having Spinelli’s child.
*Maxie decides to stay silent and give this baby to Lulu and Dante.
*Spinelli tells Ellie what happened on NYE with Maxie. Honesty is the only way.
*Luke is back, and Anna fills him in on what happened in Switzerland.
*Luke is there for Anna, but Duke is patient and understanding.
*Anna and Sonny share the confusion they feel over their respective love lives.
*Luke asks Anna for another chance.
*Olivia stops by to see Connie.
*Connie thinks Sonny sent her to keep an eye on Connie.
*Olivia tells Connie she is wrong, and why she is really there.
*Connie is softening toward Sonny.
*Emma sees Sabrina at Kellys, and is overjoyed.
*Patrick has to tell Emma that Sabrina won’t be watching her anymore.
*He fears he scared Sabrina off by the almost kiss.
*Emma tells Patrick she doesn’t like Britt when Patrick offers to her to lunch.
*Britt has a plan to win Emma over.
*Patrick talks to Liz about Sabrina.
*Britt gets mad when Emma refuses to befriend her.
*Emma disappears!
*Sabrina tells Liz that Felix told her to find someone new.
*AJ tells Carly that he told Michael about her attempt to get him to drink.
*Maxie lets Spinelli go so he can stand by Ellie.
*The fight for ELQ heats up.
*AJ has a weapon to use against Tracy.
*Tracy goes to Sonny for help in dealing with AJ.
*Sonny takes the high road and tells Tracy no..he won’t hurt Michael like that.
*Ned tries to help Tracy..but he may be too late.
*TJ asks Connie to give Molly her book back.
*Kristina rejects Starrs offer of comfort.
*Michael goes to Johnny with questions about Tracy and the Solieto’s mob.
*Johnny has the dirt, and the proof to take Tracy down.
*Has Tracy been lying about the state of ELQ’s financial health?
*Sonny has genuine feelings and concerns for Connie.
*Epiphany is mad at Felix, and it shows.
*Carly can’t get over Todd.
*McBain gets back to work.
*Olivia has a new vision about the baby.
*Kristina is out of her mind with grief and confronts Connie.
*Things rage out of control and Kristina is arrested.
*Carly has a strange reaction when a discussion of Quartermane heirs comes up.
*Todd get to court, and does something nobody expects.
*Sam finally gets to get in Todds face.
*Carly wakes up in Todds bed and fears she slept with AJ
*AJ messes with Carlys head for a bit.
*Carly ends up crying over Todd in AJ’s arms.
*Carly still loves Todd..
*Michael hears Tracy gloat over beating AJ.
*AJ sees a way to outmaneuver Tracy and Michael offers to help him.
*Michael distracts Tracy as AJ makes his move..
*Tracy is not fooled.
*Sabrina has concerns about the Nurses Ball..Felix reassures her.
*Felix asks Carly if the MetroCourt can host the Nurses Ball.
*Hungover Carly is helped by Felix.
*Carly pulls herself together and gets ready to face Todd in court.

Maxie assumes that she didn’t miscarry when Britt reveals that Maxie is pregnant.Britt assures Maxie that the baby is not Dante and Lulu’s child. Maxie realizes that she is carrying Spinelli’s baby Maxie is desperate to keep the truth from Dante and Lulu. Spinelli wants to be open and honest with Ellie before they move ahead with their relationship. Anna tells Luke about the events that transpired in Switzerland. Luke warns Duke that he hasn’t given up on Anna. Luke asks Anna to give him another chance. Anna and Sonny commiserate with each other about their complicated love lives. Connie suspects that Sonny asked Olivia to keep an eye on her. Connie softens towards Sonny when Olivia explains the real reason that Olivia stopped by. Emma is excited when she spots Sabrina at Kelly’s. Patrick explains to Emma why Sabrina cannot continue to babysit her. Patrick fears that he scared Sabrina off. Emma makes her feelings about Britt clear when Patrick suggests an outing with Britt. Britt makes plans to get Emma to like her. Patrick talks to Elizabeth about Sabrina. Sabrina confides to Elizabeth that Felix advised Sabrina to find someone new. Britt loses her temper when Emma rejects Britt’s attempts to befriend her. A.J. and Michael decide what their next move will be. Tracy and Ned plot to outmaneuver A.J. and Michael. Michael gets Johnny to reveal damaging information about Tracy’s connection to the mob. A.J. warns Carly that he told Michael about her attempt to get him to drink. Tracy begs Sonny to help her. Todd tells Johnny about his latest plan to avoid jail time. John advises Sam to give the justice system a chance to work. Epiphany is not pleased with Felix. Kristina rejects Starr’s attempt to help her through the grief. Kristina’s anger fuels her resentment towards Connie. Maxie has a choice to make when she learns that Spinelli and Ellie are over. One of Alexis’ daughters ends up in jail. A mystery person lurks in Port Charles. Todd and Lucy might be the key to each other’s problem. John arrives at a deadly crime scene. Liz drops by to see A.J. at the right time. 1/22 Maxie considers using her pregnancy to win Spinelli back. Maxie makes a deal with Britt. Anna and Sonny discuss the state of their romantic lives. AJ has surprising plans for Duke. 1/23 Luke discovers the real Duke has returned and claims to be Duke’s rival for Anna’s affections. Connie thanks Sonny. Spinelli has a lot of explaining to do. Emma tells Patrick that she doesn’t like Britt. 1/24 Britt vows to get Emma to like her. Epiphany holds a grudge against Felix. Todd tells Johnny that although he knows he is in hot water, he knows how to get out of it. AJ and Michael scheme. 1/25 Starr offers Kristina comfort, but is pushed aside. Sonny agrees to aid Tracy in her fight against AJ. T.J. tries to help Molly out with an impassioned appeal to Connie to give her back her book. Ned warns Tracy of impending trouble, but is he too late? Michael and AJ stick it to Tracy.Connie suspects that Sonny asked Olivia to keep an eye on her.Connie softens towards Sonny when Olivia explains the real reason that Olivia stopped by(to show off her engagement ring).Spinelli wants to be open and honest with Ellie before they move ahead with their relationship.When Luke first sees Duke upon his return he is not aware that the real Duke has been rescued, so he thinks he is dealing with Faison, that should make for an interesting encounter. Anna tells Luke about the events that transpired in Switzerland. Luke warns Duke that he hasn’t given up on Anna. Luke asks Anna to give him another chance.Britt assures Maxie that the baby is not Dante and Lulu’s child.Emma is excited when she spots Sabrina at Kelly’s. Patrick explains to Emma why Sabrina cannot continue to babysit her. Sabrina confides to Elizabeth that Felix advised Sabrina to find someone new. Michael gets Johnny to reveal damaging information about Tracy’s connection to the mob. A.J. warns Carly that he told Michael about her attempt to get him to drink.John advises Sam to give the justice system a chance to work.Maxie is pregnant again, and Spinelli is the father. Will she lie or come clean? Maxie intends to have Britt implant another embryo so she doesn’t have to tell Lante about the miscarriage. When Britt tells her that she’s pregnant, Maxie assumes that she never had a miscarriage to begin with. Britt tells her that in fact, she’s become pregnant again- something Maxie thinks is impossible until she realizes that it is not. Maxie is torn, realizing that the truth would win over Spinelli’s heart but break the hearts of Lulu and Dante. According to Carlivati, in SID, old Maxie would have seen this as a way to get Spinelli back; she does flirt with the idea. But is it possible that Maxie that has grown up over the last year? It seems like Spinelli has made his choice, so it becomes, “if she’s not going to tell Spinelli, why couldn’t this be Lante’s baby that she was supposed to be carrying?. It’s a question of whether Britt will keep the secret, since Lulu is also Britt’s patient and she therefore owes confidentiality to both. Anna opens up to Sonny and they discuss their romantic lives. Things have been spiraling out of control for Anna since she learned that Robin died. They didn’t get any better when she ignored Luke and Robert’s dire warnings about Duke. According to Finola Hughes, Anna has made some bad decisions. Her guard was down and she was compromised. Losing Robin destroyed her and everything Faison did disturbed her profoundly. She wanted to believe that there was someone there for her because she was living in a world where Robin didn’t exist anymore. Hughes doubts that Anna will come back from it any time soon. She doesn’t trust herself with police work, she sees Faison when she looks at Duke. Hughes shares that when Anna [eventually] learns the truth about Robin, she doesn’t know what will happen or how she will react, it could push her over the edge. Who will be there to catch her?Who will Tracy and AJ recruit in their effort to defeat one another? Carlivati reveals that it begins when AJ and Michael dig into Tracy’s use of mob money to help finance ELQ. This leads AJ to think that Johnny might have dirt on Tracy. Michael pays a visit to Johnny in jail and asks him if Skye was right about Tracy’s mob connection, and if so, can Johnny help prove it? The answer to both questions is yes.  Will Johnny’s knowledge of the Quartermaine ties to the mob prove to be the key that gets him out of his current troubles?Tracy and Ned do some scheming of their own. Although Lucy is the person they need to persuade, there is another wild card that comes into play and it involves Carly. AJ has a run-in with Heather, who makes a cryptic comment about Edward’s will and how there is something that could shift the balance of power one way or the other. Wondering what that could be, AJ mentions that they know all of the Quartermaine heirs- which causes Carly to have a reaction. Although both Ned and AJ take note of it, they don’t know what it means. Neither AJ nor Tracy will be putting all of their eggs in one basket, they are trying a variety of tactics. Tracy goes to Sonny because he hates AJ and if there’s a way he can help, she’ll take it, but will Sonny want to help? He may not be willing to risk his relationship with Michael and getting involved in this could do just that. Meanwhile, AJ enlists someone else with a history in the mob, someone who is connected to one of the most notorious men to have ever set foot in Port Charles via one degree of separation (Duke Lavery). Duke is trying to rebuild his life and gets involved with ELQ.  But who will he side with, Tracy or AJ? Regarding Kevin’s relationship with Lucy Coe, Jon Lindstrom explains, They’ve had a very rocky relationship. But its only rocky because they are such polar opposites. In fact, he has some very good speeches coming up about how those opposites make them better people. But ultimately for them to live together…its really challenging.” 1/28  Patrick panics when Emma goes missing while under Britt’s care. Kristina lashes out at Connie and blames her for Trey’s death. Maxie has a decision to make about her secret when she finds out that Spinelli and Ellie broke up. 1/29 Connie cries in Tracy’s arms over Trey’s death. Alexis is devastated when her daughter goes to jail. The search for Emma continues and things get ugly when accusations start flying regarding the little girl’s disappearance. Could Lucy and Todd be the answer to each others’ prayers? Michael and Starr beg Connie to drop the charges against Kristina. 1/31  Sonny and Connie go toe-to-toe, will he finally be able to break thru her thick head? Will Lucy’s surprise visitor, who makes a surprising announcement, save the day? John receives a strange call. Patrick wants little to do with Britt after Emma’s disappearance. 2/1  Britt is poised to tell Lulu something about the baby Maxie is carrying. McBain is back in action with a homicide case for the PCPD. Spinelli brings Ellie home. AJ and Elizabeth continue to grow closer, with AJ sharing his frustration over the ELQ developments. Britt tells Lulu that there is something she must know about Maxie’s unborn baby. Michael begins to choose between Sonny and AJ. A mystery person lurks in Port Charles.

Be true to your Goom-ba

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There’s all kinds of Sonny fans out there, the ones we will concentrate on in this blog are the hardcore, long time, loyal Sonny/Maurice fans.  They watch regularly when they love a story line, watch regularly when a pairing is not to their liking, and most of all, they STICK it out when , like this fall,  and during the Dante shooting and car bombing, the Sonny character heads south for months of constant on show bashing.  Still these fans do not stop watching even if during exceptionally hard to watch segments, they watch clips only.  They have earned the right to CARE.  They have earned the right to praise WHATEVER it is they like and to complain about WHATEVER it is they hate.  They have been in the trenches for years never giving less than l00% support to Maurice.  This blog is not being written to bash, criticize or put down any other fan base, so we won’t.  We want to remain as positive as we can in our support for Maurice.

We would like to discuss what we are seeing and hearing from SFF/MFF’s whose only concern is Maurice not pairings,  story lines, personal wants. Whether this show is cancelled or not, these fans want the very best writing for Maurice/Sonny.  Their first priority is NOT which woman ends up with Sonny, how well SHE will be written, and how it must be THEIR favorite couple.  Many S&B fans experienced first hand this summer that even a very popular couple cannot save horrid writing.  What the SFF/MFF’s want is some enhanced growth in the Sonny character, not one small step forward and ten giant steps backwards.  There well may be no  time for such nonsense if Sonny is to be written as a layered character treated with the same respect Jason gets as a mobster, and allowed to enjoy his family, some friends and  utilize the many assets Maurice personally has that are constantly squelched because of the one dimensional writing for Sonny.

I am getting the feeling that Sonny fans will fight hard for the integrity of their character over any pairing or story line.  They want  a strong

Salvadoran American

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Sonny in command, with family  ties that mean something, and something other than just being a mob boss.  Get that restaurant up.  Show that home for children going up and representing  some growth for Sonny.  If there is a woman, let it be on even ground…no saves, no constant lectures and put downs and a give and take relationship that WORKS.  It is far too late to continue to sing the tired old song about Sonny being a mobster and thereby deserving nothing in this life.  Before the show goes off, bring this mobster into the modern world of mobsters…the ones with homes, family, friends, strong ties to modern society and get rid of this archaic view that we have lived with for far too many years.

Right now there is very little buzz supporting any current spoilers because everything is subject to change pending a cancellation announcement…or not…and what the new regime wants for the show in general.  One thing is apparent.  Maurice has saved the Sonny character time and again with his sensitive portrayals and now it is time to give this character some upbeat decent writing.  We are NOT seeing it right now as we digress back to the same old  repetitious recital of Sonny wrong doings.  There are break through scenes off and on with Nancy and Kelly but not near enough.  The rest is the same old  gloom and doom.  Wash. Rinse. Repeat.  Sonny needs more than fighting the Z’s over and over and listening to Carly lectures and Michael rantings.  The scenes with Kate have been well done, but will they last?  A lot depends on these writers.

This week we got some interesting news as four members of the now defunct soap OLTL are crossing over to GH for a story line all centered around Sonny. That’s a start in the right direction IF Sonny is written well and layered and is not used as one big punching bag for everyone on the canvass to crap on.

Also this week we were given a hint that GH may be cancelled.  If that is true then GH better give the character of Sonny Corinthos and Maurice Benard their due.  Maurice has been on the show 19 years and let’s face facts he carried the show for a good many of those years and STILL is popular and considered one of the stars of the show.  He was part of TWO super couples who defined the show in the 90s and the first decade of the 2000s: Sonny and Brenda and Sonny and Carly.  The fact that Sonny is a character still standing is due largely to Maurice because the writing since about 2007 on sure has done him NO FAVORS. Sonny’s staying power is due to Maurice who managed to evoke sympathy from the viewers during some of the most horrendous and stilted writing for his character.  If GH is to end then tptb better give Maurice and the character of Sonny the respect and honor they deserve.  That means give the man what he wants!  Give us the old Sonny back, not the Sonny used as a foil  and not the Sonny where unsavory story lines are piggy backed off him to prop other characters. In the 90s Sonny as a character stood quite well on his own. He didn’t need to be propped. He didn’t need Jax, Jason, AJ, Ric, Johnny,  Alcazar, or Trevor–they needed HIM. So GIVE him his due and acknowledge his loyalty and staying power on this show. Give him him respect and dignity.  If that means Maurice wants to end the show with Sonny and Brenda (we don’t know that for sure but both Maurice and VMG have said in interviews that’s what they would like) then make that happen.  If he wants Sonny to end up with SKate so be it.  If he wants Michael Sutton back for a scene give him that! Bring back Mike Corbin!

Give Sonny’s long suffering and loyal fans something too.  Give us OUR due for supporting Maurice and the show all these years even if we didn’t like what we saw happening to the character. Fix things between Sonny and Robin! Make Sonny a root for character again! Give him an adventure and a story line where we can see all aspects of Sonny’s character.  Make his friends treat him with some loyalty and respect. Give him some light stuff! And most of all: Get him a freaking LOCK for his door!

Stay Fabulous!


1/13 Sam hopes and prays for a miracle.
Robin calls Patrick but Patrick suspects that she’s not where she says she is.
Elizabeth and Patrick have a heart-to-heart.
Michael becomes more like his father.
Sam shares her pregnancy test results with Jason!

Week of January 16th1/16 Patrick has some straight up questions for Robin.
After an intense verbal sparring match with Johnny, Sonny is found by Shawn.
Lulu and Ethan clash; she has no idea what’s going through Ethan’s head.
Maxie has a proposition for Matt.1/17 Robin and Patrick discuss her health and the new drug protocol.
Ewen focuses his attention upon Liz, much to Matt’s displeasure.
Carly and Johnny make plans.
Tracy grows more upset by recent events.
Kate second-guesses her relationship with Sonny.
Shawn meets a new face in Port Charles.1/18 A jealous and displeased Maxie confronts Liz.1/19 Johnny comes across something truly shocking;
Johnny sees Michael with a gun.
Tracy is faced with a critical decision.1/20 While Sonny is paying Johnny a visit,
someone steps into his shoes by taking on a father-figure role with Michael.
Luke delivers Sonny some startling information.
Robin returns home.1/23 Jax has an offer for Kate; Jax departs town (Ingo’s last day).
Jason and Sam look to Dr. Lee for answers.1/16/2012
General Hospital
(The Crush)
Lulu questions Ethan about the object of his affections; Maxie has a proposition for Matt.
General Hospital
(The Plans)
Kate second-guesses her relationship with Sonny; Shawn meets a new face in Port Charles.
General Hospital
(The Gun)
Johnny sees Michael with a gun; Tracy is faced with a critical decision.1/20/2012
General Hospital
(News)Luke delivers Sonny some startling information; Robin returns home.

Sonny has big news.Johnny and Anthony have a major argument.Alexis accidentally makes Sam upset.Michael challenges Dante and Delores.Jason pulls Sam into his arms.

Anthony makes an ultimatum.

Edward has a moment with Luke.

Maxie calls out Lulu.

Carly finds herself in a passionate moment.

Spinelli gets unsettling news about a fire.

Someone is following the women of Port Charles.

Alexis suspects that Helena had something to do with Molly’s disappearance.

Ethan seeks out Spinelli for help in uncovering Cassandra’s past.

Jason and Alexis warn Helena to stay away from Sam.

**Alexis is afraid Helena took Molly**Spinelli works on the mystery of Cassandra’s past.**Jax and Kate have a talk and he makes an offer.**Meet TJ, son of the man Shawn killed by mistake in Iraq**Jax gives Michael advice

**Luke’s back in Port Charles

**Ewan does a psychological profile for the PCPD on the Stripper Killer.

**Michael buys a gun and wants to find the Stripper Killer himself

**Carly and Johnny work together–and MORE!?

**Franco and Jason: bang, bang

**Kate has a visitor she knows TJ

**Tracy is trapped

**Molly and TJ connect

**Ewan warns Cassandra to stay away from Ethan

**Robin comes clean with Patrick

**The wedding starts but has a major interruption.

**Helena is waiting in the wings

**Maxie and Spinelli do the “woman behind the man” photo shoot

**Molly starts wondering about her Cassadine side of the family

**Matt loses a patient.

**Lulu drinks and gets depressed about her lack of career aims

Revenge and runaways.

Shawn finds Sonny struggling to survive while Jax flees the scene with a gun. Michael is also running around with a gun that he wants to get rid of. While his mother continues looking for leverage on the Zaccharas, she also makes plans to spend the night with Johnny.

The turmoil continues for Jason and Sam over their latest run-in with Franco. Spinelli finds more information about the artist while Sam has nightmares about him. Jason is off dealing with Sonny and his plan to get revenge on the Zaccharas. Things could go in a different direction after Luke tips his old friend off with some shocking news. Sonny runs off to see Johnny, who is in the middle of slapping skin with Carly.

Shawn runs into TJ, the son of the man he accidentally killed. He takes him under his wing and TJ instantly finds a friend in Molly but he’s less friendly to Shawn after learning that he works for Sonny. Over at the hospital, Patrick goes into shock when Robin is gone. He refuses to believe what Liz tells him. When Robin returns to town, her husband demands the truth. And Jax manages to corner Michael and attempts to give him some advice before it’s too late.

Ewen attempts to get Cassandra to open up about her past. Ethan shows up to try and romance her, which doesn’t sit well with her doctor. Across town, Maxie asks Matt to move in with her but he seems far more concerned about Liz and Ewen getting close. Meanwhile, Tracy gets trapped on a boat with Anthony and has to finally decide if she will actually marry him. As they head down the aisle, the wedding hits a snag.

NE week of Jan 23
Sonny has big news.
Johnny and Anthony have a major argument.
Alexis accidentally makes Sam upset.
Michael challenges Dante and Delores.
Jason pulls Sam into his arms.
Anthony makes an ultimatum.
Edward has a moment with Luke.
Maxie calls out Lulu.
Carly finds herself in a passionate moment.

RC’s dream goal is for one last adventure umbrella story impacting the Spencers, Scorpios, Cassadines, and Corinthos clans.

ABC Press Release on OLTL/GH crossover

ONE LIFE TO LIVE’s Howarth, DePaiva, Easton & Alderson To Cross Over To GENERAL HOSPITAL
Frank Valentini, executive producer of GENERAL HOSPITAL, announced today that Emmy Award-nominated Kassie DePaiva and Emmy winner Roger Howarth, along with fan favorites Michael Easton and Kristen Alderson, will reprise their “One Life to Live” characters and head to “General Hospital” as part of a new storyline for the multi-Emmy Award-winning daytime drama. Production begins late January 2012 in Los Angeles.

“We have a very exciting story planned for the citizens of Port Charles, with Sonny Corinthos at the center of it! I am confident viewers and fans alike will be excited for the arrival of John (Easton), Starr (Alderson), Blair (DePaiva) and Todd (Howarth),” said Valentini. “Incorporating characters from ‘One Life to Live’ continue the legacy of the show as we weave them into ‘General Hospital.'”

With many television, film and stage credits to her name, DePaiva played the role of beautiful Blair Cramer on “One Life to Live” since December 1993. In addition, she played good-girl Chelsea Reardon on the daytime drama “Guiding Light.” Horwath returned to portray Todd Manning on “One Life to Live” in 2011, a role he originated from a day-player to a compelling long-term character. Performing at many prestigious regional theater centers, he has many theater credits to his name, and in addition appeared in the television series “Prey” and in the primetime teen drama “Dawson’s Creek,” as well as the daytime drama “As the World Turns.”

Easton joined the cast of ABC’s long-running “One Life to Live” in 2003 as John McBain.
A published poet, he also played vampire Caleb Morley on the ABC daytime drama “Port Charles,” among many other television and film credits. As for Alderson, she continuously played the role of Starr Manning on multi award-winning “One Life to Live” since March 1998, the precocious young daughter of Blair Cramer and Todd Manning.

Garnering eight Daytime Emmys in 2011, “General Hospital” airs at 3:00 p.m., ET, 2:00 p.m., PT on the ABC Television Network, and on SOAPnet at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT. Winner of a record-setting 10 Emmys for Outstanding Daytime Drama, the program celebrates 49 years of broadcasting on April 1, 2012, and is the longest-running dramatic serial on ABC, having aired close to 12,500 episodes. The show is produced by Time Square Studios for ABC Daytime.

“General Hospital” was created by Frank and Doris Hursley. Frank Valentini is the executive producer. Mary O’Leary, Mercer Barrows and Michelle Henry are producers. Ron Carlivati is the head writer. Full episodes of “General Hospital” are available on immediately following its air on the network for users to watch online.

Destruction better result in Reconstruction (warning spoilers)

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Soap  fans have favorites.  That’s how it is always.  Favorites they REALLY  love, favorites they love to hate, and favorite they REALLY hate.    Every one else pretty much falls into  that daily routine of mild /  moderate interest to  downright indifference.  But  one thing is clear during “hard times” for favorites,  the fans watching suffer every bit as much as their favorite character.  Right  now on General Hospital Sonny fans are hanging on by a  thin thread, biting finger nails, closing eyes, skipping scenes and counting weeks to see when their favorite can return to some normalcy and start turning things around.  It is painful to watch a character you love fall apart a little more every day, do some horrid things and know that it will be a long road back.

GW is spinning a tight tale here, interspersing a bipolar disorder  theme with a visit inside of a mobster’s mind, slowly being twisted more each day due to the lack of chemical balance caused by stopped medication and the natural violent disposition and thought process of a mobster.  They overlap more each day as the stoppage of  badly needed medication takes it toll, clouding for viewers  the issue of where the stopped medication ends and the self destructive natural violence of the mobster begins.  Clearly, Sonny is on a violent bipolar spiral which clouds his judgment and intensifies his violent side.

It is clear that fans will choose sides according to agenda, but in all fairness, the blame game if it must be played at all starts with the  patient who refuses his medication.  After that it is a  frightening spiral into hell for viewer and patient as the results of that action cloud common sense and intensify violent reactions.

Haters will use this story line to spin the blame game and hide behind terms like “free pass” but the fact is that nobody riding out a bipolar breakdown is a winner nor is he getting a free pass.  He has by his own bad choice put himself inside the gates of his own private hell.    The other side of the coin is the tendency for fans to want to excuse ALL of Sonny’s choices and blame it on his disease.  That is just as bad because the whole purpose of this trip to hell and back is to educate people about the disease not to excuse it’s character for making bad choices.  Those must be separated and dealt with along with the bad decision to stop medication.  GW has his hands full but he has one ace in the hole and he knows it….a multi-talented, courageous, knowledgeable actor who happens to have experienced this himself and is doing an amazing job of showing a truly torn,  self destructive, confused, frightened man whose tough façade erodes more daily as he falls deeper into the emotional destruction his disease and his choices have resulted in.

One only hopes that viewers stop worrying about winners and losers and see what is the real story here.  Sonny we are told will lose everything and believe in nothing, he will be stripped of his dignity, humiliated publicly and his character will start to find ways to heal.  That is the real challenge here.  Fans have been mesmerized by Maurice’s performance, his ability to show a vulnerability beneath the horrendous decisions and actions of Sonny as his mental health crumbles.  He shows how cleverly one minute Sonny can still hide  his mental state and then within moments fall deeply into a state that is clearly disturbed and confused.

Maurice once again put himself out there to show this side of the disease.  He and his fans deserve to see a light at the end of the tunnel, hope and layering for a character that has been extremely hard to watch if one loves that character as his many, many fans do.  Please, GW,  reconstruct and improve when this is over because the journey has been a very, very hard one for many Sonny fans who love this character.

When the healing starts, please allows us to see CHANGE and layering, to enjoy more of Maurice in the Sonny character, a man who combines charm, humor, romance and family love so appealingly.  Give us hope for making this long ugly journey.

Stay Fabulous!


Tuesday, August 23
*Sonny seeks solace in the General Hospital chapel & stews in his greatest regrets.
*Sonny is able to get Michael to see his point of view.
*Kristina lashes out at Sonny, but he sees something is wrong.

Wednesday,August 24
*Abby calls Michael out on his irresponsible support of Sonny over Jax.
*Abby and Johnny learn they have a lot in common.
*Things get ugly between Sonny & Abby!
*Sonny & Abby don’t hold back the verbal punches.
*Dante arrives to find Sonny & Carly fighting over Jax.

Thursday, August 25
*Mac comforts Alexis as she morns Jax.

Friday, August 26
*Things come to a head when Michael annoys his mom by taking Sonny’s side.

Monday, August 29
*Michael sides with Sonny!

Thursday, September 1
*Something is “off” with Kristina!
Kristina gets ill.

Friday, September 2
The hospital has 2 medical issues it has to deal with!


*Kristina is upset with Sonny.

*Lulu eavesdrops on Lucky and Dante

*Carly and Alexis discuss Jax and Sonny.

*Shawn and Carly get closer.

*Something is wrong with Kristina.

*Lucky and Lulu argue.

The following spoilers may have come from GHH

Siobhan manages to leave a note in the aftermath of Anthony’s attack.
Elizabeth fears Lucky will blame her for what has transpired.
Lucky doesn’t see Siobhan’s note.
Lucky later battles the urge to succumb to his addiction.
Matt helps Elizabeth cover when Steve confronts them about the missing drugs that Elizabeth used to help Lucky while he was going through withdrawal.
Matt finds the message (on a pillow?)

Lucky and Elizabeth go down a familiar path in the wake of the murder.

Maxie attempts to bring back “Spinelli”, by bringing The Jackal, P.I. to Georgie’s grave.
“There’s a lot more going on with him than meets the eye, ” says Bradford Anderson in SOD.
For a brief moment, Maxie’s plan works, and an emotional glimmer of Spinelli shines through but it doesn’t last, and Spinelli’s condition is about to get a whole lot worse.

Bradford Anderson explains in SOW that he’s thrilled with the dramatic shift in tone for Spinelli. “He’s losing himself in many ways, and that’s what I’m really interested in playing. Garin said it’s going to go to a dark place. Spinelli’s got a long and winding road ahead of him, and it’s not necessarily good. It’s very clear that he’s headed in a direction that is very dark. There is something really wrong with him, and the possibilities can be really interesting. ”

The Jackal, P.I., decides to take up residence in a dumpster for 24 hour surveillance of the bakery.
The Jackal suspects that the bakery’s name is a clue.
He could actually be on to something at Luzetta’s Bakery.

Diane breaks up with Max with Spinelli sitting between them, while on a stakeout.

Anthony and Skye continue to plot against Tracy.
Johnny arrives in time to overhear Skye and Anthony scheming.Unaware of Jax’s hidden retreat, Carly faces off with Sonny for being a murderer.
Carly prevents Sonny from seeing Morgan, and threatens to put Morgan in military school.
Dante happens upon Sonny and Carly fighting about Jax.Alexis confronts Sonny over Jax.Abby and Michael have had a solid relationship, but this week, cracks begin to show. Andrea Bogart previews in SOW, “The difference in their age is being played out now. Abby is really in love. She cares for somebody and wants to stay in that world, but she’s fearful now of what Michael may or may not do. He’s in a place of soul-searching and figuring out what he likes, what he doesn’t like, where he’s supposed to be. Abby made a lot of mistakes and went down some bad roads that she’s trying to get herself out of. And, it’s that nurturing thing that women often have. They want to save someone else from making the same mistakes they made, and I think that’s what’s playing out, which is ironic because it’s the same thing they connected on – that they both have been through so much. It will be interesting to see how it plays out, to see if he comes into his own and realizes that he doesn’t have to follow in any footsteps. He can make his own path.”Later, a dejected Abby crosses paths with Johnny, and the two discover that they have more in common than they had previously realized. “Brandon and I were just talking about this. We were laughing: He and I are from the same parts of the world. We both grew up in the Midwest. We followed the Cardinals and all that kind of stuff. It was interesting taping that day. It was like, ‘Hmmm, I wonder what they’re doing right now.’ Every time I get a script, it’s exciting to see who I’m working with and what kind of underlying tones there are to it. I love working with Brandon, so we’ll see what happens. They’ve laid some potential possibilities there.”Despite his recent seizures, Jason begins to conduct business from his hospital bed. Sam puts her foot down, and the two share a romantic moment as they plan their wedding.Robin shocks Jason when she explains the cause of his seizures.
Apparently when Jason was in the car accident (the one with AJ years ago), something flew up his nose and lodged into his brain and has been floating around ever since!
“Robin explains that a particle from the dashboard of AJ’s car went through my nose and migrated to my brain. It’s now trying to force its way out. They have to operate to get it out of its going to get worse.”, explains Burton in SID.Maxie brings Sam’s engagement ring to the hospital as everyone waits on Jason’s outcome.

Jason is quite the womanizer in some of the upcoming dreams.
Carly’s dream takes place inside Jake’s Bar and involves “take charge” Jason and jukebox “action”!
Liz dreams that she’s an artist and Jason’s an architect who is free-spirited and likes to travel and dream.
Sam’s involves Hawaii, bad guys and Jason to the rescue.
Monica dreams that Jason is a doctor who just became Chief of Staff and that Alan is alive.Steve Burton shares in SOW, “We do a whole thing from their perspective of what their fantasies are of how I wake up and who I am. In Monica’s dream fantasy, I’m who she thinks she wants me to be, and it’s the same thing for Carly, Sam and Elizabeth. It’s going to he so cool because I get to play basically four different characters, besides my own.”In SID, Burton says, “I pictured the way Jason Quartermaine would be. He’s almost a combination of Jason Quarteraine and AJ.”Leslie Charleson speaks of her delight to see Burton reprise the role of Jason Quartermaine, who was on the fast track to becoming a doctor before a car crash at the end of 1995 changed his life path. “It was wonderful to see Steve have more words than me for the fist time since I’ve known him. I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed working with him in that capacity. You couldn’t get the smile off my face.”Charleson is also thrilled with Stuart Damon’s re-appearance. “It brought back so many memories for us,” LC smiles. “We got a glimmer of those days gone by, with all the fighting and all the craziness, which was such a gift … You’ll see that Jason’s wearing a stethoscope in those scenes. Well, they first suggested a doctor’s coat and they grabbed Stuart’s old coat, but between Steve’s shoulders and Stuart being taller, it didn’t quite work out.”Liz and Jason fans will also get a glimpse of what might have been had Jason and Lz gotten together. “All I can say is, be careful what you wish for,” teases SB.Matt helps Liz out in a tough situation by replacing the medication.Carly and Alexis discuss Jax and Sonny.Kristina is upset with Sonny.Johnny asks Ethan to get info on Skye for him.

Kristina reacts with tears and takes off after overhearing Ethan flirt with Skye
while downplaying Kristina.

Kristina collapses after running out of the Haunted Star!
Worse yet, Anthony Z. is the first one to find her!

After overhearing Dante and Lucky talking, Lulu is hurt that Dante kept the truth from her regarding Lucky having been drugged.
Lucky and Lulu have an emotional argument.

Carly and Shawn grow closer.

Michael and Edward bond as they wait for news about Jason

Spinelli makes an emotional visit to Jason’s bedside as Sam sits vigil.

Sonny and Anthony cross when Anthony tries to visit Jason.
Patrick interferes and in doing so, makes a big mistake.

“Steve Webber has some secrets of his own…he is not as “perfect” as he seems.Ethan will have a really fun adventure and Lulu ends up involved since she’s always wanted to be like her parents.”Sonny gets in so deep, he can’t pull himself out. It will remind him of his childhood, when he had no power at all.” The key to Sonny getting out of his dark place is in his own hands; Kate will play a big part. She’ll open some old doors and some new ones.According to Garin Wolf, Regarding Sam and Jason’s wedding. “It’s nothing the audience expects, and its nothing that Sam and Jason expected, either. It’s romantic, fun…but there’s always someone who might just drop in. Before [Franco] is through, he’ll throw in the whole toolbox!” As for a baby, there will always be baby talk between them and there will be important baby talk.There’s heartache, redemption and learning ahead for Liz and Lucky.
Siobhan will have a profound effect, but not how you might expect.Luke returns to see the damage he caused. “Luke thinks he knows how to fix [the damage he’s done]. He’s going to get one of the biggest curve balls of all.”There’s a hush-hush secret happening with the Cassadines–even the other writers are being kept in the dark until its “need to know”, as determined by Garin Wolf.Something triggers Spinelli to return and he will try to change, which will throw Maxie for a loop. She’s caught between him and Matt and will have to make an interesting choice.Michael will surprise everyone and then the story goes in another direction. Abby has a big decision to make.

Regarding Patrick and Robin, “Love never dies.”

“Sonny gets in so deep, he can’t pull himself out. It will remind him of his childhood, when he had no power at all.” The key to Sonny getting out of his dark place is in his own hands; Kate will play a big part. She’ll open some old doors and some new ones.

GH gets a new Kate

Tthe role of Kate Howard has been recast.  Kelly Sullivan will take over for Megan Ward as Sonny’s fashionista ex. Kelly has reportedly had small parts on “One Life to Live” and “As the World Turns,” as well as guest starred on “Law & Order: Criminal Intent.” Word is nuKate will begin airing in the fall.

“You aspire to great things? Begin with little ones.”

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Writing soaps is  tough.  One viewer’s dream is another viewer’s nightmare.   People watch soaps for a number of  varied reasons…habit,  entertainment, boredom,  romance, adventure.  They root for good guys and for bad guys .  The viewers all think their favorites are the best and find fault with those they hate.  That’s good.  That’s as it should be.  Interest breeds discontent and disagreement and that is the stuff soaps are made of.  Now let’s take a look at  what General Hospital  is serving up to its viewers right now  as the last of Bob Guza’s writing plays out on our screens.  We think for now change should be simple, subtle and exhibit some much needed character growth.  This would work better than some jarring “insta” plot changes or story lines (we got that with Guza remember? He promised HUGE changes and we got them: bombs, shoot outs, mob wars out the wazoo, lots of loose ends, etc ) Stories should be character not plot driven

For starters we will concentrate on the big three, the most popular on the show and unmistakably  recognized as the leads. There is no point in explaining all the wrongs Guza put out there  because he insisted on writing characters the way HE saw them instead of  the way fans wanted to see them.

Guza saw Sonny Corinthos  as the eternal bad boy and because he was a lead, he chose never to punish him legally and write believable stories, but instead  to use his mental illness and kids to punish him for years, thus depriving the character of the layering and story line that could have been so much more entertaining.  The man portraying Sonny is gorgeous.  He is sexy.  He is funny.  He is immensely capable of giving us a well rounded Sonny combining his dark side with his light side and he needs to be written that way.  Stop using kids to punish the man.  Allow him to find a way to combine the mob with family life and bring GH’s mob into the  2lst century or find a way to get him out because mobs do not even remotely resemble this “dangerous daddy mobster can’t be with kids” stuff and haven’t for years.  Give it a rest once and for all.  Let this man deal with mob related problems while including meaningful family interaction.

Knock the Jason Morgan shrine down and keep it down.  The man in Guza’s eyes was supposed to be brain damaged yet he could cure anyone, save anyone, counsel anyone, kill anyone, and still be God’s right hand man up there, miles and miles above all other characters on the Guza worship altar.   When  Jax is given dialog that curses the evils of Sonny while saying “Jason is a nice guy” it darn well is time for Guza to leave.    Jason is a killer.  Sonny is a mob boss.  Both have good sides.  We need to see the balance and to stop feeling sorry for Jason for every hangnail while punishing Sonny for doing the same things.

Under Guza Carly Roberts Bensen Quartermaine Corinthos Alkazar Corinthos Jacks

Sonny Corinthos

Image via Wikipedia

has been a runaway train.  Nobody really wants to be in her way or even watch where the train is going, yet she has been so obnoxiously written that often one can’t turn away simply because it is so ugly to watch, so annoying to watch, or because when you least expect it, a small watchable side appears.  Carly needs to give up the bull in a China Shop approach and  once and for all just plain grow up.  Stop the cutesy entitlement act and show some character development.

These are the three that Guza boxed into their own little corners giving them little room for growth or entertainment…just way too much one dimensional stereotype writing.    It would seem now that a new writer is coming that some think an invasion like red ants of endless Quartermaines on the attack will “save” the show.  Will it?  Or will it turn off as many as it turns on?  GW says he wants more romance, fun,  secrets, triangles,  and balance.  Will he want to reunite old couples and try again?  Will he continue to bring back the old golden oldie bunch and hope nostalgia can turn this show around?  Will we just keep bringing in more and more old characters while dumping present ones?

Here’s a suggestion…go easy on trying to please the grumblers who have NOT watched throughout this mess…who did NOT stick it out but chose to leave while the brave stayed and put up with Guza.  Don’t mess too much with the present characters, just give them some breathing room and some believable writing for a change.  Sonny is not completely evil, unstable and unlovable….ask the  huge fan base of men and women who love their bittersweet mobster. They believe in him.  It is not necessary to canonize  Jason weekly and tell us how great he is constantly.  Carly can be Carly without the sneers, screaming and constant annoying meddling.  The rest of the cast needs believable writing as well,  not contrived ups and downs that do nothing but break up every couple on screen endlessly.

If there is  a possibility of ANY couple actually being happy together, stop breaking them up immediately .  Pushing triangles will do just that and this viewing audience is sick of broken relationships complicated mainly by third parties.  Spread some happiness  and believability around for a change please.

Stay Fabulous!


Monday, July 18
*Brenda tells Sonny she is leaving him.
*Dante rescues Lulu from Javier’s violent actions.
*Carly, Kristina and Ethan set out to find the missing Morgan, Molly and Josslyn.

Tuesday, July 19
*Carly wins sole custody of Josslyn!

Thursday, July 21
*Brenda leaves town!!!!!!

/18 Carly, Kristina and Ethan set out to find the missing Morgan, Molly and Josslyn.
Lulu struggles against Javier as things get totally out of control.
Brenda tells Sonny she is leaving him.
Dante rescues Lulu from Javier’s violent actions.

7/19 It’s a guessing game as to who will show up for Aiden’s first birthday party.
A decision is reached in Josslyn’s custody.
Jason and Sam grow closer.
Carly wins sole custody of Josslyn.

7/20 Maxie helps Jason make a special purchase.
Lucky tries to stop the drama between Liz and Siobhan.

7/21 Brenda leaves town with her son, Alec. (Vanessa Marcil Giovinazzo’s last airdate)
She leaves on a much happier note than two others who stay behind in PC: Sonny and Carly.
Jason and Maxie make preparations on the roof top.
Jason proposes to Sam.

7/22 Sam makes a heartfelt decision.
Liz tries to help Lucky with a case.
Anthony surprises Abby with flowers.

Monday, July 18
*Brenda tells Sonny she is leaving him because of JAX!
**Carly, Kristina and Ethan set out to find the missing Morgan, Molly and Josslyn.
*Kristina remains set to accompany Ethan to Vegas.
*Lulu struggles against Javier as things get totally out of control.
*Dante rescues Lulu from Javier’s violent actions.
*Lulu takes care of the Bordello in true Spencer fashion

Tuesday, July 19
*Sonny is determined not to lose Brenda!
*Sonny, Brenda, Carly & Jax face off as they await the judge’s verdict.
*Carly wins sole custody of Josslyn due to Jax’s arrest.

Wednesday, July 20
*Jax plans to leave town.

Thursday, July 21
*Brenda leaves town!!!!!!
*Brenda catches Sonny & Carly in a situation!
*Brenda gives Sonny make the rings!
*Sonny is heartbroken as Brenda makes it clear just how over their relationship is.
*Sonny goes to see Robin & Carly!
*Devastated & heartbroken Sonny receives little comfort form Robin & Carly!
*Jax says goodbye to Michael, Morgan * Joss.
*Having proven losers in love, Jax and Brenda leave Port Charles together.
*We see Brenda on board a plane with two surprising passengers.

Friday, July 22
*Dante and Lulu leave Florida and find themselves in a cave on Cassadine Island & their NOT alone!!!
*Asher continues his efforts to cause problems for Michael.

The following may have come from GHH

Spinelli and Maxie experience a bit of deja vu when they find themselves once again hunting for a dropped engagement ring.

Sonny takes off after Brenda leaves Port Charles.

Sam accepts Jason’s proposal, and Jason DOES put a ring on it!

Jason and Sam are interrupted by Monica after she learns about Jake.

Jason and Sam consider the impact their engagement may have on the other people in their lives.

Siobhan begins experiencing headaches and may have other symptoms…but of what?

Lucky and Siobhan continue to argue.

With Lucky preoccupied with Siobhan, Liz seeks out Jason after another flashback of Jake;
Sam is there.

Liz and Monica discuss Jake.Lucky and Liz have a close moment.Lucky is beaten while pursuing the prescription drug case.It looks like Asher is the one stealing medication from the hospital.Carly learns about Jason and Sam’s engagement from Liz.Robin and Patrick disagree about Carly.Robin and Patrick make full use of the hospital’s facilities. (Love in the afternoon!)

Helena gets flirtatious with Dante.

Helena knows where Luke is!

Michael and Abby try to locate Sonny.

More romance ahead for Steve and Olivia.

Expect to see more interactions between Anthony Z. and Tracy Q.

Lulu and Dante will join others (including Johnny, Sonny, Olivia, Steven and Kate) in Bensonhurst.

Anthony will try to draw Sonny back to Port Charles.

Siobhan gains a new confidant.

Look for shades of very early Luke and Laura (no, not the infamous rape) with Ethan and Kristina.

Robin Christopher (Skye) returns to Port Charles the week of August 1.

Although not yet officially confirmed, all signs point to Stuart Damon reprising his role as the late, great, Alan Quartermaine when the character returns as a “presence” who will be seen now and again.

Expect to see a lot of Tracy, Helena, Robin and Patrick, with some Monica thrown in, during the first few days of the new head writer’s material (which begins on July 26th). We should see more of the Quartermaines and more of Patrick and Robin (dealing with their professional differences/natural competitiveness).

Look for important character development in the relationship between Sam and Alexis.

Kristina ask Johnny to fire Ethan

Sonny  leaves town after Brenda leaves him, not sure if they will show him on screen or now, but he is missing for the whole week

GH: Ch-ch-ch-ch-Changes (Turn and face the strain) (spoilers)

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Guza is out, Garin Wolf is in.  Did GH take the easy way out or will we actually get a fresh approach?

It has been easy for  years to dump all that we hate at the feet of Bob Guza.  After all, he was responsible ultimately for what played out on our screens.  His ideas, his interviews, his same biased vision of characters who often had so much more layering possibilities were what structured the story lines and characters .  Jason was always right, heroic to the core, the root-for hit man who could save anyone, anytime, any way  in Bob’s eyes.  Sonny, was always written to be the dark mobster, the guy who was to blame for all the wrong stuff,  all the dangers to his kids, all the wrongs in relationships.  Carly was written as the GH female centerpiece in everyone’s business, loved and hated at the same time by some but always smack in the middle of everyone’s lives and always landing on her feet while tromping over the lives of those around her.

One can go down the line and see Guza’s vision stamped on each character and unfortunately there was little room for layering, change or surprise.  There were good times and bad times.  The good times only served to show the audience that this writer was capable of so much more but it was , more and more, the exception instead of the norm.  There are no villains on screen on any soap because they appear too often, because some are more popular than others, because one person’s favorite is another persons most hated character, because this is standard scenario for all soaps…the true crime in any soap occurs when the writing betrays the character integrity, the stories become unacceptable or unbelievable and worst of all when the audience can predict the outcome BEFORE it even plays out because it is so redundant and predictable.

The bus doesn’t stop with Guza though.  It rolls on  leaving viewing victims out there more and more often,  because  cost cuts, poor choices and  changing times are now what dictate network programing.   Changes can be tolerated and  understood, double talk, half truths and outright misleading viewers cannot .  We are being told GH is still not slated to be cancelled.  Truth?  Probably not.  We are being told that Guza was fired  and we will have a better, more innovative exciting GH.  True?  Well we have a writer who has been with the show for l5 years, worked through the writers strike and under Bob Guza.  If the show is to remain on the air, we should see strides of moving forward, a network that listens to its viewers, and changes that are constructive but do not necessarily reflect massive cost cuts or fan pressure…just plain good improved writing.   If this does not happen,  we will be smart enough to recognize that this was just a  head writers’ replacement  caused by  in house restructuring ,  designed  to clear up GH’s own internal problems and we will see the show eventually cancelled.

In the meantime, with massive budget cuts, will the show opt for  honesty, quality and improved integrity toward its viewers?  Will the actors and actresses finally get some character driven writing instead of nothing but  disconnected,  rushed plot points that offend every character and viewer far too often?

Cover of a 1904 adaptation of Humpty Dumpty by...

Image via Wikipedia

Time will tell.  GH has a chance, whether they are cancelled or stay on the air, to make some constructive, HONEST, changes, bow to pressure from no one, just write a show that entertains and shows some balance and imagination.   Or will GH continue to pander to a new audience and ignore the fan base they already have? GH viewers who have stuck with the show THIS far should be given some consideration..

They need to do a lot better than what was done with the Sonny and Brenda pairing,  and so many other pairings that are either in limbo or a state of catatonic boredom.  Since we know VMG is leaving will tptb give S&B an ending they (and the S&B fans) deserve or another round of “Sonny’s life is too dangerous” crap? Honestly, Brenda has proven that she is perfectly capable of getting herself (Luis, Suzanne, the Balkan) in hot water. And with Jason and Sam pondering having a child of their own, the whole “Sonny’s life is too dangerous” argument is absurd.

Please no more mob wars.  The mob doesn’t work that way–they only go to war as a last resort. Another mob war story is not needed to move the story forward. Sonny’s inner conflicts and those he has with his family are much more interesting.

Please don’t slap Sonny and Carly back together for the 666th time.  Sonny and Carly work much better as friendly Exs who have each others’ backs. Please don’t throw Sonny into a new relationship the minute VMG is gone.   Let the man grieve the end of the relationship with the love of his life.  Let him spend some time with his kids.  Let him spend time with his friends: Robin, Luke and Alexis (relationships we CARE about).  Let him just BE for awhile.

One hopes GH will not take the easy way out and try to just slap Humpty Dumpty couples back together (like Sonny and Carly–Ackkkk) as in days of old and then jump ship.  Viewers deserve a lot more for staying with this show.

Stay Fabulous!


Tuesday,May 31
*Sonny and Brenda fight over how they handled parenting Kristina.
*Brenda & Kristina have a conversation on the docks.
*Johnny offers Michael a job in the Zacchara business.
*Michael and Abby comfort each other.
*Johnny witnesses Anthony killing the hit woman.
*Lulu learns that Luke signed in…and out…of the rehab on the same day.

Wednesday, June 1
*Kristina asks Dante to convince Sonny she can date Ethan.
*Anthony unleashes a ghoulish plan to mess with Sonny, Brenda and her son.

Thursday, June 2
*Brenda and Sonny discover a dead body.

Friday, June 3
*Sonny tries to reassure Brenda he will do everything in his power to keep her safe.
*Shawn slugs Jax.

Monday – June 6th
Ethan finds Maya in bed with another man
Brenda asks Sonny to give the business to Jason, but he explains why he cant and then they make love
Jax will try to use the punch he receives from Shawn in court against Carly
Shawn tells Carly the secret what happened to him in military
Jason worries that Carly will loose custody because of him, and starts wondering if he should quit the mob
Lulu has a fight with Lucky and starts drinking
Siobhan and Lucky track down Luke

Tuesday – June 7th
Ethan goes to DR to get a divorce
Jason goes to investigate a blown up shipment
Dante and Lulu make love
Lulu starts to get perspective on Luke’s addiction
Luke went to Bordello where he grew up in
Jason and Sam discuss if he should leave the mob, if they will be having a baby, but Sam maintains that leaving the mob wont bring Jake back
Spinelli, Maxie and Robin with Patrick hit the Jake’s
Matt saves maxie when she starts to choke on her drink

Wednesday – June 8th
Anthony tries to get Abby to work for him
Jason convinces Michael is a bad time to join the mob
Liz starts to grief again when she sees Patrick and Robin with Emma
Spinelli dreams of being a gumshoe
Matt helps out Maxie with Crimson

Thursday – June 9th
Ethan’s day gets worse when Kristina gets on the plane and announcing she is going with him to DR as a witness to his divorce
Ethan and Kristina a forced to share a room
Molly tells Alexis and Sonny about Kristina’s trip and they jump to a conclusion that they are getting married
Sonny, Carly and Alxeis make plans to celebrate their kids graduations
Abby tells Michael that she is considering taking Anthony’s offer
Michael fins a letter that he was accepted to PCU, even when he never applied
Steve and Olivia start packing Jake’s stuff
But when Liz gets home she flies into a rage, and later on she sees that she is acting irrationally
Johnny lies to Patrick and Robin
Anthony helps out Lisa

Friday – June 10th
Ethan and Kristin enjoy their spare time at DR
Parents fly to DR to find them
When parents get to DR they try to get in time to object to the wedding
Dante challenges Jason about what example he is showing to Michael
Lulu gets into argument with Jason about Luke, while Maxie hold Jason’s side
Lucky confronts Luke
Maxie tries to talk to Lulu

The following may or may not have come from GHH

Is this the end for Lisa? According to Jason Thompson in SID, Lisa is, “relentless and tenacious”.
Kimberly McCullough says ,”You can’t catch her, you have to outsmart her but that’s difficult. So they try to catch her off-guard.”
Johnny gets a call from Lisa, but he refuses to help.
Just when you think their nightmare is over there are two stunning twists for Robin and Patrick and Johnny.

Anthony plots to use Brenda and her son to weaken Sonny.

In an ugly scene, an inebriated Luke rips into Lulu when she tries to clean up. This will be a turning point for Luke.
Luke tells the Spencer family that he will go to rehab but he fights Lucky’s request to go to rehab that night. Lucky takes drastic action to ensure Luke makes the trip.
Tracy takes Luke to ShadyBrook

In SOD, Julie Marie Berman explains that Lulu, “lacks the passion for [working at Crimson and fashion] that she sees in her co-worker, Maxie. She feels liberated letting that go and having the freedom to pursue something else in life.” Yet, “…what’s driving her is that she believes her father will be proud of her for taking it upon herself to get the casino back in running order and have it be a successful, profitable business by the time he gets back from rehab. And not only will her be insanely proud of her, but he’ll want to work with her and it’ll give them something they can share and something that can hopefully strengthen their relationship. That is really the motivation behind trying to run the casino.”

Lulu also, “feels extremely out of control, and everything she has been doing since Jake’s accident has been geared toward managing people’s behavior and trying to force forgiveness among the family members. Her motivation is really about controlling this situation that’s so out of control for her. And I think taking on The Haunted Star is till about trying to control her father when he gets back – controlling their relationship, strengthening their relationship, keeping an eye on him and being there for him. She’s just completely lost, and these are big attempts to seem like she has everything covered and she knows what she is doing. But it’s really just these crazy attempts to make everything comfortable again.”

Liz counsels a mother whose son was hit by a car and brought into General Hospital.

Liz loses it in front of Siobhan.

lucky, Nikolas and Aiden bond together at Kelly’s, still unaware of the child’s true paternity.
Maxie and Siobhan reveal to each other that each is aware of Aiden’s true paternity.
Ethan and Kristina grow closer as he helps her through withdrawal.

Sonny forbids Kristina from having any contact with Ethan after hearing her discuss Ethan with Brenda.
Sonny and Brenda’s friction increases as Brenda tries to rationalize Kristina’s behavior.
Sonny’s threats don’t achieve the desired response from Ethan.

Lexi Ainsworth shares in SOD that, “People forget that Kristina is 18. She’ll be 19 in November. Ethan is only like 5 or 6 years older than her.” After the debacle [with Sonny], Krissy turns to Maxie and gets a makeover. Lexi just hopes fans are on board with the idea of Kristina and Ethan as a couple.

Watch for Spinelli’s heroics in mid-June as Lisa’s story wraps up .
The following summer previews are from Guza in SOD. Since he has been replaced as GH’s head writer, there is no way of telling whether they are still completely accurate:
“Michael and Abby take an offer from Edward to work at ELQ, while Kristina has her heart set on Ethan, no matter what anyone says or does.”

“Morgan is going to react significantly to what happens between Carly and Jax, and also watch for Shawn to play a major role in this family.”

“Lulu and Dante embark on a ‘Luke and Laura’ adventure to find the last vestige of her father. This is going to be an emotional journey for Lulu, and she will definitely be needing Dante’s support as she tries to unlock how she loves her father and what that means about her future.”

“Meanwhile, we are going to see the truth of Aiden’s paternity finally revealed, but it’s not going to work out the way you think it is, and Siobhan may be in danger for what she knows … i.e., look out for Helena’s return, along with a few more surprises. You are going to like what you see.”

“Big events at the hospital. Everyone is involved and more than one person is going to put on a new hat, both literally and figuratively. You thought Lisa was a challenge for Patrick and Robin? Watch out for Robin, chief of staff!”

Sam is hesitant to accept Jason’s proposal. She will not give him an answer right away.
Maxie quizzes Liz about her feelings regarding the idea of Jason becoming engaged to Sam.
Jason and Liz will share some scenes around this time…they will be supportive of each other;
the subject of Jake will come up again.

You say you want a revo-lucien (warning SPOILERS)

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General Hospital is more like general confusion these days.

Sonny and Brenda fans should have known better than to drink the Guza Koolaid and think their couple would continue to get good writing for more than two weeks or so. S&B play hide and seek….Guza hides Sonny and Brenda and their fans seek them….for days, and days. Fans go with them breathlessly anticipating a warm and rewarding honeymoon and POOF, they get an imaginary invisible honeymoon, an invisible trip back to Greystone and a short, short birthday celebration for Brenda  .  S&B get almost two full DAYS of happiness before Suzanne enters with cute little Lucien, supposedly Brenda’s son.  Brenda, desperately wanting a child, accepts Lucien as hers.  Sonny doesn’t trust Suzanne (and rightly so) and wants Brenda to have a DNA test to make sure. Carly suddenly remembers that Morgan is Sonny’s child (after several attempts at having Jax adopt him, an adoption which apparently hasn’t gone through) and makes daily trips to Greystone to taunt Brenda and mark her territory.  Brenda wants Sonny to ban Carly from Greystone (who can blame her?) but Sonny knows the hell Carly would put him and more importantly, Michael and Morgan, through if he does that.  He wants his children not to be put in the middle and to feel welcome in his home.

There are rumblings that Brenda will start to worry about keeping Lucien safe in Sonny’s world (like her’s is any safer! hello! BALKAN!) and run to Jax about this.  We are even hearing that VMG  may leave GH this summer and may exit Port Charles with IR in tow (so far this is just a rumor).  If that’s true Guza will have pissed on Sonny fans and S&B fans for the THIRD time.  Many Sonny fans will be DONE with S&B.   DONE!

Guza says the child’s name is Lucien for a reason which has some speculating that Lucien may be some kind of demon seed.

While Brenda is wondering if Sonny’s world is too dangerous for her “son”, everyone else  is busy telling Mighty Jase, Guza’s King of the Universe, that he would make father of the year (in spite of the fact that both he and Sonny are in the mob) and should have a child with Sam.   He is also the all knowing protector.  Only  HE can protect Jossy, Lucien, Michael and everyone else except for Jake.  The expressions never change from wounded mode to heroic mode and that confuses us but they are in Guza’s mind both part of the Mighty One’s eternal magnetism at least in Guza’s eyes.

Along with that, fans have discovered that there is a powerful magnetic draw also between Luke and Lucky, both having been called upon to give powerful and very worthwhile performances….over …and over…..and yet again….over. So, toss suffering Lulu between these two and you have Spencers in overkill drive, with Luke putting down alcohol faster than lighting can strike, Lucky weeping buckets of tears and Lulu whining because that seems to be her part in this mess. Even Dante’s air time has been cut momentarily while the Spencer’s duke it out daily.  TG and JJ did have some great scenes with Maurice this past week which was a a nice and unexpected nod to the friendships of Luke and Lucky to Sonny.

Here’s a question! We’ve had ample scenes of Jason, Lucky and Luke mourning the loss of little Jake.  When do we get to see Liz mourn–you know Liz, JAKES MOTHER!

Enter next, Johnny who matches Psycho Doctor gamely in the “nut” department by constantly comparing her to Psycho Sister, Claudia, who he continues to worship and pity as though she was a demonic version of The Flying Nun. Johnny mentions Claudia so much  one might get the impression that he wanted to “do” his sister and Lisa is the next best thing. YUCK!!.   This couple makes one WANT to get away and the only other place to run, unfortunately on this show right now, is right into the midst of mini-Jason, Michael, who except for being a big bland teddy bear type of fellow, is portrayed as badly in need of guidance that only Mighty Jase can provide while saving him from himself and any bad guy he feels like messing with.   Jason’s dialog these days is dotted with “I’s”:

  • I have to save Michael.
  • I have to protect Joss.
  • I have to find and fight Franco.
  • I have to protect Lucien.
  • I have to wonder why I didn’t do better with Jake.

I have to wonder if I need more Milk of Magnesia!

That kind of self obsession can be a real drag for viewers after five minutes or so. A slight help to some is the insertion of better material for Scrubs….for the moment. It is sad when the most upbeat moments, other than the ones for the invisible S&B couple, are those of a couple toying with seeking counseling for a marriage broken up due to indiscretion with crazy Psycho Doctor Lisa, who still sniffs this couple out like a blood hound in heat, even when she can bed down the sneering Johnny and reminisce about sicko Claudia any time she wants. So, with the three days kidney swap in place, miracle baby, Joss , big mouthed momma Carly and new bodyguard, Shawn will head home knowing that Jason will keep all of them safe. Jax must be out trying to find the dungeon camp that invisible Morgan is attending.

What will be the future for all…..ask Jason. He is in charge of everything and everybody.

Stay Fabulous!


Monday, April 11
*Dante finds a surprising connection between *Brandon & Johnny.
*Michael asks Jason to help him when Abby is called in for questioning about Brandon’s murder.

Tuesday, April 12
*Michael refuses to heed Abby’s advice.
*Brenda worries about keeping Lucian safe.
*Brenda voices her concern to Jax about not knowing how to raise a child among mob danger.
*Dante finds a surprising connection between Brandon and Johnny.
*Michael tells Jason he’s his own man & will make his own choices.

Wednesday, April 13
*Dante reluctantly tells Sonny he thinks Johnny is setting Michael up for MURDER!

Thursday, April 14
*Sonny confronts Johnny!
*Michael confides his desires for power!
*Sonny, Dante & Jason fears that Johnny maybe trying to recruit Michael for the (Z) mob!
*Sonny , Dante & Jason stratize for how how to keep Johnny from turning to Johnny!

Friday, April 15
*Sonny worries Brenda is becoming too close to Lucian.
*Sonny worries Suzanne will hurt Brenda!
*Sonny, Dante and Jason fear that Johnny may be trying to recruit Michael for the mob.
Sonny confronts Johnny.
*Brenda asks Michael about Sonny’s role in his life.
*Brenda asks Michael IF he regrets living in Sonny’s world & growing up as his son!

Monday, April 18
*Michael sings Carly’s praises as a mother

Tuesday, April 19
*We will see Anthony when Johnny goes to visit him in prison, saying that he didn’t kill Brandon

Wednesday, April 20
*Sonny’s children surprise him on his birthday!
*During Sonny’s birthday surprise Molly brings up Brenda and sets Carly off.
*Anthony encourages Johnny to get Michael under his wings before his parents can interfere.
*Carly and Sonny try to prevent Michael from joining the Mob.

Thursday, April 21
*Carly & Brenda have a showdown!
*Carly warns Brenda to NEVER come between Sonny & his kids.
*LuLu pays Johnny a visit & asks him to leave Michael alone.
*Dante learns there is a video that implicates Michael in Brandon’s murder.

Friday, April 22
*Sonny confronts Anthony Z in jail.
*Sonny Presses Dante to break whatever laws he has to to protect his brother.
*Johnny arrives home to find Anthony Z there.

The following may or may not have come from GHH

UPCOMING…….Sonny grows suspicious of Lucian & Brenda worries how to raise him in Sonny’s world.
Since, Sonny doesn’t believe Suzanne’s story it will cause trouble for S&B.

Diane wonders what kind of long-term commitment is Sonny willing to make in terms of Lucian? He has to consider all of this carefully!

With Lucian appearance S& B will be in uncharted territory.Brenda nor Sonny was expecting a 3 year old.

Brenda seeks help from Michael & her he would never want his siblings raise in the mob!!!

Michael continues to put pressure on his father to become part of the family business. On the bright side, keeping Michael out of the mob is pretty much the only thing Jason and Dante can agree on, so they team up to talk Michael down. But it’s not as simple as it seems — not when the Zacchara organization gets involved. Suddenly, there’s a connection between Johnny and Brendan’s murder. Dante comes up with a theory: Johnny is setting Michael up to take the fall.Brenda continues bonding with the son she never knew she had. But what’s weighing on her mind is how she can manage to raise a child within Sonny’s mob world. Look for her to turn to Jax for answers. Sonny, meanwhile, is still incredibly concerned about this turn of events — he doesn’t trust Suzanne AT ALL. But is this just Sonny being wary of a possible wedge between him and Brenda? Or is he on to something? 

Plus Lisa continues to work Kristina, and the Spencers are working overtime trying to get Luke to shape up. What’s going to get through to him?

Luke starts to go through withdrawal when he tries to prove he is not an alocoholic
Kristina refuses to do lisa’s dirty work; Kristina realizes something is wrong when she starts to have some withdrawals

Lisa blackmails Kristina with drugs

Siobhan tells luckt that she will understand is lucky wants to end their marriage,now that he knows Aiden is his son

Luke visits jake’s grave

Johnny sets up a scenario where michael plays the hero

Johnny recruits ethan for help

Patrick and Robin have their first official marriage counseling session, leaving them both feeling gut-punched and daunted.

Kristina will ask Ethan to the prom, but he turns her down

Lisa masks a narcotic as an herbal supplement, giving it to Kristina

Although Sam turns down Carly’s offer, she secretly reconsiders having the procedure that would allow her to have a baby.
Meanwhile, Jason comes to the conclusion that all his reasons for not wanting a child are no longer credible.Sam tells Jason about Carly approaching her regarding the baby subject.
The couple grows closer over the idea of having a family. 

Sam offers Liz her condolences.

Liz gives Jake’s toy motorcycle to Jason.

Will Johnny help Luke find the road to redemption?

Lucky asks Lulu for help to save their father.

Tracy proves to Luke that he is not as sharp as he thinks he is on alcohol.

Abby is taken in by the PCPD for Brandon’s murder.
Michael seeks out Jason’s help; both Carly and Jason warn Michael to keep her distance from Abby during the investigation. Even Abby tries to convince Michael that perhaps they should take a break, but Michael refuses.

Ronnie sets a trap for Corinthos family.
Ronnie tells Michael to confess or Dante will loose his badge.

Diane is concerned that Michael is covering for Abby.

Johnny offers Michael his support.

Dante reluctantly tells Sonny he believes that Johnny is setting Michael up for Brandon’s murder.

An emotional Michael admits that he wants to be in a position of power like his father and Jason.

Jason reels from Michael’s words that he has modeled his life after Jason.

Michael will tell Jason that he would be a wonderful father.

Lulu helps Dante realize that perhaps Johnny’s motive is more protective.

Both Liz and Lucky separately tell Steve that they blame themselves for Jake’s death.
Each thinks the other holds them responsible.

An encounter with Liz has Maxie wondering about Aiden’s paternity.
Maxie seeks Matt’s advice regarding Liz.

Maxie discovers the truth.
Maxie steals the DNA results from Liz’s house, preventing Lucky and Nik from finding the test.

Maxie prompts Liz to tell the truth.

Liz arrives to tell Lucky about the paternity results and finds Lucky and Nikolas closer than ever.
Will she change her mind?

Liz can’t bring herself to reveal the paternity truth after seeing the bonding between Nikolas and Lucky.
Nikolas comes close to stumbling upon the truth on his own but Liz snatches the results from his hands before he realizes what he has.
Suzanne reveals her true agenda, proving Sonny’s concerns to be legit.Carly warns Brenda to never to come between her kids and Sonny.

Kristina wants Ethan to escort her to the prom.
He turns her down.

Could Anthony be behind Brandon’s murder?

Shawn refuses to work for Anthony.

Jax warns Brenda about Sonny’s dangerous influence on children.

Sonny overhears, an angry confrontation ensues, leaving Brenda shaken.

Luke may be forced into rehab BUT, “That’s not Luke’s style, so he’s probably not going to stay there. He doesn’t do G-d or 12-step programs. I went to Bob Guza and said, ‘If you’re going to send him to a clinic, don’t make it Betty Ford. Let’s not besmirch their good reputation!'”
–Tony Geary, TVGuide

Shawn turns down Jax’s offer of 10 million dollars to leave Port Charles and never look back.

Shawn refuses to take the money, insisting he will protect Josslyn from Franco.

Tomorrow never knows (spoilers)

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Sonny Corinthos

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What’s next for Sonny?

Speculation is running high that Vanessa will be leaving in the not too distant future.  Will it be June?  July? August?  Nobody is sure at this point probably not even Vanessa.  Or was it something everyone knew all along?  Is that a red herring Vanessa lays out there in interviews not only to keep folks guessing but to use as a bargaining point to obtain desired off time and obtain desired story line or exit story?  There are far more questions than answers right now.

Scenarios vary and what is important to Sonny fans in all this is the fact that the negotiations, the direction of story line and the exit timing all affect the Sonny story line.  The fact that the characters drew a lot of attention by actually getting married factors heavily.  Also factored in prominently is the deep love Sonny has expressed for Brenda.

For the first time in years, this writing has not tossed Sonny in the dumpster stripping him of all ability to have friends, a point of view , family ties..  Instead it has allowed him to reconnect with his children,  renew friendships with Luke and Robin, and last but not least,  be written to have a  true love connection with a woman who returns his unconditional love with one of her own,.  Considering the horrendous writing for one solid year that Sonny got the the moment he pulled that trigger and shot his son, and  for the remainder of the year following that disaster, the writing for the last few months has been a Godsend to the character and his fans.

We have real Sonny back, a combination of mob boss, father, friend and husband.  But Guza has proven in the past as he totally destroyed original Sonny, stripping him of true love, friends and family, that his idea of Sonny is NOT what fans want to see, it is what Guza wants to see.  Can he resist that temptation this time and continue to allow a more mature Sonny to evolve, layered,  and allowed to combine family,  romance, humor and love with his continued mob boss demands?  Maurice can pull that off easily, but can Guza?  That’s the problem.

And that brings us to problem #2.…what if Vanessa leaves?  If it is on short Geary like periods, how will that be written?  Will Guza be tempted to box Sonny back into one dimensional hell during these absences reverting to a Sonny that gets blamed for everything, makes all the mistakes and gets all the lectures from all in PC again?  That would be a total step backward for the character and his fans.  OR will Vanessa leave completely leaving a heart broken Sonny totally at Guza’s mercy where  the writer could embrace to the max that tiresome dark dark dark side of Sonny and toss Carly back in there with her “I told you so’s?”  One can only shudder and run if that ever happens.  OR will Sonny be so angry, hurt, frustrated that we get a quick fix woman, maybe Claire, shot back at him too quickly making Sonny look ridiculous and needy.

Here’s a thought, Mr. Guza.  Don’t hang this mess on Sonny if Vanessa leaves.  Let him shock himself and his viewers and emerge stronger and in control, leave him single for a while or throw him some uncommitted goodies to keep him amused, but do NOT regress this character who has been a delight to his fans by reappearing as the Sonny we love and enjoy.

Scenario #3 which could still very much be in play, is that this is all a ploy and Vanessa wants to stay, and she, Maurice and GH are working to obtain a story line that allows her ample time off and allows the type of relationship that both Maurice and Vanessa would like to see….Sonny and Brenda loving each other and working through problems together.  THAT would be a nice change on this show but this is Guza so good luck with that one.

In summary, Sonny fans, S&B fans, and Brenda fans are all watching carefully to see what unfolds and since this is GH and Guza is doing the writing,   the whole scenario strikes fear in to all fan bases as they wait and wonder.

Stay Fabulous!


Monday, March 21
*Kristina makes trouble for Abby.
*Dante and Sam work together to find who perpetrated Jake’s hit and run.
*Carly asks Jason to save her Daughter.

Tuesday, MARCH 22
*On his honeymoon, Sonny cannot stop trying to track Theo!
*Sam realizes that both she and Carly could have been the ones to hit Jake.

Wednesday, March 23
*Suzanne unwillingly reveals the location of Brenda’s child to Theo!

Thursday, March 24
*Both Carly and Sam think they may have hit Jake.
Carly confesses to Jason she might have hit Jake.
*Sam tells the PCPD that she fears she might have hit Jake.
*Michael decides to protect his mother, even if it means destroying evidence.
*Patrick threatens Johnny.

Friday, March 25
*Sonny & Brenda return home from their honeymoon to comfort Jason. (DVR ALERTS)
*Michael and Abby console each other.
*Carly receives a message from Franco threatening Josslyn.

Monday, March 28
*Michael & Abby make love.
*Sam “makes a confession” to Josslyn.
*Sam recalls her heartbreak over her lost daughter, as well as her daughters’ gift of life to Kristina years ago.

Tuesday, March 29
*Brenda & Sonny return home. (CGS)
*Brenda attempts to visit Carly & Joss in the hospital.
*Lulu tries to rationalize Luke’s drinking habits.
*Michael and Abby will run into Brandon(Abby’s ex boyfriend).

Wednesday, March 30
*Sonny shares a “heartbreaking” conversation with Luke!
*Dante & LuLu agree to put family first while simultaneously upholding the law.

Thursday, March 31
*Michael vows to protect Abby.
*Abby decides to drop the charges against Brandon.
*Theo gets closer to finding his grandchild.

Friday, April 1
*Sonny surprises Brenda by remembering her birthday!
*Brenda confides in Sonny that she longs to be a mother.

Monday, April 4
*Jason stops Michael from pulling the trigger (on Brandon, Abby’s ex).

Tuesday, April 5
*Suzanne arrives with a surprise!
*Who killed Brandon?

Wednesday, April 6
*Lisa tries to get friendly with Kristina after learning she will be babysitting Emma.

Thursday, April 7
*Luke looses control.

The following may have come from GHH

Terrell prescribes chemotherapy for Josslyn’s cancer, but Jax balks in hopes they can find an organ donor.Dante and Sam learn the identities of all the drivers who were on that road around the time Jake was hit, seven in total.

Michael decides to protect his mother even if it means destroying evidence.
With Kristina’s help, Michael distracts Ronnie at the PCPD to get access to the list of suspects in Jake’s hit and run.

Kristina manages to keep Abby away from Michael as he watches over Josslyn.

Maxie finds solace in Matt.

Jason watches the efforts to save Jake. Robin tellls Jason he did not make it.
Jason informs Lucky that Jake has died.
Ultimately, Liz learns the heartbreaking news from Lucky, who finds her in the chapel.
Lucky and Liz share a powerful moment in the chapel.

Patrick loses it, but Robin is by his side with loving support.

Liz accuses Carly and Sam of wanting Jake to die.Heartbroken and in denial about Jake’s hopeless condition, Liz calls out Jason.

Jason and Carly emotionally discuss the terrible circumstances involving Jake and Josslyn.

Jason agrees to speak with Lucky and Liz on Carly’s behalf to save Josslyn who needs a kidney.
Liz is enraged, but ultimately she agrees to the kidney donation.

Lucky and Liz say good bye to Jake.Lucky wishes he had Aiden to help fill the void of losing Jake.

Lucky and Liz break the news to Cameron.

Steve mourns for the loss of Jake as he comforts his sister.
He worries she is on the verge of another breakdown.

Carly thanks Liz for donating Jake’s kidney and is sorry for her loss.

Jason breaks down over the loss of Jake; only Sam can comfort him.

Sam shares her feelings of guilt as she recalls a time she wished that Jake never existed.

Alexis is there for Jax.

Jason and Edward share a close moment.

The Spencer family gather at the hospital to support Liz and Lucky.
Lulu shares her worries over how Jake’s death will affect her family, with Dante.

Niklas admits he doesn’t know what he would do if he lost Spencer or Aiden.

Shawn guards Carly and Josslyn at the hospital.

Robin gets the syringe and throws down with Lisa. Lisa gets violent with a scalpel.
Lisa manages to steal back the incriminating syringe and destroys it.

Sonny and Brenda return to Port Charles after learning of Jake’s death.

Dante tells Jason he found out “who is responsible” for Jake’s hit and run.

“Evidence” points to Robin; she goes to the police to turn herself in.

Abby’s ex-boyfriend is back in town and causes trouble.
Brandon beats Abby.Michael and Abby fight over Michael having a gun.

Patrick and Robin flirt in front of Lisa.

Nikolas says good-bye to Brook Lynn.

Luke loses control.

Spinelli tells Maxie she was the inspiration behind his memoirs.

Sonny visits Josslyn.

Carly asks Jason not to go after Franco.

Sonny and Luke have a heartbreaking conversation.

Suzanne disposes of Theo just as he is about to meet his grandson!

Abby will drop the charges against Brandon in order to protect Michael.Michael is determined to protect Abby no matter the cost.

Jason discusses with Sam whether he should have given up Jake;
they come to the realization that all a parent can really do is to love their child.